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America’s lost half decade.

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America’s lost half decade.

Joy McCann of The Conservatory has a great post about Obama’s Seven Deadly Sins, which she came up with when a friend of her asked, “if I could catalog the ways that the President has turned the Housing Crash of 2008 into the Lost Half Decade [at least] that we appear to be facing now.” Or in my own description, what he has done since elected to poison the well so much that the economy is in its death throes. She has nailed quite of few and asks for any that you can contribute.

Here’s a taste of hers:

1) The President has created a pervasive climate of regulatory uncertainty that has led to the phenomenon of businesses “not knowing which way to turn.” When businesses don’t know what to invest in, they keep their money to themselves. He should have signalled that he’d try to be fair to entrepreneurs and corporations.

2) He has engaged in the language of class warfare, which has contributed to the difficulties above, appearing to “signal” that he would try to punish any success that occurred on his watch. He should have assured businesspeople that he would give them a fair shake, and then done so.

3) The President’s “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) has drastically exacerbated the element of regime uncertainty, and a huge bureaucratic system like that, scheduled to be phased in over a process of some years, cannot help but increase regulatory uncertainty, with companies not sure how it will affect them once fully implemented, but afraid to hire until they know what the new landscape will look like. He should have abandoned that effort once it became clear that most Americans did not want it, and concentrated instead on bringing employment numbers up.  Snip –

She includes in her list the GM debacle where the bondholders were basically stolen from in order to pay off Obama’s union friends. She also lists the BP Horizon oil spill and his overreaction to it which basically kept the country from offshore drilling off of the east coast of the U.S.

The proper response to that disaster was to find the problems in the inspections regimens that led to its occurrence, not to punish companies that had nothing to do with that incident by prohibiting exploration off of the East Coast.

She also includes the destruction to the economy of the Gulf states which have already been hit hard after Katrina, but in my estimation, the Environmental Protection Agency and its overreach has frightened businesses big and small.

7) The EPA is greatly expanding its reach in multiple ways right now that are scaring multiple industries. Once more, this increases uncertainty, and makes businesses of all size unclear about whether compliance with environmental regulations will even be possible in the future. The President should be humane in dealing with industry, particularly if he wants it to look like he would like to see more Americans in actual jobs; he should call off the dogs at the EPA.

Read all of McCann here:

The EPA has become a rogue agency, using their power to hit 26 states across the nation with regulations on their power plants. They literally want you freezing in the dark – they mandate, and your state is supposed to comply. Congress needs to rein in this beast, and they need to do it now before they destroy the economy. This is from Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media, who has written on the EPA’s attack on the state of Texas, but other states are similarly being targeted.

…the EPA is chipping away at 26 states and their economies via the cross-state rule and the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) rule. The MACT rule alone could force enough power plant shutdowns to cost 30 to 70 gigawatts of power (one gigawatt powers about 750.000 homes). Some of the targeted states are starting to wake up to the threat: rate hikes, lost power production leading to outages, lost jobs, worse economies.

I’ve been looking for which 26 states are affected. Right now I can find IN, TX, MI, PA, OH, GA and….. your state might be affected too, so pay attention to your local news. Read all of Preston here:

This has led Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania to come up with a job protection act, which would force the EPA to look at the repercussions their actions will have on the economy and the job sector and submit to Congress those findings before they can just decree anything. I think this is a good idea, but why do we need this layer? They should have to run everything by Congress anyway. They shouldn’t be allowed to “make laws” via regulation. Read about that here;

These are just a few of the economically dangerous and literally life-threatening policies and regulations this administration has foisted on the American people. Life-threatening because Texas is currently experiencing a terrible heat wave, and once these regulations go into effect, coal plants are closed down – that’s where electricity comes from, folks. They’re already experiencing some brown-outs and are requesting people to turn off or turn up their air conditioning, turn off their lights, etc.

The EPA is enacting unreasonable new environmental standards that will take our capacity way below what we’ve needed all week to combat the heat.

This week ERCOT has declared an emergency due to energy demands and severely reduced reserves, asking Texans to voluntarily reduce energy usage. As a result, many Texans have shopped in darkened stores this week.

Our state is tiptoeing around in our energy capacity upper limits due to the summer heat, approaching 70,000 megawatts (MW) of usage. Though virtually impossible to measure with precision, the upper limit is approximately 70,000 MW.

The coming disaster is the new EPA regulations will shut down coal-fired energy plants in Texas that provide 11,000MW to our grid.

Removing 11,000MW from our grid will put capacity way under we’ve needed this week to combat the severe summer heat.

Congress needs to make the EPA their priority when they return. Read it all here:


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  1. Good article on the EPA and it’s serious undercutting of American workers. Got here from The Conservative Commune.

    Mike G.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Mike, and please come back. There’s a lot of info on this site — just keep scrolling from the home page. Seriously, I can’t imagine what the next president will start with in order to get this country back on track, but he must have a game plan and put it together quickly. One top priority should be either eliminating or greatly reducing the power of the EPA.

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