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Obama’s war on the middle class.

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Obama’s war on the middle class.

One of the main distinctions of the United States of America is that in my lifetime we have always had a thriving middle class. Many look at what is happening in the economy and the pursuits of this administration and have decided that Barack Obama and his Democrats are purposely waging war on the middle class. Why would they do this? To further their socialist ideology. So, when they talk about “defending” the middle class. They really mean the reverse. This is from Jeffrey Folks of The American Thinker website.

Whenever he is in campaign mode, President Obama goes to great lengths to remind voters that he is “struggling to defend the middle class.” As he did in January 2010, Obama speaks of the middle class as “under assault” (by whom he does not specify). In his Labor Day radio address of 2010, he spoke of his “commitment to the middle class.”…

It should be obvious that Obama and the left wing of the Democratic Party are not struggling to defend the middle class. Most of the time they are struggling to disenfranchise it by ignoring the basic rights of human liberty and of property that are guaranteed under our Constitution.

The 18% real rate of unemployment during Obama’s first two years in office has not done much for the middle class. At the same time, there has been an enormous transfer of wealth from the middle class to the underclass. ObamaCare, financial services reform, mortgage reform, education reform, tax reform: in all of these areas, the administration’s efforts have been to create and expand services for the poor at the expense of the middle class.

Whether it is the free health care promised to tens of millions of new Medicaid recipients or mortgage principle reductions (“cramdowns”) promoted at every turn by his Justice Department, Obama acts like a political general in the class war — the war of the government services-dependent poor and unionized public sector against the middle class. Among the first acts of his administration were the expansion “making work pay” and child credit benefits: welfare of the sort that had been trimmed by the GOP Congresses of the 1990s.

Whether it is benefits for the underclass or more power for public sector unions, Obama is intent on cementing power based on the loyal support of the underclass and unionized labor. But to complete the task, he must deceive the middle classes for a bit longer by appearing to move to the center. The independent middle class voter, the very class of citizen that is most endangered by his presidency, is key to his reelection. In order to win reelection, he convince them he is safe.

But nothing Obama has done has benefited the middle class…

The recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report on consumer prices is a telling indication of the effects of Obama’s policies on the middle class. During the past 12 months, gas prices are up nearly 20%…Had the President pursued a pro-drilling policy and defended the dollar, gas prices would have been substantially lower…

…the middle class, most of whom commute some distance to work, are shelling out a great deal more each month. The same for food prices, which are up substantially above the “core rate” of inflation. The underclass benefit from increased food stamp subsidies…It is the middle class that bears all the burdens under Obama. Snip –

One of the main rationales for Obamacare was that it would lower the cost for the middle class, but has it really?

…since ObamaCare was passed, health care costs for the middle class are way up. Over the past 12 months the cost of private medical insurance, where it can be purchased at all, is up by as much as 59%. Hospital costs are up 6%, nearly three times the rate of core inflation. The cost of the most widely prescribed drugs has increased well above the rate of inflation, driven up by the prospect of future government regulation. None of this has helped the middle class. It is, in fact, part and parcel of a calculated transfer of wealth from the middle class to the underclass. Snip —

He goes on to mention the costs of higher education which are twice the rate of inflation and generally impact the middle class. The poor can get need-based scholarships. The poor also get subsidized child care. That’s paid for by the middle class who also have to pony up for themselves.

As Obama understands all too well, one of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the absence of an independent middle class. From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.

Political theorists from Aristotle to Locke understood that a truly independent and prosperous middle class was essential to the collective well-being of any society. The middle class has always, in every society, been characterized by qualities of social restraint and economic realism — a shrewd and skeptical conservatism that serves to restrain the grandiose plans of utopian revolutionaries and embittered reactionaries alike.

Throughout its history American society in particular has been the beneficiary of an aspiring middle class whose efforts have created the world’s greatest democracy. It is an ominous sign that the political left, with the loyal support of more than a third of our population, is intent on its destruction.

Read it all here:

The previous column doesn’t mention cap and trade, which was not approved by Congress, although Obama’s EPA is trying its best to put it into practice via decree. The taxes involved in those regulations will increase the costs of electricity for businesses as well as everyone in the country, including the middle class. Who will be subsidized? The lower classes. Who will pay for it ultimately? The middle class via their taxes and the higher costs of everything that requires energy. This next is from Peter Ferrara of The American Spectator.

