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Breaking the ruling class.

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Breaking the ruling class.

Americans complain. Americans fear their government. Americans are worried about the future of the country. If we are so worried and fearful, why do we keep electing the same politicians who got us to this point – the point where we’re nearing bankruptcy but no one has the will to do what’s right to save the country? Are we, as a nation, suicidal? If you answered, “no” then what’s the explanation for continuing to elect the same people over and over again expecting different results? Insanity? That’s much better than suicidal, right? Or is it the same thing? Maybe it’s finally time for Americans to put their votes where their mouths are. This is from Ned Ryun in The American Spectator.

During the American Revolution, roughly a third of all colonists supported King George III, and, for the most part, Parliament. Though completely surrounded by the wildfire of political rebellion, these Tories continued to support the status quo. Thankfully, our founders did not, no more than the Tea Party accepts today’s status quo. The Tea Party’s rise has been called the second American Revolution–a peaceful one of ballots, not bullets–as more and more Americans came to the realization that the majority of elected officials serve their own self-interest, or the interests of their cronies. Congress’s approval rating stands at 13 percent, according to Gallup, or about one third of what King George’s support was. In 2009, a full 76 percent of people polled said that elected officials put their own interests ahead of those of the American people. Yet despite such numbers, in 2010, during one of the most dramatic political shifts in decades, more than 80 percent of incumbents at all levels won reelection, largely preserving the political status quo.

At first glance, it doesn’t make sense: a highly unpopular Congress (and president, for that matter), governing over an economy and country careening out of control, yet some eight out of 10 members of Congress can expect to be re-elected. Many have served for years and have brought this country to its current predicament. Yet they keep winning re-election to continue their tenures of failure: If current spending levels hold, the United States’ public debt will eclipse 300 percent of our economy before midcentury. And when confronted with massive debt, our leaders, lacking the political courage to undertake fundamental change, shave infinitesimal amounts here and there, exfoliating the elephant of debt while it keeps plowing ahead toward the inevitable cliff.

How can this be? Long-time incumbents, a Ruling Class, if you will, with low approval ratings, making bad decision after bad decision, yet still getting re-elected? This is because the American people have been up against a protection racket for nearly a century now, ever since Progressives established a system of government that allowed our country to drift away from the Founders’ original vision of limited government and individual freedom. The Progressive “reforms” have, over time, continued to centralize federal power, and have made our elected officials more powerful and less accountable.

With all power deriving from the people, our elected officials are supposedly there to serve, though at times they prefer that the American people serve them. We provide every dollar that pays them, their staffs, their expenses, and every dollar that funds our government. Yet the American people in recent times have been ignored by their officials (think most recently the Cut, Cap and Balance Plan, which nearly 70 percent of the American people supported but was never taken up in the Senate) and treated with disdain.

As I read this I kept thinking about the criticism of Herman Cain never having won an election and never holding public office. What’s his response to Americans continuing to elect “politicians?” He says, “How’s that workin’ out for ya?” Yes, that’s a major question in this election in particular. The founders didn’t believe in professional politicians. Our senators and representatives were supposed to be civilians who took these jobs temporarily to serve their community and their states. Lifelong members of the political class like Joe Biden and Harry Reid aren’t supposed to be the norm. Read it all here:

And, speaking of Herman Cain, the reason he appeals to many Americans is just this everyman, down-to-earth, love of country and can-do spirit that is sorely missing in today’s “politicians” or as Mr. Ryun called them the “ruling class.” This is from Ed Kaitz of the American Thinker website.

Niccolò Machiavelli once said that “the man who adapts his course of action to the nature of the times will succeed, and likewise, the man who sets his course of action out of tune with the times will come to grief.”

…based on the current “nature of the times” in America, Herman Cain must be the GOP nominee for president.  In fact, Cain’s nomination represents what could be the last and best opportunity Americans have to pry our battered country out from the clutches of the increasingly strident, divisive, and Marxist pro-Obama Democrat left.

Conversely, if the nomination goes to Rick Perry or Mitt Romney, it will simply confirm my suspicion that the GOP base is absolutely clueless when it comes to appreciating the unique contours of the American left’s long-term strategy to undermine our nation’s constitutional heritage and disposition.

The left has successfully poisoned any possibility for a white conservative to attract enough minority voters on a platform based on America’s colorblind founding principles.  Even a Romney or Perry victory, in other words, will leave America as viciously divided as ever and will merely set the stage for more Republican compromise with political opponents who rarely if ever compromise.

Martin Luther King, in his 1963 “Letter from a Birmingham City Jail,” said that when the “disinherited children of God sat down at lunch counters they were in reality standing up for the best in the American dream and the most sacred values in our Judeo-Christian heritage.”  In addition, said King, “[black people] were carrying our whole nation back to those great walls of democracy which were dug deep by the Founding Fathers in the formulation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.”

King’s early Tea Party proclivities don’t seem to garner much attention these days.

Indeed, soon after King issued those inspiring remarks, the anti-American left began a long-term and sinister project to wed Marxist ideology to racial politics in order to frighten white conservatives into questioning the very basis of their country’s constitutional identity.  The left’s goal back then was, according to philosopher Eric Hoffer, to “soften up the white majority and beat it into a pulp.”

The left’s long-term objective was to both define a new standard of civic righteousness and increase the power of the state by championing the cause of America’s minority populations against what the left considered the “oppressive” merit-based ethos of “reactionary” white America.  Epithets such as “Oreo” and “sellout” and “acting white,” for example, were fashioned by leftists in order to intimidate both whites and minorities into questioning the commonsense beliefs about personal initiative and self-reliance built into the European Enlightenment tradition.  Duke professor Stanley Fish, for example, captured the essence of this racial strategy a couple of decades later in a defense of affirmative action that he wrote for the Atlantic back in 1993:

Individualism, fairness, merit — these three words are continually in the mouths of our up to date, newly respectable bigots who have learned that they need not put on a white hood or bar access to the ballot box in order to secure their ends.

And over the years, while a sincere but incredibly naïve GOP pinned its election fortunes on the “economy,” thousands of teachers in thousands of classrooms across the country found more and more reasons not to present America’s founding tradition in a positive light.

Enter Herman Cain, an optimistic, happy warrior who happens to be black – a man who loves this country and will fight for it. He’s a man unafraid of the difficulty of the task at hand. He can throw so many hammers through so many sacred cows’ windows that the establishment of the Republican Party is afraid of his boldness. Let’s hope we the people out here can awaken our backward-looking politicians so they can realize that extreme times call for extreme measures. We can never go back to the 20th Century way of doing things. This is a new day, and if we are to save the Republic from the Left and the financial collapse that is imminent, we are going to need a risk-taker who isn’t going to be worried about the next election. His only worry should be for the future of the country, which is basically worrying about the future of his children and grandchildren.

On a national stage, Herman Cain and other minority conservative candidates have the ability to send shockwaves not only through the political landscape, but down deep into the dark corners of academia, where legions of liberal professors continue to wield a very harmful but successful narrative in order to beat young America’s potential defenders — both white and nonwhite — into a pulp.

A Herman Cain-headed ticket for 2012 would be unbeatable.  It would also represent a new dawn in America where gratitude, confidence, and initiative would overwhelm the resentment, anger and ingratitude so characteristic of left-wing political culture.

Please read the entire article here:


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