Posted by: Greg Huff | August 1, 2012

The Left Running Scared?

This essay was originally posted at the previous Politically Empowered website in April 2009.  I am re-posting this now to make it available.  I believe it is still relevant, in fact it is now more important than ever to press what ever advantage and momentum freedom loving people have against the ideology of death that is progressivism and it’s siblings.

I watched with interest the Tea Parties across the nation. I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers of people that came out to peacefully protest the gigantic upward leap of government spending, the lack of care about protecting our borders and a host of other grievances that have served to alienate ordinary people from both political parties.

I also watched without surprise the reaction of those on the far left who denigrated those participating as far right zealots or that this tax day protest was not a “grassroots” effort but an “Astroturf” movement. Nancy “Botox” Pelosi theorized the protests were being organized by deep pockets on the right; thus “Astroturf” movement.

There was as well, a lot of poo-pooing the protests and justification as “just right-wingers” or “just a GOP rally” by the [take your pick] “drive-by”, “main scream”, or “dinosaur” media.

What did surprise me about this however, is the naked bias and bigotry of the media on display without any (even transparent) veil.

Jainine Garafalo, vitriolic hater that she is, accused the crowd of just one thing: being racists, protesting the blackness of the President. I was surprised how off base she was in her analysis but then I stopped being surprised realizing that this sort of hateful statement by an odious person, can only analyze what filters the through curtains of her chronically low emotional quotient, false data and fixed ideas (in other words her ideology).

In listening to some of the conservative talk shows, I was also surprised to learn of a word meaning that I was not aware of before. Most shows did not repeat the word but just made general references to it and I only learned of the term when I heard it used by Garafalo in her rant with Keith Oberman. I had to go and look up the term which was not in a regular dictionary.

Now I am no prude and I have some pretty young friends but I was not only surprise by use of the term but that I had not ever heard it before.

Susan Roesgen of CNN was another surprise. She is of course the “reporter” that pretended to do an interview at one of the Tea Parties and then attacked the poor guy holding a child and did not allow him to answer her question or finish his statement.

I was surprised not that she displayed bias and bigotry but that it was again done in such a naked manner.

The tolerance of the left was on display for all to see the day after the Tea Parties.

Then there was the “coincidental” release from DHS that you might be terrorist if you are concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty. That describes most of you radicals out there that participated in these “Astroturf” actions. Who knew there were so many terrorist? It seems terrorism has gone “mainstream” in this country.

All of the above actions by the left and their toadies in the media and on Capitol Hill is an effort to discourage all of those good people exercising their right to peacefully protest from continuing to do so. The people engaging in these LAWFUL protests do not want to be associated with terrorist, or racists or bigots. Therefore, efforts to link law-abiding people with these things, is a transparent attempt to disengage them from the movement.

This means they are concerned about this effort. I won’t say they are scared or panicked…yet, but it is obvious from the vitriol and dismissive attitude they do not want you to continue.

Now this may discourage some of the more timid among us from participating in the next Tea Party. All I have to say is: You got a reaction and that is what was meant to happen. It means you have touched a live area that the left wants to remain hidden. You have them wondering if you are aware of the secret they are withholding. You have now started down this road and have to take it to the end if you want the result.

The left has been moving the ball down the field for too long with no real opposition other than the inertia of the culture. They will not go quietly when actively opposed. They hoped government control would be a fait accompli before the home team got out on the field. Before this contest is over both will be bloodied probably literally as well as figuratively. You dare not stop now or you lose by default. With it goes the greatest country that ever has been and the dooming of the entire world to a dark age more savage than the original.

This team (to continue the sports metaphor) is kind of sorry lot in reality. Devious and cunning but with no real substance other than lies and sucker punches. If you want to win this fight you have to attack.

I’ve said it before don’t defend. Always meet every attack with a counter attack. The public will follow the line of attack. Don’t say: “I’m not a racist” when accused of it, attack the accuser of being a race baiter, because that is what they are. When accused of being a homophobe counter attack that the accuser is a heterophobic and their accusation is silly and without merit. You know your heart. You don’t want to be associated with this sort of indictment, so don’t play their game. Turn that motion to your advantage and attack them with it.

Look how far this tactic has gotten the left, when they have no principles and no workable policy to offer.

Do you want smaller and limited government? Then always, always look for the government action or inaction that lead to ANY political problem and attack that. Read the Constitution and become familiar with it. Counter the emotional arguments of “do it for the children” with “Where does it say in the Constitution that the Federal Government has that power?”

Government has specific functions and all actions by the Federal Government not specifically given to it by the Constitution is UN-Constitutional despite what the Supreme Court has said.

Make the next Tea Party even bigger and you will really have the left apoplectic.

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