Posted by: Greg Huff | January 6, 2011

Statist Theory: “Vice is Nice but (Political) Incest is Best”

We cannot deny that as long as there have been politicians in our country there have been those that, like the proverbial bed bug, suck a little bit out of the body politic. The politicians under the guise of “campaign donations” grant favors to those that contribute enough to their campaign coffers. Kickbacks, pay to play, and outright payoffs are too much the norm.

There is almost no way to ferret out this sort of behavior as long as that behavior is not blatant and is kept discrete. Blatant corruption and vice means jail for the politician, discrete corruption means longevity.

The problem politicians had to solve is how do you get big, vast, gobs of money into your coffers for your reelection campaigns while still being discrete? Answer: Political Incest. Keep it all in the family.

In retrospect it was all so simple, once they got the Supreme Court to castrate the Constitution. How you ask? Well, the Constitution says there are “enumerated powers”. The Federal government cannot do anything except what the Constitution SAYS it can do. The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution (the Bill of Rights) says:

“ The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Ah…but there was a small almost imperceptible flaw in the basic law of the land. It was something that those that thought the Constitution was an impediment to all of the “good things” that could be done if it wasn’t for that “pesky” Constitution.

The “Commerce Clause” was that weak spot, that little chink in the Constitutional armor that allowed those of dark motives access enough to make that little chink wider. With each successive Congress, with each successive Presidency, that little chink became a hole and then a wider and wider hole until the whole idea of “enumerated powers” unraveled. And so now, for the Federal politicians, anything goes.

If anything goes, well why not set up an institution, let’s call it “Freddie Mac” and “Fannie Mae”. We’ll give it funds and we’ll task it to take mortgages off the hands of the originators of the lenders. And since they are getting money from the government we will make sure they give to those with the power to grant or cut off those federal funds, campaign contributions. We’ll pass preferential laws to government unions so their existence depends on Congress. They will be so grateful that they’ll have to contribute to our campaigns so they can continue to get that preferred treatment.

Freddie and Fannie having gotten a number of “bail outs” to the tune of billions of dollars, with more coming, were excluded from the “bank” reform though it was widely recognized these organizations were to blame.

Government unions are now gigantic and wield the power to elect politicians or get them defeated by using mandatory union dues to buy lobbyists, buy advertising and contribute to campaigns. You see it in every election. Teachers unions spend massive amounts to defeat any perceived enemy to their interests.

It is only the gradual awakening of the production class (as opposed to the political class or government union class) of this gigantic sucking of money out of their wallet that may be able to rock these corrupt, incestuous relationships back on their heels.

The politicians and the institutions they have created are now very powerful. They will not go quietly into the night. They will kick, scream, vilify to nullify any efforts that impede them and finally, if all else fails, murder those who get in their way. There are not millions but BILLIONS of dollars at stake.

Do not be fooled. Government created unions and corporations are a threat to all of us. They will bankrupt the country as is already being seen.

I hope the American people are up to the challenge to dismantle these incestuous relationships and repair the damage to the Constitution that made it all possible. Perhaps with the Tea Party stiffening the spine of the 112th Congress we can roll back these activities into something more seemly.

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