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Obama wanted Americans inconvenienced.

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Obama wanted Americans inconvenienced.

Obama wanted the government shut down, and if it was shut down, he planned to inconvenience as many Americans as he could in order for them to blame Republicans. If you want to know what Chicago politics is like – this is it. This is from The Prowler at The American Spectator.

According to White House sources, in the weeks leading up to last week’s push for a budget deal, the President approved plans that had the White House and federal agencies looking at every federal government resource that entailed public interaction, and whether it could be shut down during a closure of the government — even if under normal government closures those resources would have or could have remained open.

“The goal was to inflict as much inconvenience and pain on the American public and lock them into supporting the Administration’s perspective on the budget fight,” says a White House source. “It was our nuclear option, but we saw how a government shutdown under Gingrich just destroyed Republican standing with the public, and we felt we could achieve that kind of damage and more, even if we really didn’t have to.”

The Prowler’s White House sources just confirm what Americans have been witnessing the past two+ years: Obama hates the American people. He has one desire — to run the country into the ground (something he really is good at). He wants to manipulate, to inflict harm to make you beg for his government to keep running. He cares nothing for the country or the American people, only politics. It’s his way or the highway, and it matters not who gets screwed along the way.

For example, a number of websites that provide the public with information about everything from Social Security options to veterans services, even public-private educational websites operated by the Smithsonian, would have been shut down by the Obama Administration had a government closure taken place Saturday morning. “Those sites don’t even involve government employees to operate, but we were going to shut them down anyway just to hit home the right message with the public,” says the White House aide.

You can read all of The Prowler’s findings here:

This is a good example of Gangster Government, which just so happens to be the title of a new book out by David Freddoso, which uses the term coined by Michael Barone to describe Obama’s administration. Here’s an excerpt of an interview of him by National Review Online’s Katherine Jean Lopez. This first bit is about Obama’s early abuse of the car company bailouts to stiff its lenders in favor of his union pals.

Why send a group of pinstriped thugs from the Treasury Department to interfere in a private company’s bankruptcy, all so that the property of its lenders can be given to a politically favored union? Why should officials at Chrysler, who actually pushed at one point for fairer treatment of the secured creditors, receive threatening, angry e-mails from the Treasury, and the creditors receive threats from a White House smear campaign?

That episode was the one that first brought cries of “gangster government.” Unfortunately, Michael Barone’s observation on it fits a broader pattern of this administration’s workings that has unfolded over time. Why did we see the drugmakers buying protection from the Obama White House during the talks over Obamacare? Why did Obama’s administration flagrantly violate a law that Obama once co-sponsored, in order to protect a friend from a zealous inspector general’s investigation? Why does this administration dedicate 99 percent of its attention to helping an institution — organized labor — that represents 6.9 percent of private-sector workers? Why is Obama overturning century-old precedents to help his friends and hurt his enemies? Why do White House advisers refer to American business as a golden goose that they don’t want “crapping all over them”?

When I first spoke to Barone about his idea of “gangster government,” I never imagined that the Obama administration would do so many things to help establish the pattern.  Snip —

Although the first chapter looks back at Obama’s Chicago roots, that’s only the beginning of the story. The most important thing is that the reader looks at his subsequent acts and measures them by that same “above-the-law” yardstick that governs life in Chicago.

I warned in 2008 that the man who won his very first election by throwing all of his opponents off the ballot was probably not the great reformer he claimed he was — the man who was going to fix Washington when others could not do so. Gangster Government is a book about how, after coming to Washington with that lofty promise, Obama has instead ruthlessly exploited Washington’s brokenness.

There’s much more at the link, including Obama’s green energy boondoggle. Freddoso uses Spain’s problems doing the same thing as an example.

In Spain — an example he used to cite for its commitment to green energy — we already saw what happens when government tries to create demand where there is none: It wastes a ton of money and creates massive asset bubbles, without creating any net jobs. We saw the same thing happen here in the last two decades with the well-meaning attempts to incentivize homeownership beyond its true value.

If there are still Americans out there who truly believe this president has the good of the country at heart, they are either uniformed or delusional or Marxists themselves. You mean nothing to him. It’s about him. His power. His wants. His needs. Nothing else. Please read the whole interview here:


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