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Obama’s immigration overreach.

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Obama’s immigration overreach.

The Obama Administration thinks so highly of “bipartisanship” that they tried to step on the upcoming Republican debate by demanding to hold a speech in front of a joint session of Congress at the exact same time as the debate. Funny thing about that is those joint session speeches are supposed to be worked out between the House leadership and the White House before the date hits the media. That doesn’t sound too bipartisan does it? So what’s that got to do with the above headline about immigration? Well, the Obama Administration waited until Congress was on summer break to unilaterally change/ignore existing immigration laws, but in the spirit of bipartisanship, the GOP controlled House plans to hold hearings on this very partisan power play and how this administration is selectively enforcing the laws. This is from Elise Cooper over at the American Thinker website.

…President Obama, looking towards the 2012 election, has decided to usurp Congress and push his immigration policy…

Recently, the Obama administration said it would review the cases of illegal immigrants currently in deportation proceedings.  It has been reported that this directive will affect more than 300,000 illegals.  These “low-priority” offenders, including the elderly, crime victims, and those who have been here since childhood, will be allowed to stay in the United States through a work permit.

This is an unconstitutional power-grab by the president since he does not have the authority to repeal, suspend, or reinterpret federal laws.  He tried to implement his own agenda, going through the back door, doing this while Congress is in recess.  

This is nothing more than an attempt to get Hispanic votes. He doesn’t seem to realize that plays like this only remind the rest of the country that their desires and their rights are secondary to whatever Obama wants.

California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) emphasized, “[T]he illegals were designated to be deported and now the president wants to figure out who the good illegals are and separate them from the bad ones.”  Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce (R) is one of the original leaders to make sure the states have the inherent authority to enforce the immigration laws.  He told American Thinker that this latest ploy by the president shows that Obama “has no respect for the rule of law.  When you enter this country illegally you are breaking the law.  This shows he has no intention of enforcing the law and has circumvented it.  This is a complete abuse of authority…”   Snip –

Congressman Elton Gallegly (R-CA) wishes that the president would understand that people who are trying to feed their families would take fallback jobs…  Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX) …call(s) this immigration policy “crazy”…This is a finger in the eye of unemployed Americans.  The goal should be to create jobs for Americans not illegals.  He is displacing American workers at a time when they need jobs the most.”

Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) sarcastically noted, “We all thought the president had a jobs plan but did not realize it was for illegal aliens.  It will hurt those Americans that would have filled the vacuum of the lower-paying jobs.”

Assemblyman Donnelly wants Americans to understand that this presidential directive focuses on violent offenders and looks the other way for minor violators.  It ignores those Americans who are killed or injured by illegal aliens.  He cites the example of a Santa Rosa, California four-year-old who was run down by an illegal immigrant last week.  This man was arrested twice before for driving without a license, since he was unable to obtain it because of his illegal status.  Angrily, Donnelly commented, “These tragedies occur all the time but this one was preventable.  Going back to the Obama Directive, since the illegal originally only committed a misdemeanor he would not have been deported.  I guess we are not going to take people into custody and deport them until they kill someone.”

All agreed with the president that immigrants have helped to make America great, but all emphasize that it was legal immigrants.  Haydee Dawson, a member of Arizona’s Latino Republican Association, told American Thinker her story.  She is a naturalized citizen from El Salvador.  Her mom came here with a visa, got a job, and applied for residency.  It took three years before she and her brother received approval and were reunited with their parents.  She wants the president to recognize that “there is a right way of doing it.  I am upset that we are rewarding those immigrants for actually breaking the laws of this country.  This is a real slap in my face — someone who did it the right way.”

… Governor Brewer (says this directive) “will be absolutely devastating to our economy.  It is just an open invitation for those to come across our border…Border security must be our first priority.  We keep ignoring the root of the problem.  They will be sucking up our jobs, using our health systems, using our educational systems, and lined up for all the entitlement programs at a time when states are facing huge budget deficits.  If this happens there is no way we can sustain it.  It is the wrong thing to do at a time when states like mine are dealing with the costs and crimes of illegal immigration.”

Some Republican lawmakers will be holding hearings on this abuse of power by the Obama Administration when they return from their break. Wasn’t it nice of the president to put this in place while Congress was out of session? Congress will be looking into the illegality of what this administration has done and attempt to reverse it.

…(Congressman) Gallegly, chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy, will focus on how the president is selectively enforcing certain laws by picking and choosing.  He wants to demonstrate to “Americans that those the president claims to protect, the most vulnerable in our society, are the ones he is hurting more than anyone…”

Barack Obama needs to be reminded that the United States is not a dictatorship of the executive. We have three equal branches of government. The executive branch is supposed to enforce the laws, not decide which ones it wants to enforce and which ones it wants to ignore. If he wants to change the laws, then Obama needs to get a majority of folks who agree with him elected to Congress. They’re the lawmakers…they write the laws. The judicial branch is supposed to interpret the laws. No one died to make this man king. Congress, it’s time to get publicly in this man’s face, something he should understand, since that is one of his community organizing slogans. There is much more at the link, here:


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  1. Obama’s irresponsible and unpatriotic action shows in just about every move he makes. This is just another attempt to exert the power of his Presidency and ignore the constitutional constraints designed to place limits on the size and scope of the federal government. Politics over statesmanship is evident in each and every action he takes. His actions don’t match his words but lying to a Marxist is an acceptable technique for moving their agenda forward.

    • As I look back at his nearly three years in office, I think if we could go back and just do the opposite of everything he has done, our country would be in pretty good shape. Everything he does moves the country one step closer to the cliff…on purpose. These aren’t mistakes or bumbling, these policies and actions are by design.

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