Posted by: Deborah D | January 30, 2011

Obama can lose in 2012.

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Obama can lose in 2012.

We’re already heading toward the 2012 election whether we want to think that far ahead or not. So, will a Republican be able to defeat a sitting president in two years? Mark McKinnon says that Obama is definitely not a shoo-in for reelection in 2012. He has a lot of negatives to overcome, and he highlights 12 of them. Let’s hope he’s right about this and continues to be. This is from The Daily Beast.

1. Velma Hart Syndrome

Many of Barack Obama’s supporters “are exhausted.” Many defected in the midterms. Independents, suburban residents, college graduates, working-class voters, and even Hispanic voters shifted right. Snip –

2. The Obama Overexposure Effect

… Before the 2012 campaign even kicks off, will Obama fatigue return?

I know I’m sick of seeing and hearing from him, but I’m on the opposite end of the political spectrum. I’m not sure liberals are sick of him yet, but who knows by 2012?

3. Debt Bomb

…the CBO now projects a deficit of $1.5 trillion this year. That means the federal government will borrow 40 cents for every dollar it spends. Bankruptcies loom for many states faced with unfunded public pension liabilities; strong-arm demands for bailouts by unions will threaten Democrats’ credibility. Sixty-eight percent of likely voters already express a preference for smaller government and lower taxes

4. Voters Aren’t Better Off

… The long road to economic recovery will continue to frustrate voters. And weekly reminders of rising prices at the gas pump and grocery store, where it hurts most, may cost Obama the election.

5. Ailing Health Care

If “Obamacare” was historic legislation, so too was the House vote to repeal it. Though repeal today may be moot as Senate passage and a presidential veto are unlikely, as the true bottom line becomes known, in terms of increased costs, decreased access to care, and increased government controls, health care once again will be a decisive campaign issue. Efforts to dismantle or defund Obamacare will continue for the next two years. And as the public listens more to the credible Rep. Paul Ryan, the president will be on the defensive daily.

6. Tea Party Momentum

…Fired up by victories in the historic midterm elections, Tea Party, conservative, older, and right-leaning moderate voters will turn out in droves in 2012, challenging the Democrats’ ground game….

McKinnon goes on to discuss Obama’s problems with the transparency he promised in the 2008 election. Darrell Issa will be doing some investigating in his position as chairman of the House Oversight Committee. There’s also a bill that was introduced in the House to cut off funding for all 39 of Obama’s czars, people who were put in place without Congressional approval. (An outrageous number of czars!)

He also brings up redistricting in the states, the continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the strangulation of businesses by over-regulation. Those regulations alone could leave the economy gasping for breath in 2012.  He rounds out his 12 reasons with the fact that Americans now trust Republicans more than Democrats in all top issues. And, he says Obama’s unrealistic vision for the future leaves Americans scratching their heads.

We certainly cannot rest on our laurels or automatically assume this president cannot get reelected. Obama still has many true believers, and he still has the mainstream media in his back pocket. It would be helpful if that changed somewhat, but we can’t count on liberals in the media finally getting it. Bill Clinton pulled a rabbit out of his hat in 1996, mostly because he had a Republican Congress to pull him to the right, and he didn’t get his healthcare bill passed. Obama might fake right, but I can’t see him moving right, and his healthcare bill did pass, but vigilance is required to save the country from the radical in the White House. Please read all of McKinnon here:


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  1. We had better hope and pray that this guy is run out of office in 2012 or I fear for the U.S.A.

  2. We certainly cannot afford another 6 years of Obama. I will encourage everyone I know to get out to vote against him and any other statist.

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