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Obama’s crooked green racket.

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Obama’s crooked green racket.

If you are someone who believes that “progressives” and “liberals” are good people who only want to do what’s right for the country, and you believe in global warming and “green” technology, you must be aware that many of these so-called “good people” have their hands in the taxpayers’ pockets in order to line their own. If a Republican administration had been involved in anything like this, these people would all be in jail. This is from Timothy P. Carney of the Washington Examiner.

President Obama’s green energy push is rapidly proving to be a crooked racket. It works like this: Revolving-door political hires rev up subsidy programs that enrich their former employers. Then they cash out themselves, pocketing taxpayer loot while turning out energy products that range from inefficient technologies to total failures. Faster than the turbine on a subsidized wind mill, the “clean-tech” revolving door spins out green bandits who get rich off the subsidies they helped craft.

Cathy Zoi, an Al Gore acolyte, has left her job as assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy to go to work for a new fund that invests in green energy. It was started by Democratic donor George Soros.

Her former “special assistant,” Peter Roehrig, joined DOE’s renewable energy office from the U.S. Renewable Energy Group. The latter is a company founded by lobbyists who saw they could pocket taxpayer dollars by acting as cutouts for Chinese windmill barons trying to get their hands on stimulus money.

There are plenty of revolving-door green bandits, but the paths of Zoi and Roehrig – both of whom passed through the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office, which was responsible for $16 billion in stimulus money – exemplify how Obama’s stimulus and green-energy initiatives open the door for corruption and patronage.

Zoi’s tenure at EERE was rife with conflicts of interest. Her husband, Robin Roy, is an executive at Serious Materials, a small window manufacturer that boomed when Obama came to office. First, Serious Materials benefited from free advertising by the White House: President Obama praised a new Serious factory in March – before he officially nominated Zoi – and then Vice President Biden made a public visit to a different Serious plant in April, just after her nomination but before her confirmation. Finally, Serious was also the first window company to pocket a stimulus tax credit – worth $584,000 – for investing in new equipment.

Zoi testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in favor of a HOMESTAR program, also known as cash for caulkers, which became another subsidy for Serious. Snip —

Now Zoi has left Energy’s EERE, where she advanced and implemented subsidies for renewable energy, and is going to work for a Soros-backed green-tech fund: Silver Lake Kraftwerk, a partnership between Soros Fund Management and Silicon Valley private equity giant Silver Lake.

… Soros said the fund, for which he is employing the former head of the federal Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office, will focus on “developing alternative sources of energy and achieving greater energy efficiency.”

The Soros-Zoi hire not only undermines Obama’s talk about stopping the revolving door, it also undermines the constant liberal refrain that Soros – unlike conservative political donors – is simply funding political causes he believes in, not causes that profit him. The Soros-created Center for American Progress is a leading advocate of green subsidies.  Snip —

In any other industry, these conflicts of interest and naked subsidy-suckling would draw a firestorm of media attention about cronyism and corporate welfare. But green bandits like Zoi, Soros, Roehrig, and O’Hanlon, instead are praised as entrepreneurs who are also trying to save the planet. It just shows what you can get away with in this town if you cloak yourself in green.

What’s the difference between this and Bernie Madoff? Why is it that crooks and thieves in the private sector are vilified (as they should be), but those in government (at least in governments of the left) are ignored or glorified? Especially as the country is over-extended financially, these people should be brought up on charges of treason. They are betraying the country by ripping off the taxpayers who are already broke. There is much, much more at the link. Read it all here:


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  1. I believe this CROOK Soros is a forigener that made his BILLIONS in this country and sent it off shore, He is also the instigator of the Anti-American ” move ” web site. He should be stripped of his citizenship, his ill gotten funds and run out of this country. He would be gratefuly missed.

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