Posted by: Greg Huff | July 4, 2011

Ethics and Staying in Power

It seems some of  my previous posts to this site are no longer on line.  That being the case, I’ve decided to repost some or all of my older essays as the concepts and principles are still valid…and looking back on them, a bit prophetic.


So the Democrats have suspended their “War Room” in response to the Republicans suspending many of the standard convention “festivities” because of Hurricane Gustav.

Is it me or is only in times of peril for a significant portion of the nation that the two parties stop vying for position in order to gain power. Of course there is a lot to vie for.

The Dems have the potential to not only gain the presidency but gain a filibuster proof Senate. What will happen when that happens.

The socialist and central planning programs that are being proposed by Obama and the DNC will mean almost unlimited power for them…at least for the next 2 years or (God forbid) perhaps 4.

Jimmy Cater swept into power after Ford pardoned Nixon. Certainly the country was sick of Nixon and Ford for pardoning him. Carter seemed like a nice enough guy, safe, religious. Someone who could not do damage to the U.S. Unfortunately he was also a Marxist or as close to that as was possible in a right of center country. Carter and his Democratic congress devastated the economy and created the conditions for turning Iran from ally to enemy.

It is no wonder Carter was a one term President. The only good thing about his Presidency was that Regan swept him out of power.

Now the Dems have a chance to have the whole banana again and can do much more damage to the economy, and our foreign relations than Carter could do. I don’t know how long it would take the country to recover if this happens. With the programs being proposed I see exponential growth of government.

In addition nothing will be done about closing our borders and oil drilling will become a thing of the past.

To keep conservatives in office is vital. Republicans are not all conservative as we well know. It is however up to the conservatives in office to maintain ethics on their party members. Republicans were thrown out of office because of corruption and abandoning their conservative principles. Corruption in ones party should be pursued with as much gusto as in the opposition party. If that is done and conservatives do not get so full of themselves that they abandon their ethics and principles they will remain in power.

Sarah Palin’s nomination was greeted with wild enthusiasm precisely because of her anti corruption activities and taking on the corruption in her state.

It is a dangerous thing, the up coming election. I wish I were more optimistic about it.

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