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Osama death: Victory for the adults.

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Osama death: Victory for the adults.

C. Edmund Wright nails it with this piece from the American Thinker website. As the children take the lap around the victory field, it was the adults that set in motion this win in the War on Terror. The killing of Osama bin Laden was the result of the adults in charge in the White House from 2001-2008, while childish liberals yelled and screamed about everything, sweating in their Bush Derangement Syndrome fevers. The intelligence gleaned and the practices and systems set up during in the Bush years led directly to the ultimate demise of Osama bin Laden. We can thank Obama for doing the right thing after being on the wrong side of this issue for years on end, (along with his fellow travelers).

The children are celebrating and taking credit for the death of Osama bin Laden, but make no mistake about it, this is a win for the adults…

…by adults, I mean folks mature enough to understand that the world is a mean place ruled by the aggressive use of power and that the only way to stop evil from ruling is for the good guys to use more power and to use it more aggressively.

And by children, I mean the overgrown juveniles who refuse to understand this reality as it is and who like to think the Muslim world adored us until Bush-Cheney and Rumsfeld came to power…

the death of bin Laden has nothing to do with the core beliefs of this President or the entire liberal movement.

The death of bin Laden has nothing to do with closing Guantanamo Bay.  It has nothing to do with trying Kahlid Sheik Muhummad in New York City.  It has nothing to do with avoiding collateral damage at our own soldiers’ peril and it has nothing to do with Patti Murray’s gushing about bin Laden’s day care centers.

We did not kill bin Laden by trying to understand why they hate us so much and we did not do it by allowing Jamie Gorelick to keep our CIA and FBI and Special Forces from talking to each other.  Snip —

Killing bin Laden was not the result of Teddy Kennedy sanctimoniously railing against Abu Ghraib nor was it the result of Cindy Sheehan’s hatred of George W. Bush.  The protestations by liberals — including John McCain — against waterboarding and other forms of enhanced interrogation techniques had nothing to do with this either.

Code Pink was not involved, and this strike had nothing to do with Obama’s doctrine of “courageous restraint.”  This operation did not involve the UN and it was not multi-lateral.

…In fact, as I add it up, there is not one single scintilla of liberal thought or policy that had anything to do with the successful operation by Seal Team Six.  Snip –

What really happened is that the intel trail that ultimately culminated in Sunday’s events started in 2007 at Guantanamo Bay.  The first key piece of intel was the identification of the couriers who kept bin Laden informed.  I guess we’ll never know for sure if waterboarding led to this first nugget of information, but you can bet that whatever it was it falls under the very adult notion of “enhanced interrogation” techniques.  In other words, Obama is the beneficiary of tactics he campaigned against — that were performed at a location he campaigned against.

The credit belongs (to) the adults who put in place these interrogation techniques and who decided they would take place at Gitmo.  That would be Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.  Three adults.

And this intelligence nugget led to a four-year chain of events that ended this past weekend…  But the guys who did this, the Joint Special Operations Command, have been operating in the Afghan-Pakistani theatre for ten years. Sunday night was merely the end result of ten years of hard and dangerous work started by — the adults. 

To sum it up, everything we as conservatives believe about our country’s defense, the War on Terror, interrogation, special ops / black ops, Gitmo, and the realities of the world was validated.  Our ideas won.  Our tactics won.  An enemy we never hesitated to call out was killed. 

Everything liberals believe about the same was defeated. They are trying to take credit for a win in a war they never acknowledged with tactics they openly hate.  With a childish liberal in the White House, that may not be evident to much of the country at the moment. But I predict it will be. Facts are facts. The adults won.  The kids were along for the ride kicking and screaming. Americans’ curiosity with how this all went down will bring this to light.

Obama’s “I”, “me”, “my” speech taking credit for the success of the take-down of Osama was proof positive of the Left’s ability to make life difficult for those who put policies in place and then take the credit when those same policies produce results. Blame Bush for everything wrong, but leave his name out when it comes time to get the accolades. Truly sleazy. At least Obama credited the military and the intelligence officers. I guess he had to share the glory since he was sitting there watching while they were doing the work. I do credit him with making the right call for whatever reason. Bush governed as Reagan stated: “There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” Read all of Wright here:

GWB’s vindication.

Adam Yoshida has not forgotten the policies the Bush Administration put in place that have brought the United States to the point of dealing justice to the murderer of 9/11. This is also from the American Thinker.

Ultimately, bin Laden was found and killed as a result of information gained from the interrogation of a captured terrorist.  Actually, given all of the ink and pixels that have been spilled over this subject, it bears repeating one more time: bin Laden’s death is a direct result of information gained from the interrogation of detainees, reportedly at the famed Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

Given what we now know, how many people still think that the opponents of Guantanamo Bay — including the current resident of the White House — were right when they screamed about its supposed inhumanity, plotted to close it, and vowed to move terrorist prisoners into civilian courts?  It would seem that George Bush and the defenders of his detainee policy were right all along. 

…The death of bin Laden and the broader course of the Global War on Terror during the two and a half years of the Obama Administration reflect the reality that the policies of the Bush Administration in this area, for all of the hysterical condemnation and calumny they endured, were the best and most reasonable response to 9-11 available to the United States and to the world.  The continuity of American anti-terror policy appears to have been the key to the success of this operation.  The courier was identified under Bush, the information took stronger form in the early months of the Obama Presidency (before most of his appointees even took office), and he was then slowly run to ground over the next two years.

Only those totally blinded by Obama will forget the work Bush did to bring on this ultimate result. Read all of Yoshida here:


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  1. “Truly sleazy” says it all when you talk about Obama and his flock of fools. Although we do owe some thanks to the brave souls in the Obama administration who kept the Bush policies going and following through on the information gathered.

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