Posted by: Ted | July 21, 2012

Per Obama, Government Makes It Possible


What Obama fails to recognize is that this country threw off the burden of an over intrusive government to come into being.  It was not the government that made this countries prosperity possible, except for it being less invasive and less mixed up in our lives.  It was the prosperity of the individuals who started businesses and employed workers who made the government’s role in our lives possible.  By building a class of people who had the means to pay taxes, businesses gave government the vehicle to grow.  If you don’t believe that, then look at where we are today. With businesses suffering and wages shrinking, the government loses its income and it’s only way to prosper is to print more money.  By printing more money it weakens the value of the dollars we spend and therefore, must attempt to raise taxes to get more and more of our less valuable dollars.



  1. Like most statists he reverses cause and effect. As you said, it was the businesses that gave the government the wherewithal to build the bridges, roads and other infrastructure, not the other way around. They continually disseminate false data and it needs to be countered and attacked each time that happens.

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