Posted by: Ted | August 7, 2012

“Actions Speak Louder than Words”

“Actions Speak Louder than Words”: If you had a good German mother like I did, you’ve heard those words time and time again.  It wasn’t about what came out of your mouth, it was what actions, both current and past, that supported the situation that got the reaction.  Words are cheap and cheap people use them to spin things to their best advantage, lying is a tool to get what they want.  So if you can find someone whose actions and words are in sync, you’ve met someone worthy of your trust and support.

As I look at the current political environment I find it hard to believe the words of our current President.  Mr. Obama tells us he has our best interests at heart but fails to make decisions that support the free enterprise system, adherence to his oath of office and has failed to deliver on the promises he made in his last election.  This same person has used unproven statements to cast doubt on his competition but fails to bring any facts to the table.  Mr. Obama is not worthy of the trust and support of the American people and not worthy of being re-elected to his lofty position.


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