Posted by: Debby Durkee | July 29, 2011

What’s in Reid’s bill?

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What’s in Reid’s bill?

Nothing good. As of this writing it looks like House Majority Leader John Boehner’s bill to raise the debt limit and also cut some spending will pass the House today. Of course, Harry Reid says it is dead on arrival. So what’s Reid’s bill? A bunch of bull excrement, that’s what. This is from Tina Korbe of Hot Air:

First and most importantly, the bill actually explicitly seeks to excuse the Senate from passing a budget resolution for the next two years. Reid and Senate Democrats have enjoyed a more-than-800-day vacation from crafting a budget in the first place, but that’s just not enough never mind that the law requires the Senate to pass a budget every year. So, how does the Reid plan enable the Senate to skirt its responsibility even further? It “deems” a budget for this year and next year.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) explained today on the Senate floor just what this means:

The Reid amendment to increase the debt limit deems two consecutive budget resolutions for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. In other words, it basically takes over the budget process and sets the basic spending number…The Reid amendment sets spending allocations for most Senate committees at the Congressional Budget Office’s rising baseline. … So it just says we’re going to deem the amount we spend, what C.B.O. has projected our growth and spending to be. And C.B.O. projects growth in spending. They don’t set that as right for America, but they project that’s what will occur under current circumstances. … So without hearings or debate on these allocations, this provision would provide a further excuse for avoiding a budget and increase the likelihood … the Congressional Budget Act will be violated for the third straight year. This is an abrogation of the responsibilities of the Senate and of the Budget Committee of the United States Senate. We were not elected to the Senate and chosen to serve on the Committee on the Budget … to see most of the budget levels automatically raised based on a set of spending growth projections by some apparachix in the C.B.O.

Snip –

Next, Reid’s bill boasts the largest debt increase in U.S. history — $2.7 trillion. Up to now, the most sizable increase has been $1.9 trillion (also an Obama increase). Debt ceiling increases might be routine — but hikes of this magnitude are not…

Finally, as has been repeatedly pointed out, the savings in Reid’s bill aren’t exactly real. Reid touts dollar-for-dollar savings, but that’s a ruse. The bill actually delivers just $1 trillion in cuts in exchange for that unprecedented $2.7 trillion increase. The Global War on Terror savings are a gimmick. The administration has never requested current levels of funding for the war for the next ten years (i.e. the administration has never planned to spend $160 billion each year on the war for the next 10 years).  Not funding what the administration was never going to fund doesn’t qualify as a cut.  Snip –

But what does the bill offer that Republicans want? Equivalent cuts? No. Enforceable future cuts? No. A vote on a balanced budget amendment? Certainly not.

Reid has the gall to call this outrage a “compromise.” If Republicans compromise with him on this they should be voted out of office. So what will the result be? The House will not pass this piece of “legislation” – so will there be some kind of compromise? Rumors are that there is a “secret plan” in the works, a plan worked out by House and Senate leaders of both parties (and maybe the president?) – whatever this plan is, if the rumor is true, it will be a last minute, hurry-up, must-pass “crap sandwich” just like TARP. (By the way, it was John Boehner who came up with that term “crap sandwich” to describe the TARP bill.)

Please read it all so you can read the ridiculous lies Harry Reid has to say about his “legislation.”


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