Posted by: Greg Huff | June 24, 2014

If Obama Succeeds – He Fails

I wrote this in January of 2009.  It was posted on the previous Politically Empowered site and was not transferred to the new one.  I am re-posting it now as it is still relevant.

“He is my President.”  “He is OUR President”.  “I want him to succeed” is being echoed by many of the conservative pundits. I guess Rush Limbaugh is the only one who is saying he does not want Obama to succeed.  It has almost become a catch phrase on the right and a longing to befriend the opposition leader, perhaps in an effort not to be like the hateful and obnoxious far left zealots that continually called Bush detestable names and not give him credit for any accomplishments.

But what does it mean if Obama succeeds?  What is success in Presidential terms?

There are two meanings for success and it is what Rush has been trying to get across to the population at large and why he (Rush) has been vilified for it.

Obama can be a success getting his policies implemented.  He can grow government along with the Democrat Congress, raise taxes, spend oodles of money, put the screws to the “rich” and elevate to a high level the mediocrity of the “working man” or to the supreme degree the “victim that can’t work”.

To the degree Obama succeeds the country will fail.  The converse is probably (but not necessarily) true.  If Obama fails the country will succeed.  Obama can fail to fully implement his policies and have the Congress run roughshod over him and both he and the country will fail.  This is what history will judge him on in the long run.  Not whether he succeeds in getting his policies passed and implemented but whether or not the Country expands its economy, prosperity, and standard of living under his watch.

In order to ensure the Country succeeds, he cannot succeed in getting his own policies passed and must stop Congress from getting its agenda passed. In fact he must not only sabotage his own agenda and that of the Congress, he must actively roll back many of the policies of his predecessors that are actively creating a drag on the success of this nation.

How does the Country really expand its economy, prosperity and standard of living?

See to it that the Country is secure as a whole:

The first duty of the Federal government is to see that its citizens are protected from force from without and within.  This means the borders are secure.  We know who is and who is not coming into the country and who is leaving.  It means we have a means to swiftly and summarily deport those who are not here legally.  It means we have a swift and legal way for temporary workers to get into the country to fill jobs and then leave again when the job is done.  It means that those who immigrate to this country know it is an honor and highly valuable thing to become a citizen and that it will not be given away by means of “amnesty”.

It means we have accurate intelligence on external threats, which is the responsibility of the CIA and other intelligence agencies.  It means we have accurate intelligence on internal threats, which is the responsibility of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

It means we have a standing army that is capable of deterring any external threat and forces that will protect the coast and borders.

This gets into the second duty, which is to see to the security of individuals in their persons and property:

It means that the individual city and state police as well as the federal police are actually investigating those who perpetrate fraud and protecting individuals against force and not engaging in it.

A major part of this protection is the enforcing property rights.  This means individuals have the right to the product of their effort and are not to have these rights extorted by individuals (the mob) or (the mobs big brother) government through excessive taxes or in fact ANY taxes that are used to redistribute to those who are less capable, inept or lazy.  Charity is the function of charities not government and charity works much better than extortion and redistribution.

These two items are the HAT of the government.  If the government will do these two things and only these things then the country will do well.  The country will succeed and thus Obama’s Presidency will succeed.

When the government is doing something else it is NOT wearing its HAT and the country will not succeed to the degree it is OFF HAT.

To say we want the President to succeed only means we want the Country to succeed.  The policies the President and Congress want to implement means the Country will go deeper and deeper into debt, destroy the dollar and mortgage the future of all of our children and great great grand children.

The productivity of the people of the U.S. is thought by some to be a magic piggy bank that will never run out of cash.  The wealth of the U.S. though vast by any other standard in history, is finite and the shoulders holding up the world will at some (not too distant) point break.

I want the country to return to those principles and policies that made the country great: Small government that wears the HAT given to it by the Constitution to protect the Country and the individuals that make up it citizenry.

Given that the President (and Congress) has shown the predilection to want to implement policies that are counter to that HAT, the President (and Congress) will succeed to the extent he fails.

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