…Consumers, of course, will bear these extra costs. Indeed, that is how cap and trade is supposed to work. The expectation is that consumers, when faced with higher costs for products whose production or use involves CO2 emissions, will shift to other products involving little or no emissions.

The Obama administration itself estimates that cap and trade will involve increased costs from 2012 to 2019 alone of $645 billion, and admits in its own budget that the actual costs could be much higher than that, depending on permit prices over those years. Indeed, other estimates put the costs three times higher. So the increased burden on each American over this period alone would be $2,100 to $6,300. For a family with two children, that would be $8,400 to $25,200, with much more to come after 2019.

These increased costs are effectively a new tax on the American people, even though Obama promised in his campaign that there would be no tax increase for the bottom 95 percent of income earners…Snip –

…In addition to these costs, consumers will have to suffer decreased consumption of products involving CO2 emissions, such as gasoline, electricity, home heating oil, natural gas, automobiles (particularly upscale vehicles), even farm products such as meat. The increased costs are supposed to cause this decreased consumption. This decreased consumption amounts to a decline in the standard of living of the middle class. Snip –

The Obama administration has made no secret that it expects electricity costs to rise sharply under cap and trade, since most electricity is produced by coal, oil, and natural gas. This means you are expected to cut back on your consumption of electricity.

Indeed, prices will rise until you do. This means less use of computers, flat screen TVs, cell phones, iPods, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, ranges, microwaves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, everything powered by electricity. This includes air conditioning and heat (with home heating oil and natural prices soaring as well until consumption is reduced).  Snip –

The higher costs on the economy due to cap and trade result in fewer jobs and slower economic growth. Higher costs for energy in the U.S. will, in particular, drive even more manufacturing overseas. Snip –

Ferrara notes that the number of jobs lost due to cap and trade will be nearly 2 million by 2020 according to the economics firm Science Applications International Corporation. But, what about all of the new green jobs and green energy?

let’s pretend that any of these alternative energy sources could become technologically feasible. To the extent they are more costly, including subsidies, than traditional energy sources such as oil, coal, and natural gas, they will only further add to the problem, leaving the American economy suffering permanently with the crippling disadvantage of relying on high-cost energy.

In other words, Obama’s cap and trade plan commits us as a nation to phasing out over the next 40 years the energy sources that have powered the Industrial Revolution, with no alternative technology in sight at this time that can seriously take up the slack. Under Obama’s policies, therefore, we are headed to an economy powered by the same energy sources as in George Washington’s day.

Read all of Ferrara here:

Ferrara’s article is from 2009, so he doesn’t even mention the current story about Brazil and the subsidizing of their oil drilling to the tune of $2 billion by the United States government. That means you are paying George Soro’s company to drill for oil much of which is promised to China. Now, I’ve not read whether any of this oil is promised to the U.S. It could very well be, but if it is, I haven’t yet found the documentation. I did find this:

Brazil’s Petrobras oil company agreed to sell China 100,000 to 160,000 barrels of oil per day to China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) and refiner Sinopec at market prices, the official China Daily reported. Petrobras said it expects China Development Bank to lend it $10 billion in May (2009) to exploit a new oilfield off Brazil’s southern coast.

China did make that loan.

Back to the middle class. A new book is out confirming many of the suspicions of the above columns. The middle class will be left holding the bag for the Obama-Reid-Pelosi debt. The book is written by James R. Keena, and it’s called We’ve Been Had – How Obama and the Radicals Conned Middle Class America. The following is from a review of that book.

The premise of the book is that the middle class of America has been conned by Obama and a supporting cast of radicals to embrace a camouflaged lurch toward socialism. In just four years, the Obama administration will add nine trillion dollars to the public debt. The poor won’t pay this debt, because they can’t. The rich collectively don’t make that much money. That leaves the middle class holding the proverbial bag for an impending disaster.

Let’s make sure we rid the country of this disaster-in-chief in 2012. Let’s hope we can continue to take the body blows our country has taken in just two short years. We cannot afford the next two, but we certainly cannot survive another four. You can read it all here:


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