Posted by: Greg Huff | February 24, 2011

Extreme Environmentalism Endangers National Security

Gas is going up. Oh, not just gas, EVERYTHING. With the Middle East countries blowing up and the leftist policies killing the domestic oil drilling here in the U.S., our national security has never been more precarious.

I really hate the metaphor of left and right. It is really inadequate to define political activity and it is used in wildly dishonest ways. I prefer statist and non-statist to define those that either wants the government to engage in extra constitutional actions and those that do not.

The statists engage in fear mongering, saying that: “if the government does not step in then ‘all will be lost’”.

We’ve seen this continually in environmental claims over the past 30 years. Agitators have been yelling that the world is doomed if this or that regulation or law is not enacted. Some of the strongest lobbying efforts are by “environmental” groups. (Though these group are not called lobbyist or “special interest groups” as are those groups on the “right”).

I won’t go into the history of the movement or the EPA or how the movement was taken over from those actually concerned about the environment by the disenfranchised anti-war movement. Suffice it to say that the activist of those anti-war movements did not just go away, they found other causes to recruit for and agitate for. One of these was the environmental movement.

The bane of an environmentalist is “oil”. “Oil is bad.” “We are addicted to oil!” “We have to get off oil!”

In the past 30 years these self-styled environmental activist have not managed to get us off of oil but they have managed to limit our exploration and drilling for oil. We are not “addicted” to oil but the environmental movement has made us dependent on Middle Eastern oil. For these years while our domestic production has steadily declined we have had to import oil from other countries which has made them rich beyond belief (well not the people mind you, but the governments.)

So what has been accomplished is NOT getting the U.S. off of oil, which according to them would make a world that is sunshine all the time and a climate that never has a bad day, but paying for the despotic governments with extremist that threaten to kill us.

We made that area of the world rich without them having to work for it…no wonder they hate us.

In the United States, we are currently immersed in an unresponsive economy with 9% unemployment. We are hearing that “Stagflation” is rearing its ugly head again. Any one under 30 will not be familiar with this term, which means a stagnant economy with rising prices. Those kids will get used to the term fast when it is eating up their paychecks.

Our economy has been weakened by many things, not the least of which is our refusal to drill here for oil, drill now for oil and so pay less which would buoy our economy if not rocket it. Our unresponsive economy and out of control spending is now a national security threat.

The environmental movement has reached its pentacle now with a statist President in the Whitehouse.

President Obama, not letting a crisis go to waste, has all but wiped out drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Cass Sunstein, the Secretary of the Interior, has cancelled permits to drill there and has refused to issue permits to drill despite being held in contempt by a Federal judge. This has added to our unemployment and is now raising the price of gas at the pump that will soon become intolerable, but at least Obama has appeased, somewhat, his statist base. (Remember oil is bane to environmentalist – and really to all statists).

The EPA is another out of control department that is filled with those “concerned” environmentalist. They are now able to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant. They will accomplish by regulation, Cap and Tax, which something the Congress could not do though it had a majority in both houses and also had the Whitehouse. This regulation will ensure that every product you buy will go up and be a further drag on the economy.

If you wanted to bring the United States to its knees and I believe we already are, you just have to cut off the lifeblood of American commerce: energy and the ability to exploit our own resources of it.

It is time the EPA be abolished and the states pick up their own environmental functions to keep their states clean. It is time to kick to the curb all those politicians of both parties that will not advocate using our own resources thus “shipping our jobs overseas”.

Freeing the oil industry to drill, refine and just do business in a free market will go a long way in restoring our economy and starve the outlaw states and the terrorist they fund, of energy they need to kill us.

Of course it is not  “environmentalist” that are the enemy of our Constitution and our way of life. Environmentalism is merely a tool of the statist that want, frankly, to bring us all under government control. They hate the America we have and want it “fundamentally changed”.

God help us and God help the world if we don’t force our government back into its Constitutional shackles.

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