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Mr. President, get out of the way of business.

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Mr. President, get out of the way of business.

One of my all time favorite sayings is a Thomas Paine quote made famous by Lee Iacocca: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Right now businesses know this current president can’t lead; he refuses to follow, so it’s time for him to just get out of the way. He recently called for businesses to “step up” their hiring. Specifically, here’s what the president said, “the issue here is not uncertainty. The issue is they’ve got to start placing their bets on America” and that “it’s time for companies to step up.”

Nothing like a president beating up on business and basically telling them they are being anti-American, when it’s his policies that are forcing them to cut back in order to save their businesses. That’s like Jimmy Carter referring to the “malaise” or the “misery index” in the country during the late 1970’s – a malaise brought on by his outrageous policies.

Well, a Maryland businessman would like to show Obama some reality. Although Obama refuses to learn, we can still learn and understand where businesses are coming from. This is from Brett McMahon, a construction company vice president. This is in the Washington Examiner.

* Rewarding Friends: My company has been a leader in the construction industry for decades because we hire, fire, promote and respect employees and managers based on their merit. Yet one of Obama’s first official acts was to sign a “project labor agreement” executive order giving preference to unionized companies for public construction projects, even though 85 percent of private-sector construction employees choose not to join a union.  Snip —

He then talks about punishing enemies and uses the example of South Carolina, Boeing and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which we highlighted here:

…this is a direct threat to the employment not only of those thousands of South Carolina workers, but to the entire American workforce that will be less desirable for international investors choosing where to place their money.

Worse yet, this fight is clearly not about letting employers “step up” to hire good employees, but about a radical agenda within the president’s NLRB to control the flow of capital and jobs.

He goes on to note that the Democrats in the Senate who have hauled in the executives of the big oil companies this week to threaten to take their tax credits away, which are mainly used for research and development, won’t really hurt the oil companies, but smaller firms. He calls this tactic “Taxing Political Targets.”

…A top economist has said repeal of just one of the tax credits in question this week would directly threaten an estimated 150,000 jobs—just in 2011.

And those jobs won’t come from Big Oil, which is a political target for Democrats. Those jobs will come from smaller and mid-size companies…

Now, I personally, don’t have a problem with removing tax credits, but it should be done across the board. If oil companies get their R&D tax credits removed, then that should apply to wind farms and biofuels and solar start-ups. This, once again, is Obama and Democrats picking winners and losers – or maybe in Obama-speak: “Spreading (your) wealth around” to those who can’t make it on their own.

* Structural Threats: …Don’t forget that there are massive structural powderkegs which, despite the president’s learned assurances to the contrary, create uncertainty that no businessperson worth their salt would dare gamble on.

This includes public employee pay, their pensions, healthcare costs (all of which point to higher taxes in the future), the MediCare and Medicaid entitlements crisis, the looming implications of ObamaCare, and outrageous deficits and debt.

All of which is to remind the president that the government does not create jobs, but it most assuredly has the power to kill them, which is precisely what we are seeing.

Here’s a deal for the president: Employers will “step up” to use the Invisible Hand of the market to create more jobs when we no longer feel strangled by the All-Too-Visible Hand of Uncle Sam.

When you’ve got a president who was schooled in Marxist ideology, whose only experience with business was as a community organizer, whose only goal was to threaten businesses in order to do the bidding of whatever “community” he was organizing, well, this is the result. Berate, threaten, demonize, and call out for protests. Sound familiar? Read it all here:

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  1. This guy O’vomit is not stupid, but he sure is devious. I pray that we dump this guy in 2012, and he goes back to his family in Kenya. Since his boss King Richard, the monarch of Chicago and Crook County is retiring, maybe he can let the monarch and his cronies join him.

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