Posted by: Greg Huff | August 4, 2013

More Liberal Questions

This was originally posted at the old Politically Empowered website in April 2010.  I am reposting it now as the questions (as did the the “Liberal Questions” post) shed light on the liberal mind and the thinking of the left.

If some of the questions do not make sense remember these originate from liberal logic.

The Questions are in Black.  My answers in red.

Why do you feel excluded?
This presupposes that I feel excluded. There is no answer to this question.

Can you hold 2 seemingly opposite concepts in your head at the same time?

Certainly, you must be able to do this in order to evaluate data. In order to properly do this, you also have to be able to extrapolate and project those concepts into the future and decide which of the two contribute to the long-term survival of those affected by it.

Do the houses in your neighborhood all look alike?

No … some are actually painted.

Does everyone have a manicured lawn?

Most in my neighborhood have sand for a lawn. There may be a tumbleweed or two also.

How do you express yourself creatively?

Mostly I write. Though I do have an IMDB credit.

Do you/ did you color outside the lines?

I tried to color inside…but inevitably I had very little control over the crayon.

When did you stop coloring?

About the time I learned to write my name.

Do you have any gay friends?

I have had friends that were gay though they probably wouldn’t have admitted to it. I remember as a young man being invited over to a co-workers place for some beers. He told me at the end of the night that the security gate locked at 11 PM and so I would not be able get out until morning. Being naive in the ways of Los Angeles, I believed him. I told him I’d sleep on the couch. He poo-pooed that idea and invited me to sleep in his bed. I agreed and everything was fine until about ten or fifteen minutes later when he draped his arm around me. I immediately got up and slept on the couch and left about the time it got light. I had no animosity toward this guy. I did not mention the incident and we still worked together for some time after that…but I did not return to his place to hang out after that.

Currently, if I do have gay friends, they have not originated to me about it.

Do you make over $500,000 a year?

I wish. If you do, I want to be your friend. It matters not a whit if you are gay or straight.

What do you fear will be taken away from you?

More of my freedom.

Every time there is a rise in taxes, it takes a little bit more of that freedom. My time is being taxed and I am working more days of the year to pay those taxes.

The bulk of that money I earn is not going to those things that will protect me from force or fraud, they are not going to protect the borders from those that may want to do harm to the country. It is not going to gather intelligence and to handle external threats to the country.

It is going nominally to provide assistance to those that are “less fortunate”. My industry is supporting those that are not or are less industrious. Those that I deem worthy would get my charity in any case. Entitlement means government theft and redistribution to those a bureaucrat deems worthy. It is used to buy votes for politicians. It is used to reward bad behavior and it penalizes good behavior. As we lose that freedom the entire country loses to that extent its exceptionalism…the things that made this country the richest, most dynamic and most powerful force of good in the world. And that is what I fear losing…mostly for my children.

Are you capable of pluralism?

Pluralism means: a state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain an autonomous participation in and development of their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization.

With this definition, NO.

In this country there is a myriad of ethnic groups that have enclaves in various cities. I think each ethnic group that comes here adds their own unique flavor to the soup that is the American culture. But they MUST become part of that soup and not a side dish. They MUST become American. They cannot individuate from this culture. To be allowed to do this is suicide for the country. They must speak English. They must know American history, the good and the bad. Again, they must become…American.

Maintain your traditions, maintain your language and give us the best of your culture. Leave behind the worst parts of your culture; which is probably the reason you moved to America in the first place. Bring the best of you and leave the aberrations and non-survival aspects of that culture behind.

Are you ethnocentric?

This means: characterized by or based on the attitude that one’s own group is superior.

As above American culture is made of many ethnic groups. American people may eat three or four different ethnic meals in a week. Where else can you get Chinese take out, tacos, sushi, fish & chips and a hamburger etc. ad infinitum (or perhaps more appropriately — ad nauseam) within 50 feet of each other?

There is a reason the American experiment lead, in less than 200 years, to the most powerful, most industrious, most innovative, most benevolent (despite it’s atrocities and other failings) and richest country in history. It did not have to do with race or gender but with a system put in place that promoted and grew a distinctively American ethnic of “can do”, self-reliance, independence and entrepreneurship.

So, ethnocentric no, but Americanocentric…Yes.

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