Posted by: Greg Huff | December 18, 2018

What Do You Grieve For? What Do You Love?

This is a rebuttal to John Pavlovitz diatribe on his website dated December 13, 2018 entitled “I Don’t Grieve Over His Cruelty.  I Grieve Over Yours.”

His “grief” is in black mine is in red.


I grieve when I see elementary school teachers dressed up like a border wall for Halloween. Me too.

I grieve when I see school teachers ridicule young men for wearing a marines tea shirt

I grieve when I see white a woman screaming obscenities at two Muslims teenagers at a stop light. Me too.

I grieve when I see Muslims in Chicago shouting “Death to America”.

I grieve when I see a Jewish professor’s office littered with spray-painted swastikas. Me too.

I grieve when I see people of any faith or color faking that swastikas or nooses were placed or drawn on their doors.

I grieve when I watch a father of four being tackled by ICE agents outside immigration offices. Me too…maybe. This is conditional on the circumstances.

I grieve when I hear of a father of four and a police officer being shot to death while sitting in his car.

I grieve when I witness white high school seniors making a “Heil Hitler” arm gesture during class photos. Me too.

I grieve when I see people on college campuses using Nazi tactics to silence their opposition or anyone that they do not agree with.

I grieve when I see the contempt from white friends, when young black men die at traffic stops. Me too.

I grieve when I hear of little black kids taunting a black little girl and driving her to suicide because she has a white friend.

I grieve when I find the most vile sickness on my social media feed, hurled toward people of color and women and transgender people. Me too.

I grieve when I find the vilest sickness on my social media feed hurled toward me because I do not agree with their statist pabulum.

I grieve when I hear professed Christian pastors calling for the killing of LGBTQ people.
Me too.

I grieve when I see a professed Muslim cut the head off of a Christian woman because he has been radicalized and is on Jihadi.

I grieve when I see rambling, racist tirades on subway cars filled with families with young children. Me too.

I grieve when I see racist tirades by BLM calling for the killing of police.

I grieve when I see supremacist candidates being elected and re-elected. Me too.

I grieve when I see statists and other anti-free market people being elected and re-elected.

I grieve when I overhear dehumanizing conversations from old, white men, about Democratic women leaders, in crowded cafés. Me too.

I grieve when I overhear dehumanizing taunts by intimidating crowds in restaurants towards Republican men, women and their children driving them out.

I grieve when I sit across holiday tables, and witness bigoted tirades that I’d have thought people I knew and loved were not capable of. Me too.

I grieve that you have such people in your life.

And though all of these things are undoubtedly emboldened by him and encouraged by him and celebrated by him—that is not the source of my despair. It is the reality that all of this vicious, toxic, filth that we are infected with today—is something you are largely fine with. The rising hatred is not alarming or discomforting enough to you, to move you to action or to speak against it.

Who is “him”? This is a coward’s way of talking.

Oh sure, you might inwardly twinge with discomfort at one or two of the most egregious offenses, but by and large you’re good with it all.

With your silence, as much as with your volume, you show me you are more with him than you are against him, that you are more like him than different from him—and that you and I are increasingly morally incompatible. One question, do you also feel a twinge of discomfort at any of the egregious comments hurled at “him” on a daily basis?

So yes, he is a mirror, and I am seeing you my countrymen and women through him.

Mirror perhaps but we deplorables got tired of the baseless attacks on anyone advocating a free market, freedom from governments out of control spending and over-taxation. Not to mention the baseless personal attacks on any conservative judge or politician, the baseless protection of dirt-bags like Anthony Weiner or the political vindication of Democrat politicians of blatant criminal acts.

That is why I grieve, friend. Me too.

That is why I don’t see America or my church or my neighborhood or my family the same anymore, and I’m not sure I ever will again.

The greatest tragedy to me, isn’t him. It isn’t that the person supposedly leading our country lacks a single benevolent impulse, that he is impervious to compassion, incapable of nobility, and mortally allergic to simple kindness. OK, well now you just don’t pay attention. What you really abhor is his willingness to fight back, isn’t it?

The greatest tragedy is how many Americans he now represents.

And that he represents you.

And who represents you sir?

Did you support people like Bernie Sanders and avowed socialist? If you did then you support a system that has killed over 100,000,000 people in the 20th Century alone. That is inclusive National Socialism (Nazi) but also communist, and progressives who all have the same goal of total government control over everyone’s life.

What you grieve for is for the most part, those things that the average American grieves for. What I also grieve for is that from a few instances you paint in broad strokes those you do not understand.

 There are bad people that do these things from EVERY part of the political spectrum.

 I grieve for the fact that you choose to ignore the very ugly portions from those that are simpatico with your political philosophy.

 You choose to ignore all of the ugly slanders of President Bush by the Democrats, who failed for eight years to fight back at all. As did McCain when running for President, as did Romney when he ran. Those “deplorables” got tired of the slander and lies…and decided to elect someone who would fight back against all of the things you blame “him” for.

You neglect the slander and character assignation by Democrats of Brett Kavanaugh during his conformation hearings. Moving back further in time you neglect the slander of Justice Clarence Thomas during his.

 The Democrats are responsible for coining a new verb in the English language. The slander of Judge Bork by Ted Kennedy (a real slime that let a young girl drown in his car while he went home and slept) was such that these tactics are now called “Borking”.

 I suggest that YOU look in the mirror and what you’ll see looking back at you when the scales fall from your eyes, is that everything you grieve for is well in place in the political arena you call home.

I grieve that so many so-called millennia’s have bought into this philosophy of death and that too many of them, people that I love, are related to me.


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