Posted by: Greg Huff | September 25, 2013

Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein

I recently wrote to my state representatives to let them know they need to get on board in repealing Obamacare.  I got no reply from one of them but to her credit Dianne Feinstein did reply.  Below is my open letter to her. 

 Dear Senator Feinstein:

I have read your reply to my request that you get on board with repealing Obamacare.  I appreciate that you replied which is more consideration than I received from the other California Senator, Barbara Boxer.

Your assertion that Obamacare will “help drive down health care costs for families, reduce the federal deficit” etc. is demonstrability false.  Premiums have increase even before the full implementation of this debacle.  THERE WILL BE INCREASED INSURANCE COSTS.

This law is already reducing employment and throwing many American workers out of the job market entirely or reducing their hours to under 30 per week so employers do not have the burden of supplying workers with this mandated insurance benefit.  IT IS A JOB KILLER.

Along with that there is an increase of federal and state outlays to support those that are out of work and a lowering of federal and state revenues because they are not paying in or paying less payroll taxes. TAXES WILL HAVE TO BE INCREASED

The Supreme Court through contorted logic and actual altering of the legislation stated the penalty was not a fee as sold to the public and passed by the legislature but with a flick of the pen John Roberts decrees it is instead a “tax” and therefore “Constitutional”.

This is not only a travesty of justice which the Supremes are supposed to uphold, it condemns all of America to a medical system that will be unresponsive, expensive and rationed.  Innovation and competition, which is the only thing that allows any marketplace to offer more service or product at a lower price, will be dead.  Medical advances will come to a standstill.  Many people will die because of the innovation that wasn’t  Many more will die waiting for doctors that will not be there.  PEOPLE WILL DIE.

Doctors will not work in a system where they are not free. Many will decide to not take insurance at all but will be on a cash basis.  Once it is realized that doctors are quitting, they will probably be drafted and told they cannot quit.  This will ensure the re-implementation of something outlawed by the 13th Amendment.  DOCTORS WILL BE MADE TO KEEP PRACTICING

There are many other reasons why this law is not just a bad idea but a “fundamental transformation” of what has made the United States a harbor in a sea of tyranny, poverty and terror.  IT WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE GOVERNMENTS RELATION SHIP WITH THE PEOPLE. THEY WILL NO LONGER BE PUBLIC SERVANTS BUT MASTERS.

I so love it when politicians brag about “preexisting” conditions and an insurance company not being able to get out of covering these.  To educate you…a preexisting condition cannot be insured.  It is then NOT insurance.  If I get into an accident and do not have insurance I cannot go to an insurer and say “You have to cover me … it is just a preexisting condition.”  That you can decree it is not just stupid, it is the way to bankruptcy…first for the insurers and then to the United States as there will be no responsibility taken to pay premiums prior to buying the insurance.  Why take out any insurance and pay premiums until you have a preexisting condition?  THERE WILL BE NO NEED TO BUY INSURANCE PRIOR TO THE PREEXISTING CONDITION.

If you or other politicians that have signed on to this idiotic train of thought, wanted to actually handle this as a problem then you’d make insurance portable, you would pass something that says an insurance company cannot cancel a policy as long as the insured is paying the premiums.  You would also reinforce medical savings accounts, giving tax credits for health insurance premiums for individual and ensure individuals can buy insurance across state lines.

I noted other points you made that are sales points for this law.  I will not address them all here.  All I can say is that if you believe this law will save the federal government ANY money over the next ten years the kindest thing I can tell you is that you are ignorant of the history of government programs.

One thing one knows about them is they never stay on or under budget.  We also know that there are TRILLIONS of dollars of unfunded liabilities for Medicare and other benefit programs.  There is no way the federal government will survive this sort of debt and promised benefits to the American people.

When the federal government finally fails to meet it’s obligations as it surely will, I fear that the population will come for the politicians with torches and pitchforks. You may not have to answer for this personally however, as you will surely be retired from office.

Finally, you are subjecting your constituents to either buying something they do not want or getting fined, yet you who have passed and foisted this monstrosity on us have exempted yourself  and your staff from living under it.

If this is so good for us, you should set an example and sign up for this plan without benefit of subsidies from the government which most of the population at your salary levels will not be legible for.

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