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GOP Elite declares war on Tea Party.

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GOP Elite declares war on Tea Party.

The Tea Party is at war. Did you know that? Well, let’s say the Tea Party is at war because those establishment types in the Republican Party can’t see that it’s a new day in the country, and the Republican Party has moved as far left as they will ever be able to because one more step to the left will drive the country off the cliff. Oh, and Chuck Schumer doesn’t like the Tea Party either, so he’s also declaring war. Well, what a surprise – Herman Cain is doing well, so why wouldn’t both parties feel threatened that their power is dwindling. This is from Michael E. Needham over at Heritage Action for America as posted on the Real Clear Politics site.

Americans’ dissatisfaction with government, record-high disapproval of Congress and frustration with the current and past Administration is a reflection of the fact that our current political system is one that favors the powerful at the expense of those striving to build towards the American dream.

The Bigs – Big Wall Street, Big Government, Big Labor, and Big Business – are all protected classes in the American political system. The tax code, regulatory regime, and campaign finance laws are all written by those powerful enough to hire an army of lobbyists to descend on Washington. Labor unions pushed their way ahead of bond holders when the Establishment bailed out Chrysler. Solyndra got venture funding from the middle class taxpayer after spending $1.9 million lobbying the Establishment.

This corrupt nexus is at the heart of the dissatisfaction across the country towards Washington.

Our Founders created a Republic in which individuals were limited only by their determination to work hard…the great power of the idea behind America is that freedom, opportunity and prosperity are available to all who are willing to work for it…

But the suffocating culture of The Establishment that now permeates the halls of power in Washington threatens to undermine the very bedrock of our country. This situation brings us to the moment in history at which we have arrived. Snip –

…the Establishment is a bipartisan problem plaguing our nation. But this does not necessarily mean that the solution to the problem must be found outside the two-party system. Snip –

Since the 2010-midterm elections there has been a quiet war going on within the Republican Party between the Establishment and the insurgent tea party movement. It is the outcome of this war, rather than whether a centrist third party candidate will emerge, that we believe is the crucial factor in determining whether or not our country will be able to rid itself of the destructive culture of “The Bigs.”

Who will prevail? We cannot afford the go-along/get-along attitude of the establishment political power structure in Washington, D.C. Those who suffer from Washingtonitis don’t even realize they’re infected by the disease. They have been bombarded by praise or have been treated as “special” for so long that they now believe they are more important than the survival of the country itself. Maybe they don’t really believe that, but their arrogance blinds them to the fact that they are sinking the ship of state, and they’ll go down with it because we’ll make sure they do. We’ll make sure those lifeboats they think are inflated for them and them alone have pinpricks in them. If we sink they aren’t going to be Molly Brown. Read it all here:

Here are some quotes from some establishment GOP types. This is from Rush Limbaugh.

…The Tea Party is under assault from the Democrats and the Republican elite, and now the battle has been brought full fore in the pages of the New York Times Magazine.

There’s some quotes from various people in this story. Bill Kristol on the Tea Party: “It’s an infantile form of conservatism.” Scott Reed, veteran strategist and lobbyist: “I think it’s waning now,” talking to the reporter of the story about the Tea Party’s influence. “Party leaders have managed to bleed some of the anti-establishment intensity out of the movement, Reed said, by slyly embracing Tea Party sympathizers in Congress, rather than treating them as ‘those people.’ Did he mean to say that the party was slowly co-opting the Tea Partiers? ‘Trying to,’ Reed said. ‘And that’s the secret to politics: trying to control a segment of people without those people recognizing that you’re trying to control them.'” This is a Republican consultant talking about how to neutralize the Tea Party.

