Posted by: Greg Huff | January 26, 2014

Stealth Blondes

This was originally published on the former Politically Empowered site December 26 2009.  Since that site is no longer there, I am republishing it now just so it is “out there”.  Enjoy.

Leigh Gallagher recently came from CNBC to become a regular on Cavuto on Business.  I watched the show this week and ended yelling at my TV (again)…

You know, just because Leigh came from another financial channel where she read a business news prompter does not mean she knows anything about economics.  She obviously does not.  Obviously since Dagan Mc Dowell (another Fox business commentator that used to make idiotic statements on this show) got educated and stopped being a stealth blonde, she had to find a replacement to take on that role.  Leigh must now be the designated stealth blonde.

She just stated (among other bone headed statements):

“When government spends it does put money in consumers pockets”.  This is not only wrong it is idiotically so.  Government does not not not have any money except for the money that it TAKES from those that actually produce it.  Government spending takes away money from the productive private sector and puts it in places that are either less productive or downright NON-productive or destructive.

Adam is just as brain dead saying that the Government creates A LOT of jobs.  Again wrong.  Some…some jobs in government are necessary and proper to have; to fulfill the proper function of government.  The vast bulk of “jobs” in government are ones that are not at all productive but take money from the productive private sector to spend on useless government jobs.  These are jobs that either could be done much more effectively by the private sector or serve no purpose at all thereby destroying jobs on average.

Government’s only legitimate purpose is to provide a secure environment for individuals to engage in legitimate forms of trade, free from force and fraud and free from threats beyond our borders.

These people need to be educated.  I suggest they start with the Constitution and Federalist papers.  Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and Milton Freedman’s Free To Chose would also be basic primers into free market economics.

Leftist economics does not and has never worked to lift the bulk of people up but only to crush them under the boot of bureaucrats and dictators.  As O’Reilly might say…”Wise Up”.

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