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Government fiscal discipline will leave D.C. hurting.

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Government fiscal discipline will leave D.C. hurting.

Awwww…too bad. The one area of the country that has been booming while the rest of the country has been busted is Washington, D.C., and now that the new Republican House of Representatives is coming to town, the Washington Post is crying about how trimming government might hurt the area economy. They remember when the Gingrich Congress road into town, and they don’t like the idea of a repeat. Well, boohoo, the rest of the country is tired of sending their money down the rat hole in D.C. This is from Ed Morrissey at .

Of all the post-election spin and hyperventilation about the ramifications of a new Republican majority in the House, today’s Washington Post report on the potential economic hit to the nation’s capital has to be among the most amusing.   The likelihood of reductions in federal spending mean an end to the boom times in Washington DC, thanks to the heartless conservatives about to end the spending binge:

The Washington region rose above all other metropolitan areas in 2010 when it came to economic progress. Bolstered by federal hiring and a boost in procurement, the region recorded the nation’s highest net number of jobs gained during a 12-month period as the year came to a close.  Snip –

…Many in Congress have expressed an interest in slowing federal spending in order to bring the $1 trillion or so deficit in line.

Welcome to the era of government austerity.

The last time the federal government went down this path, in 1995, the region felt the pain. During a two-year period, the federal workforce in the Washington area shrank by 32,000 with cuts at NASA, Agriculture, Transportation and numerous other agencies. Federal contracts were canceled. The government scrapped construction projects in the area. The after-shocks reverberated throughout the region’s economy…Snip –

With numerous new initiatives, the government not long ago was planning to hire about 600,000 employees over the next few years — as many as 120,000 of them in the Washington region,according to the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service, which is helping agencies with recruitment.

Now the organization is projecting that the government likely will reduce those numbers by up to 10 percent.

Ooh, a whole 10 percent? So instead of 600,000 new government workers there might actually be only 540,000? Damn those conservatives. The Washington Post isn’t being a bit selfish here is it?  Here’s Ed Morrissey again:

…The problem with this analysis, though, is that the DC economic bubble came at the expense of the rest of the country.  The Obama administration and its Democratic allies in Congress borrowed vast sums of cash to inflate this bubble, and the rest of us will be left holding the debt.  That not only amounted to an unconscionable wealth transfer from the states to the Beltway, but also yet another unsupported government economic intervention, this time in the immediate geographic area of the power base.

If the DC area wants to prosper, perhaps it should make itself less dependent on government largess for its economy. The rest of us feel that our nation’s capital should be sharing in the same pain in these tough economic times rather than picking our pockets…

Washington, D.C. has been living in an economic fantasyland where people just keep getting bigger and better jobs and buying bigger and better houses and making nearly twice what the private sector makes doing the same work. Let’s hope the new Congress will burst their fantasy bubble and allow them to hit the ground like the rest of the country has. No more floating above it all. It’s time to get real. It’s also time to get real as far as special treatment for our lawmakers – they should have to follow the same laws as they write for the rest of us – Obamacare? If it becomes a reality (heaven forbid) – it had better be their reality as well. Equal protection under the law should apply to everyone in government – whether it’s the bureaucracy that feeds off of us or the lawmakers who feed off of us. It’s time they reap what they sow for us, maybe then they might realize why we’re all so mad out here. Read all of Morrissey here:

Read the Washington Post article by V. Dion Haynes here:


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