Posted by: Deborah D | January 18, 2011

Selective government shutdown?

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Selective government shutdown?

Hugh Hewitt has an interesting idea to get some major concessions from the Democrats and Obama on deep spending cuts. This might be too radical for your everyday Washington politician, but we need some radical ideas to combat the radical changes our country has gone through both economically and politically since 2008. Hey, Republicans, do you have some radical blood in you? This is from the Washington Examiner.

Within a few weeks, the vast gap between President Obama’s spending objectives and the House Republicans’ agenda of fiscal restraint will become obvious. Compromise between the two will not really be possible.

The president’s attachment to Obamacare and to the EPA’s massive power grab via administrative cap-and-trade is too deep for him to give them away, while the consequences of both programs’ continuation are too devastating to the economy for House Speaker John Boehner to allow either initiative or spending generally to continue on their current paths.  Snip –

The GOP can defund Obamacare and the EPA’s power grab simply by refusing to appropriate money for either effort…The president will try to save his priorities from the chopping block by holding the rest of the federal government hostage. Snip —

Hewitt says the Speaker of the House John Boehner and other House leaders should start now laying the groundwork for the coming battle.

The key operations of the government that should continue without interruption — defense spending, Social Security and Medicare payments, and any other “must fund” operation — should be moved through the budget and appropriations process quickly and be in the Senate’s hands long before the impasse with the president over the other items becomes unavoidable.

Boehner needs to be explaining now that, absent the president’s embrace of the necessary fiscal restraint, the repeal of Obamacare and a reigning in of EPA, the nonessential functions of the federal government will be closing down in the fall.

Boehner needs to start talking now about the “selective shutdown” of the federal government that is ahead if the president refuses to listen to the verdict of the voters rendered decisively in November.

At the same time, Boehner and his allies have to reassure Americans and especially senior citizens that they have provided the Senate with the bills necessary to fund Social Security, Medicare and defense, but that the president is holding these appropriations hostage in order to defend Obamacare , the bureaucrats at EPA and the left-wing broadcasters at NPR.  Snip –

Hewitt says that Obama, Pelosi and Reid will use the same talking points Clinton used against the Gingrich Congress, that’s why they must start now. The Left’s talking points shouldn’t work this time since conservative voices are getting out today where they weren’t during the battle of the 1990’s.

Forewarned is forearmed, and if the public is briefed again and again on the GOP’s intention to keep the crucial parts of the government running, while allowing the shutdown of the EPA, the departments of education, labor and interior and various parts of health and human services (not Medicare, not the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, not the Food and Drug Administration) the public will not only support the move, they will cheer it.

I think this is a great idea, but I’m not convinced that the wimps in the Republican Party will have the guts to do something like this, especially if they have “dealmakers” like Lindsey Graham and John McCain in the Senate working at cross purposes from the House. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised and that the infusion of new blood from the Tea Party representatives will make more in the GOP grow a spine, but I won’t hold my breath. If they can get someone like Rep.  Allen West (R-FL) or Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) to take the lead on this, that might make a huge difference. Read all of Hewitt here:


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  1. We will continue to have problems as long as union government bureaucrats are entrusted with the minds of the youth. A start could be a national program where the principles of freedom are explained.

    • Yes, we will, Garry. Those are long-range changes that are needed today. Let’s hope we can get something done in the meantime to slow, stop and reverse what this current administration has done. During that hard work we must also look at the future and what we need to do now to plant those seeds for re-growing our Constitutional Republic.

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