Posted by: Jerrad | January 27, 2013

How retiring boomers can still change the world

Having spent a majority of my 29 years in education and having seen what is being taught, I would have to say that education is currently controlled by the extreme left. They teach group mentalities, white guilt and why capitalism doesn’t benefit all. My belief in why this is the case can almost directly be tied to the capitalist mentality that “those who can’t do teach”. This was a phrase I know I heard numerous times growing up. But while all the capitalists were out making money and advancing their careers, a slow cancer crept into learning institutions.

The ones who couldn’t “do” taught your children. They never taught them how to think, but what to think and they taught them to be good little socialists who don’t question government. In the need for expedience, you looked for the easy solution and thought it would never change from the days of your youth… but the free spirit, peace and love hippies woke up one day and decided they needed to earn some kind of money and education and media were their solutions.

So how does all this pertain to you now you might ask? Boomers who worked in the business world are reaching the age of retirement and with that, they will have free time in great quantity. What I would ask of them is not to waste their golden years, but to teach at a local college or become part of the administration apparatus (as I believe this is just as much to blame as the teachers themselves). Give back in this way and help the pendulum swing the other way. We need to take back the educational institutions from those who would poison the minds of the young against the capitalist ways and trust me, they are out there in droves.

Besides that, real world experience is more valuable in learning than a bunch of people debating over theories they have concocted with no real world backing. We don’t need more technology or crazy theories on how to teach, we need to teach our children how to think. The most effective for actual learning and toughest classes I’ve ever had have all been lecture classes that allowed for debate. The ancient Greeks understood this, why can’t we?

So boomers, come join the cause! Become a teacher and save freedom, save the republic and give something back that will make you feel like you changed the world!


  1. What an excellent idea. Even if you can’t teach, volunteer to read to kids in the library. There are great books that can help mold a young child’s mind. Become a big sister or brother….what better way to teach than to just be with young people. There’s something for everyone to do.

  2. The education system needs to be taken away from the unions, and the Bill Ayers of the world. Eliminating the Dept of Education would also be a step forward. Thanks Jerrad. Perhaps you’ll start a movement.

  3. I made it a point when I sent my daughter away to college to keep her informed of what I knew was the opposite perspective from what she would be getting in college. Between that and her father’s natural libertarian bent, she has learned to think for herself and understands the free market. I agree that it is up to us to instill not only an understanding of capitalism in the young, but also an honest history of the country instead of the politically correct, “America sucks” view that the young are learning. We also grew up understanding the Soviet Union and communism as the equivalent of slavery. We remember Nikita Khrushchev pounding his shoe and saying, “We will bury you!” (referring to the West in general, but the U.S. in particular). Our children have no such memory. We must be that memory every chance we get.

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