Posted by: Greg Huff | February 18, 2011

Death Rattle

Government unions and the Democrat Party are now, not just scared, they are desperate.

We are now witnessing an all out battle by these entities against the people of Wisconsin and in a larger sense the people of the United States.

The President has already come out in favor of the demonstrators, the government unions. He has brought in his political machine to bear, to intimidate the Governor and the Republican state politicians into backing down on the proposed legislation that will limit the bargaining power of the union and make them actually contribute to their pensions and health care.

The “protesters” have demonstrated at the houses of the Governor and the Republican representatives.

The public school teachers have called in sick to come to the protests in the state capitol. There is a litany of statist celebrities that are coming to make their homage to the new statist cause. AFLCIO, SEIU and just about every other champion of “the masses” will make an appearance incite the unions involved, the unions that are merely sympathetic, the useful idiots and other assorted hangers on that are sucking at the government teat.

In Washington Democrats are indicating that they will not vote on the budget and are accusing the Republicans of wanting to shut down the government. The Speaker of the House has said he is cutting spending, period. The Senate Majority leader has said the will not pass it and the President has said he’ll veto it. There is a possibility this will shut down the federal government.

The bravado shown by the Dems in order to placate their union base is a show of desperation. This is the show down at the OK Corral. This is the people on one side and public servants on the other. Though if these unions are not held at bay then they will fast become our public masters. The public is fed up with continual tax increases to pay for government union contracts that give pay and benefits far in excess of what is paid to private sector workers doing the same job.

The unions talk about fairness and equity. There is nothing fair or equitable about the government unions. Politicians have for years failed in their fiduciary duty of acting in the best interest of their constituents in favor of the political power of unions and their threats to pit their considerable resources against politicians if they do not give in to their contract demands.

I submit that the contracts are void without any legislation. I do not believe the politicians have ever been able to negotiate in good faith. They promised the world to the union bosses and in the past would raise taxes on the public. The public grumbled but passed the tax increases after threats of closing schools and taking police off the street. This tactic has finally hit the wall. The public at large is wise to it.

The overreach by Obama and the Democrat congress over the past two years has riveted the attention of the nation. They see the waterfall getting nearer and the rocks beneath. And while the Republicans that were voted in on November 2nd are trying to paddle the canoe back up the river, the Unions and their Democrat toadies are trying to knock the paddles out of their hands. The insanity of the Dems and all of their sort is they cannot see the waterfall or the rocks just those villains that are preventing them from getting to their utopia.

Nothing will save the United States if the insane (insane is defined as: The inability perceive differences, similarities and identities.) are allowed to be in control.

The Wisconsin Governor and legislature need to hang tough. The majority of the public is with them and their efforts. The same advise goes for the Speaker of the House and the Republican majority there. As the Iron Lady of England, Margaret Thatcher said to George H.W. Bush: “Don’t go wobbly on me.”

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  1. Greg — I read something today that relates: “Democrats believe in democracy — except when they lose.” How clearer is that than what is taking place in Wisconsin? Unions should never be allowed in the public sector — they take taxpayers’ money, give it to Democrats, who in turn return it via more jobs and higher wages, benefits, etc. They screw the taxpayers.

    A poster at the American Spectator captured it perfectly: “Democrats (at least most of them) know their policies are destructive, but they are also effective in buying votes with taxpayer money. Government employee unions are even more egregious in that all of the money provided to the union leadership comes from taxpayers (via dues from government employee wages). Unions then use that taxpayer supplied money to buy Democrats to hire more employees who pay more dues who enrich union ledership, who then pay more to Democrat politicians who… And the beat goes on. This is blatent corruption by the Democrats who have a good thing going and don’t want to give it up. They don’t want to lose the power, the prestige, the high lifestyle (for themselves of course), and the money, all supplied by taxpayers.”

    Democrats can’t survive without taxpayer money. They can’t win an argument without either lying or hiding their true intentions or without like-minded individuals lying for them (for example, the mainstream press). They are going down. Americans know now, and Obama has cast himself on the wrong side of this argument.

  2. Absolutely correct Deb. Sucking at the government teat is actually the wrong metaphor. They are leaches and ticks sucking the blood of all of us. The tick can no longer easily hide in the hair of the dog. It has gotten fat and is easily spotted.

    The American public hates parasites. They are now recognizing them as such instead of “underdogs”.
    See my previous essay: Statist Theory: Vice is nice but (Political) Incest is Best.

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