John Feehery, a lobbyist who was once a senior House aide I think to Denny Hastert, is also quoted. “The thing I get a kick out of is these Tea Party people calling me a RINO. No, guys, I’ve been a Republican all along. You go off on your own little world and then come back and say it’s your party. Well, this ain’t your party.” Vin Weber, regarding the Tea Party lawmakers. Vin Weber is a former member of Congress from Minnesota, now a big time lobbyist and Republican consultant. Vin Weber: “One thing I do notice about ’em is when I ask them, ‘So how are you enjoying it?'” talking about the Tea Party members of Congress, “almost none of them say, ‘Oh, jeez, I’m really loving this.’ They all say some version of, ‘This is not what I’d want to be doing, but I’ve got to do it for the country.'” So, “Weber seemed genuinely surprised that this aversion to Washington didn’t melt away once they arrived in town.”

Gosh, what have we always speculated here? Or what have we always known? One of the biggest problems is conservatives run around the country, campaign, and get elected on conservatism; then go to Washington, get corrupted and co-opted by the culture there. Here’s Vin Weber admitting it! Vin Weber is admitting it and shocked and stunned that the Tea Party guys haven’t fallen for it yet. He says he’s surprised. Yeah, they’re not really loving this. They’re here not doing what they want to do; they’re trying to save the country. “Weber seemed genuinely surprised that this aversion to Washington didn’t melt away once they got to town.” He says, ‘I can just tell you when I came to Congress we were rabble-rousers, but, boy, if you’d asked any of us six months into it how we were enjoying it, we woulda said, “This is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime.”

Read all of Rush’s observations and watch him talk about it here:

Of course, the Tea Party has been vilified from the very beginning by the wackos in the Democrat Party, but it’s really going to get ugly now.

…In a memo to his Democratic colleagues, Schumer lays out his preferred strategy of blaming “Tea Party Republicans” for the sorry state of the economy. In this case, Schumer argues, Democrats should blame the  “extreme” GOP opposition to the President Obama’s jobs bill (defeated last night in the Senate) for putting the economy at risk. As the debate over jobs moves forward, he writes, “the Tea Party’s growing unpopularity has the potential to be the GOP’s Achilles’ Heel.”  Snip –

“With the economy at a crossroads, the GOP’s current political strategy — block anything that could improve the economy, lest it boost the President’s standing — has the potential to backfire,” Schumer writes. “By linking the GOP to its extreme Tea Party fringe, Democrats can bolster the prospects for the President’s jobs ideas, or at least make clear who is responsible for the stalling of the recovery.”

He goes on to coin a number of new terms that you can expect to hear parroted ad nauseam by Democrats and other liberal talking heads in the coming weeks and months: “Democrats can make this link by branding the school of thought that resists against any job-creation measures as ‘Tea Party economics.’ The opponents of the President’s jobs proposals should be invoked as ‘Tea Party Republicans.’ If their obstruction continues, it will risk a ‘Tea Party recession.’”

At the same time, Senate Democrats will seek to advance the president’s plan “one plank at a time.” As they do, Schumer argues, “it will only get harder for Republicans to sustain their blanket opposition to the President’s policies.”

Schumer’s strategy is to essentially to get Senate Democrats in line with the Obama administration campaign, seeking to pin the blame for the poor economy on Republicans, despite the fact that they control only one house of Congress.

Well, with the GOP Establishment already wimping out and joining the enemy in berating the Tea Party, who knows how this will play out. If the GOP loses in the next election, it will be its own fault for trying to run a 21st Century country in the same old 20th Century way. If the GOP doesn’t wake up and see that the old game is over, then our country might be over. The old game is what has gotten us to this place as it is. Read it all here:


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  1. Thanks for posting this Deb. It is amazing to me that these establishment types are not embracing the Tea Party. All I can say is they do so at their peril. In my essay Statist Theory: “Vice is Nice but (Political) Incest is Best”
    I stated “The politicians and the institutions they have created are now very powerful. They will not go quietly into the night. They will kick, scream, vilify to nullify any efforts that impede them and finally, if all else fails, murder those who get in their way. There are not millions but BILLIONS of dollars at stake.”

    I was not really thinking about the establishment GOP when I wrote this but now we know it does.

  2. […] will get the establishment Republicans in an uproar. I touched on this in a previous column here:  . Jeffrey Lord over at the American Spectator goes into amazing detail to say how big a problem […]

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