Posted by: Ted | February 10, 2015

The Hidden Dangers of Safety

I sit here this morning pondering what I should do with this website/blog. I have not posted here for some time and it becomes a decision to remove it or to use it. So I go down a new road, as opposed to sharing great detail, I will pose more questions and ask you to think about where you stand on the issues posed.  So below is my first attempt in doing that:
We are all danger adverse yet we know that danger is all around us and if we protect ourselves from everything we would live in bubble-wrap and even there, danger would lurk. So what is the right amount of safety that one should strive for? What level of safety should we try to shelter our children with? Do we anticipate danger and throw up protections against it before it is actually shown to be a danger? When we provide all these safety requirements do we really cause more harm as we expect safety and fail to prepare ourselves for the danger that is always there? Needless to say, some safety measures are important and true purpose of government is to protect citizens’ safety and well-being, it’s just how much do we want government to protect us from and what are we willing to give up in the form of freedom, to achieve that level of protection? Also, it’s not enough to pass a law and have the safety exist, it requires enforcement and that will require intrusion into our lives. Think of drones, police state practices, phone taps, body scans, zoning, regulations with attached fees, restrictions on entry into fields without “adequate” training, etc. there are just a multitude of things that are designed to make us safe that limit our freedom. There are many restrictions place on our ability to live our lives as we wish, the question is how much interference are we willing to accept and are we willing to have politicians who we might not agree with making those decision for us?  Where are you’re limits and what limits should we place on our politicians in their imposition of safety regulations which limit our freedoms?


  1. Hi Ted, Glad to see you posting. I like the questions you pose and all of us here in the U.S. should be answering these for ourselves. My answer to them, is probably not surprising to you.
    How much interference? Not much, as I chafe under authority of almost any kind. The limits placed on our politicians is: The Constitution pure and simple. All of the regulations to keep us safe from corporations and their products are handled by the market forces if the government is not keeping their thumb on the scale.
    Meaning tort reform is needed, meaning the lawyer lobby needs to be reigned in. Meaning the legislature nationally needs to stop farming out their resonisibility to non elected bureaucrats.
    There are many more idividual items I could name but it all comes back to the idea that the Federal powers are deliniated and it is not a free-for-all when it comes to proposing laws and giving the Executive branch the powers of a legislature.
    The best fix for this whole mess is Mark Levins proposed “Liberty Amendments” as far as I can see.

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