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Can Mitch Daniels win nomination in 2012?

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Can Mitch Daniels win nomination in 2012?

He thinks he can. He’s just not sure he wants to run. It’s more in deference to his family and putting them in the headlights for the rest of their lives that gives him pause. However, Indiana’s current Republican governor seems to be the right guy at the right time. He’s a bold reformer in his own state, and that’s what the entire country needs right now. This is from the Politico. I suggest after reading this post, you click over to the site and watch the video of him at the Republican Governor’s Association meeting. He’s relaxed, confident and wants to do right by the country.

“I don’t know if we’d raise the most, but for whatever reason there are an awful lot of people standing by who I think know how to do this a lot better than I do,” he said, noting that he’s being pushed to run by an array of business types and political figures.

Daniels suggested three things could keep him from plunging in: his wife’s concerns, the calculation that his party or the country aren’t ready for his tough-love message or the emergence of another capable candidate.  Snip –

Just as concerned about the possibility are some high-profile social conservatives in the GOP who were upset with his call last year for a truce on cultural battles to focus on economic matters. They won’t be happy to learn that Daniels told POLITICO he stands by that message and won’t back down from it when he addresses CPAC on Friday.

But the Hoosier said he has been heartened by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s blunt approach to his state’s fiscal difficulties and argued that such a take-your-medicine brand of governing shows that voters are further ahead of the political class in the difficult decisions they’ll swallow.

“It appears that it’s more in vogue these days than it may have been in the past,” Daniels said. “I don’t buy that, you know, it’s certain death to present these facts and some constructive suggestions for how we get out of this fix.”

He wouldn’t say it, but those who have spoken to him indicate Daniels doesn’t see anyone in the current GOP field focused on the fiscal issues that motivate him. If such a person doesn’t emerge – and Daniels said he’ll announce his decision “no later” than May and potentially in April — the chances of him running will increase…Snip –

…(Daniels) said he has been thinking of late about the importance of transformational candidates striking at the right time.

“When a party’s moment arrives, it often is associated with some sort of change in the party’s posture that allows it to capture a broad majority and enough to go forward and act on,” he said citing the examples of Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Snip –

He’s cut spending in Indiana – a state Obama won in 2008 – but prospered politically, with favorable ratings in the 60s. And now Daniels is on the verge of enacting one of the most sweeping educational reforms in the country, boosting charter schools and private school choice, instituting merit pay and limiting the collective bargaining power of teachers unions. The legislation brought over a thousand angry teachers into the state capitol this week and prompted a banner headline – “War Over Charters” – in the Indianapolis Star on Wednesday of the sort that will delight GOP primary voters. This, coupled with governmental reforms working their way through a legislature he helped turn heavily Republican last November, could serve as a powerful send-off to the national stage. Snip –

Asked what worries him about his own party, Daniels turns to what for him is the central issue facing the country: “That we might continue procrastinating for fear of, you know, presenting a bold case to the American people for the kind of changes that will…restore us to fiscal and economic health…” Snip –

“I’m not saying this is likely, but it is not impossible that the debt problem manifests itself as a long, slow erosion.,” he explained. “There could be an inflection point in there, and a lot of people have pointed to this, you know, that loss of confidence, people start selling off our bonds. Things could go very bad very fast. So that’s one reason not to wait. Let’s don’t take that chance.”

Our country is at a crossroad – will we take the path toward socialism and fiscal destruction or will we take the path toward tough love and a country that continues to prosper? We need someone smart, fiscally sane and politically viable as our Republican candidate. Is this the one? There is much, much more at the link. If you want to get to know a potential presidential candidate, this is a good place to start. Don’t forget to watch the video at the link.

Just as an addition to the thinking of getting our fiscal house in order, check out the money-printer, Ben Bernanke’s, appearance before the House Budget Committee yesterday saying we’re on the edge of destruction.  Here’s just a bit of Bernanke’s remarks as reported by CNBC.

By definition, the unsustainable trajectories of deficits and debt that the CBO outlines cannot actually happen, because creditors would never be willing to lend to a government with debt, relative to national income, that is rising without limit. One way or the other, fiscal adjustments sufficient to stabilize the federal budget must occur at some point. The question is whether these adjustments will take place through a careful and deliberative process that weighs priorities and gives people adequate time to adjust to changes in government programs or tax policies, or whether the needed fiscal adjustments will come as a rapid and painful response to a looming or actual fiscal crisis.

Bernanke explained that the Congressional Budget Office’s calculations miss an important reality. As the government’s debt and deficits rise, the economy will slow down—an effect not taken into account by the CBO. So, for instance, when the CBO says that federal spending for health-care programs will roughly double as a percentage of GDP in the next 25 years, it is probably being too optimistic. If debt keeps, rising, GDP will be much lower than the CBO estimates—which will mean that health care spending will be a much larger percentage of the overall economy.

It’s time to get serious. If we can make it to 2012 without imploding, that would be a good thing. Read it all here:


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