Posted by: Greg Huff | December 21, 2010

Taxes and Morality

President Obama and Vice-President Biden as well as (apparently) “black churches” have recently commented they are “concerned” about the failure to raise taxes on the “Rich”.  They imply or state outright that it is immoral to “let the rich keep more of their money”.

What they mean is “Damn, I hope people don’t start getting the idea that this money belongs to them and not the government.”

There is nothing moral about taxes being levied on anyone, rich or not, where those taxes are going to “income redistribution”. Income redistribution is patently immoral.

The most damaging thing you can do to a human being is to put their exchange out with their environment and society. This is the way to criminality. What is criminality but having ones exchange out? The thief acquires money by stealing it from others: Out exchange.

The politician takes in donations from supporters and then spends the money on personal expenses. Out exchange.

A businessman promises a certain quality product at a certain price. He provides an inferior product at an inflated price: Out exchange.

The “poor” person takes in taxpayer money with no return to the taxpayer: Out exchange.

Lack of exchange is deadly to those engaging in it, psychologically, morally and spiritually. This is why welfare is so damaging to any society. It puts those receiving it on the road to criminality. It degrades those who receive it and puts them on a downward spiral. (This doesn’t even consider the damage done to the rest of the society because what they receive is extorted from productive members of that society).

Keeping taxpayer money out of the hands of government is about the best thing that could happen to society and the GOVERNMENT. Government should tax only enough to do the functions enumerated in the Constitution. Unfortunately the Supreme Court has bastardized the Constitution with flawed rulings, which has resulted in the Federal Government having almost, now, unlimited power to make any law and buy votes of “the masses” by providing welfare to them in all of it’s different guises. The politicians use class warfare to vilify the successful and glorify the unsuccessful; hence raising taxes for everyone except the lower rungs of society.

This of course makes these lower rungs more dependent and demanding more from the government, who in turn demand more from those who are successful.

Lowering the tax rates of course returns more revenues to the government because the rich do not have to rig “tax shelters” to ensure they do not have to pay more than their “fair share” and also the rich invest that money in enterprise that create jobs for people who in turn pay their taxes.

The churches that are speaking out about the “injustice” of the “tax cuts for the rich” have dumped their “hat” their function of providing relief for the down trodden in their area of operation. They are saying it is the government that provides charity; it is not their responsibility. This is morally troubling to me! It is their function, their responsibility and their duty. Otherwise, what good are they!

Just as extortion and redistribution is damaging and immoral, charity is not damaging or immoral because it has a negative connotation to the receiver and no one wants to receive “charity” except under extreme circumstances. (It is also voluntary and not extorted from others.)

Welfare on the other hand is foisted off as an “entitlement”.  No longer is it something to be “gotten off of” and so the exchange of the receiver goes further and further “out”.

The people in our country, which is the most shining example to the world of individual generosity and charitable giving, are being told by churches, the government should do this.  It is despicable for any church, black, white or green to dump their responsibility on to the government and is just a despicable for the government to engage in degrading humans for their own power grab.

Our country became great and our culture exceptional by the government being confined by the Constitution. It has slipped its shackles and if we do not get them back into them all will be lost.

Don’t buy the “immoral” gambit. This is merely a ploy to get the population to give up its own rights and responsibilities to those that crave power, even at the destruction of our country.

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