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The world falls apart.

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The world falls apart.

Without the leadership of the United States of America, things can and do fall apart worldwide. As protests gather throughout the Middle East and a drug war intensifies on the Mexican border, more and more Americans are being threatened as individuals in foreign countries. It’s not just the beatings of American news reporters covering the protests in Egypt, or the sexual assault suffered by a female CBS reporter on the day of celebration in Egypt, there’s more, much more. Kidnappings of Americans abroad are happening on what seems to be a regular basis, as this editorial in Investor’s Business Daily attests.

Amid President Obama’s vow to enact “smart diplomacy” and to raise U.S. stature overseas, it’s never been more dangerous to be an American abroad. From Tehran to Havana, tyrants are taking U.S. hostages. Snip –

It may be because Obama’s “smart diplomacy” amounts to shunning friends, appeasing tyrants, deferring to international law and imagining America as no more special than any other nation. Fact is, Americans are being singled out because rogue regimes are confident that they have nothing to fear from us any longer.

It started in Tehran, where three hapless American hikers were taken hostage by Iran’s revolutionary guards in July 2009. The three Berkeleyites showed no common sense hiking in a region like that, but WikiLeaks revelations last October show that Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal and Sarah Shourd were nabbed by Iranians in Iraqi territory.

That means their detention was a cross-border kidnapping by a state, a provocative act that called for a strong U.S. response. There was none. As of Feb. 6, they’re on trial for their lives.  Snip –

On Jan. 6, 2011, the State Department registered a “strong” complaint against Vietnam over a brutal assault on U.S. diplomat Christian Marchant a day earlier. Vietnamese security goons slammed a car door repeatedly on Marchant’s legs as he tried to visit Catholic priest Thadeus Nguyen Van Ly, a prominent dissident.

Nothing seems to have come of it.

On Jan. 27, 2011, a U.S. Embassy employee in Pakistan, Raymond Davis, shot and killed two carjackers in self-defense. Despite having diplomatic immunity, he was arrested the next day to face murder charges — for which he may be hanged.  Snip –

On Feb. 4, 2011, Cuba‘s Castro regime charged American contractor Alan Gross with “acts against the integrity of Cuba” for giving satellite phones to dissidents. Gross was arrested in December 2009 and, if convicted, faces 20 years in a Cuban dungeon. Obama’s unconditional easing of the U.S. embargo on Cuba last month seems to have made the regime crueler, not kinder.

The editorial goes on to discuss the seizure by Argentina of equipment that belongs to the U.S. Air Force. The material was being shipped for joint military operations. They say the U.S. was smuggling weapons, drugs and equipment for spying.

The Argentines now say they won’t return it, and the State Department says it is “puzzled.”

But the act follows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s appeasement gestures to Argentina, at the expense of our longtime ally Britain, in favor of re-negotiating the Falklands War. This is how she gets paid back.  Snip –

On Feb. 15, Mexican drug cartels shot two U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement agents at a bogus military checkpoint they set up in what Mexican officials are calling a targeted strike.

The cartels aim to overthrow Mexico’s government. They’ve taken note of Obama’s weakness, too, and declared war on the U.S.

As Iran moves their war ships through the Suez Canal for the first time since 1979, what will be the provocation that starts a war? Nuking Israel? Israel nuking Iran? Iran poking at the U.S. Naval fleet stationed in Bahrain?

Will Mexico’s drug war continue to spill over our southern border? More than likely the answer is yes since our commander-in-chief doesn’t seem to value our interests while Mexico devolves into a drug-cartel-infested failed state. Is anyone awake in the halls of power in the Obama administration? Or are they too focused on dragging the United States down with their bankruptcy-inducing plans to focus on threats that will drag us down sooner? As Obama spends us into oblivion, many bad actors have noticed that the United States can’t really afford to police the world any longer. So, why not stick the paper tiger in the eye. What’s he going to do about it? Read it all here:


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