Posted by: Ted | February 19, 2015

Bad Government Sold Under Disarming Names

Politicians use these wonderful names to sell bad government programs to the masses.  Some of which are:  Net Neutrality, Affordable Care Act, The Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, all designed to create more government control over our daily lives.  Fear is what they are selling and if we buy in, the police state grows!

Rule of Thumb: if it sounds good and it’s a government program then it’s probably bad for you.  If you use that as your basis for knee jerk reactions, then you will be right more often than you will be wrong.  It is a natural action for government to grow by taking away individual rights as opposed to providing more freedom.  So, sell out your freedoms if you will but don’t complain when the wolf/taxman comes to call!  It is a bit childish to expect big government to protect us from big business/government or forced charity, that’s a fight we as citizen must fight alone and the power of the purse is our best and most effective weapon.



  1. This is entirely right Ted. The progressive/statists are adept at selling the sizzle of rotting meat. Mislabeling and redefinition of terms are the highlight of their sales pitch.

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