Posted by: Greg Huff | September 19, 2012

Why I Left The Libertarian Party

 Several months ago I was sent a letter by the Libertarian Party asking for the disagreements I had with them because failed to renew my Libertarian Party membership. They said “go ahead let us know we can take it”. I wrote them the following letter I’m putting it in this form now to get out to a wider public why I am not supporting the Libertarian Party and in this election will be voting for Mitt Romney.

“You wanted to know what disagreements I have with the Libertarian Party.

I have been a libertarian since before I could vote.  I voted for John Hospers who was the first Libertarian candidate for President.

I never voted for any other party’s candidate for President and always voted for the Libertarian candidate…Until the 2004 elections.  It was apparent to me at that time we could not afford a Democrat in the White House.  I am doubly convinced of this with Obama now there.

September 11th 2001 changed my mind about the Libertarian foreign policy.

Though I agree with withdrawing our troops from around the world where there is no strategic interest.  Limiting response to threats until after we have been attacked is, in today’s world, not a survival strategy.

Open borders, which many libertarians believe in, to me is a leftist policy meant to dilute American culture.  It will if left unchecked mean the breaking up of that culture and finally the dissolution of the country itself.

Finally, it is apparent to me that it is much more effective to change the Republican Party into the essence of libertarian philosophy than to water down the Republican votes in contests with the Democrat party (which is now the essence of Communists and Socialist philosophy).

Infiltrate and take over the Republican party … our mutual philosophy within that structure is the only thing that will save the country.”

Ron Paul has the right idea.  It has taken years to get his ideas to take hold in the Republican Party.  The Tea Party has a LOT of libertarian philosophy in it especially in its stance on fiscal matters.  You see Ayn Rand posters at many of the Tea Party rallies.  He should immediately endorse Romney as superior to Obama and continue to work to get the libertarian ideas accepted in the Republican Party.

I love Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee.  I would vote for him in a minute.  I cannot in good conscience do this however as it will dilute the Republican vote and in my estimation the United States cannot survive another four years of Obama.

It took the Communists and Socialists 30 or so years to successfully infiltrate and take over the Democrat Party.  It is not only prudent that libertarian activist work within the Republican establishment and to take over that establishment, it is vital.  Libertarians must transform the Republican Party to a libertarian Party, or at least become the heart and mind of it.

The best thing that Gary Johnson could do to raise the profile of libertarian ideas and ideals is to withdraw from the Presidential race and direct all libertarians to vote for Mitt Romney.

Is Romney ideal?  No.  Is he a libertarian?  No.  But he is not a socialist or Marxist.  If Johnson withdraws, it will give him power within the Republican Party and with that a chance to weaken the progressive elements in this Party.  It is going to take time to transform this party.  But it will only be done from within, not from outside.

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  1. It’s unusual that you clearly support Gary Johnson, don’t support Romney, yet are voting for Romney. Romney/Obama = same thing. Don’t let the banksters fool you, they *want* you to think there’s a difference so they can keep owning the election system time after time. Vote for your heart! Besides if the Libertarian party can get 5% this time around, they’ll be automatically qualified next time AND have access to public campaign funds, which will increase their strength yet again for the next round. Glad you’re out there 🙂 April

    • Thanks for your comment on my thoughts. I’ve voted my heart for the past 40 years or so as I said in my piece. The Libertarian party will get no where if they do not get their ideas into the main stream. This I am convinced will only be by taking over the Republican Party. We just cannot afford another 4 years of Obama. If Johnson drops out and supports Romney that will do more than anything to raise the libertarian viewpoint to a position of power within the Republican tent. As I said, the Socialist and Communist took 30 or more years to turn the Democrats. There are no liberals any more there are only Socialist and Communist in this party.

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  3. Did you get a response? I’d say your pragmatic thoughts are accurate.

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