Posted by: Ted | July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July 2017

It’s been a great eight months, since that night, in November, when Donald Trump became President of the United States. It was a night that felt like a breath of fresh air as we saw the Clinton machine take a swan dive. To wake that next morning was one very great day for America. To be able to watch the loony left go nuts and see common sense government return to our nations capital gave me a new hope for our country.

I will be the first to admit that Donald is not the traditional Republican leader. I cringe at some of the things he does.  Yet, it seems that Trump is what we needed to change the course of failed government policy. He has taken the Democrat play book of “in-your-face” inflammatory statements and doubled down making them cry at being treated badly. Basically playing Democrats like they have played the Republicans in the past.

He has done this while moving the country forward on some very important areas.  We have seen the appointment of a new conservative Supreme Court Justice, a Cabinet that is representative of traditional American values, withdrawal from the Pacific Trade Pac and the Paris Climate Change Agreement just to name a few. We get to watch the news media being treated like dirt and the dogs they have become, laugh at the foolish statements of Maxine Waters, and watch the crown jewel of a failed Obama presidency go down in smoke. We’ve seen the immigration situation improve, veterans have hope that their issues will be addressed and Republicans seem emboldened to support common sense programs as they continue to win elections.

There is a lot more to be accomplished to reverse the policies of the past but today, this 4th of July is a day of celebration. While the left has sit-ins, marches and rallies most of the country is happy with the current direction of the country. So today is a day to take a deep breath, and enjoy the 4th for what it truly stands for, freedom, personal responsibility, lawfulness and pride in the Red, White and Blue.

Stand with the Trumps, Like and Share —- Let them know we have their back!


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