Posted by: Greg Huff | January 10, 2020

The HiV of Western Culture

It finally became real to me recently that there really is a “deep state” with the agenda to take out the elected President of the United States.

Not that I thought there was no such thing but as I said it became “real”. Like getting the news you have cancer but there are no symptoms to speak of, then all of the sudden you are losing weight and are now on chemo-therapy and loosing your hair.

The fact that an un-elected bureaucracy can move things around so the past President is protected from the UN-Constitutional actions he has taken such as DACA, Fast and Furious gun walking, IRS suppression of conservative tax exemptions applied for, then later the obtaining of secret court warrants that were nominally for surveillance of foreign agents but were actually for political dirty tricks and the trumping up of charges for political purposes or the former Secretary of State getting out of charges for gross insecurity of her e-mails and deleting them and somehow allowing Russia to obtain access to the country’s uranium supplies.

We have never been so close as now to a coup d’etat against a duly elected President. It is clear there is a cadre in the FBI, the CIA and no doubt many others in the innumerable agencies in Washington that have been indoctrinated since childhood in progressive ideology…that the conservative, small government philosophy and “their gun-toting redneck” culture is evil.

The indoctrination into the progressive mindset has become pervasive in every aspect of the culture. Bits of this un-American, even anti-American mis-education is in almost every sit-com, drama and documentary on TV not to mention many if not most movies out of Hollywood. There are occasions where the plot or situation doesn’t call for anything political but those occasions are few and far between but even in these instances off hand remarks and comments include progressive tripe. In addition this indoctrination is in the majority of colleges, high schools and even elementary schools.

I declare here and now that the Progressive movement is the number one enemy of our nation as founded. It is antithetical to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the philosophy of freedom.

This is helped along by the professional politician who is subject to every bribe and wind change. They go along to get along backing down to what ever pressure group is the loudest.

This alien, progressive ideology has been slowly eating away at Constitutional foundations for the last one hundred years. It has been a virulent virus hiding in the body politic replicating itself in every important institution, attacking the immune system of the country. It is the HiV of not just the United States but of western culture.

The United States is the only country since the beginning of time to be founded on philosophy of freedom and natural rights. Not ethnics, religion or skin color.

The people that came here were not looking for handouts they were looking for the freedom to make their own way. It bred a culture of “can do” and “I’ve got a better way” and innovation.

The is turned on it’s head by progressive government programs supplanting charities to make much of the population dependent on government. This is no longer a “can do” culture but a “where my money” culture in many areas.

The Constitution almost wasn’t agreed upon. There were many in the founding states (the Anti-Federalists) that believed it would lead to the central government eventually overwhelming the states leading to tyranny. The first ten amendments (the Bill of Rights) were promised as the first action after ratification but their fears, even with the Bill of Rights have proved valid and beyond what they probably imagined.

In order to divide various groups, progressives talk about the evils of the United States, about the atrocities of the government, the institution of slavery and the brutal treatment of native tribes. Howard Zinn wrote a whole book, billed as “history” which is merely a polemic attack on the United States and praise for socialist and communists regimes no matter how bloody. It isn’t that the atrocities aren’t valid for scorn but it is used to invalidate the very founding.

Michael C. Moynihan Senior Editor at Reason Magazine says about Zinn: Call him what you will—activist, dissident, left-wing muckraker. Just don’t call him a historian.”

The Constitution itself is panned as an evil because they say “black people are only counted as three-fifths of a person.” This is of course a little slight of hand linguistically. Black people were absolutely not considered three-fifths, however slaves were and had this little poison pill had not been included in the text it would have been very hard to ever get rid of slavery, as the slave states would have had more representation in the Congress. Yet progressives sight this as one of the reasons it is “old”, “outdated” and “we need a living breathing Constitution.”

It is the cause of almost every problem our country faces today. They adhere to the Saul Alinsky tactics to attack every reasoned voice whether speaking on college campus or posting on Twitter and Facebook. They are shouted down or overwhelmed with idiotic but vitriolic arguments. They accuse reasonable voices of being “fascist” where they are, in fact the fascists, using fascist tactics to shut down speech.

This movement has adopted the Cloward and Piven strategy to bring down the United States by overwhelming the welfare and other Federal and state “entitlements” with people. This is why there are so many screams from their followers when there is any cut to any government program.

They pressure, whine, scream, cajole and riot for illegal aliens to stay and God forbid they are sent back…God forbid these aliens become assimilated and become American as has every wave of immigration before them.

Each faction of the progressive movement has their own reasons. Democrats just want power and to eliminate the Republican Party. Progressive Republicans just think they will be loved by the media if they don’t oppose these treasonous actions. The La Raza people want to turn the Southwest back in to Mexico. The so called environmentalist want to return civilization back to the stone age, and the gun confiscation groups want all of your guns in order to expedite all of the above for the “Utopia” that will follow.

They all want; it appears, the downfall of the “criminal” United States by hook, by crook or by Muslim beheading in order to achieve it.

The effort to overwhelm the country via Cloward and Piven has all been wildly successful; we have just surpassed $20,000,000,000,000 (20 Trillion) in debt. This does not even consider the over $100,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities.

This does not just divide down party lines; there are progressives in both Republican and Democrat parties. The first progressive was Republican Theodore Roosevelt who led the charge (so to speak) for Anti-Trust, vilifying the so called “Robber Barons” who enriched the country much more than they did their own pockets during the time after the Civil War to the Great Depression. (The depression was only a great one because of massive [progressive] government interference in the economy by Hoover and even more by FDR.)

In order for this country to survive (and we are, by my estimation on our knees), we have to rally to the Flag, the Constitution and in defense of our way of life as the only way for long term survival of not just the United States, but for all people, so we can break out of the confines of this Earth and establish the first colonies on Mars and then Earth like planets all over the galaxy.

Anything else dooms mankind to float in space in a leaky lifeboat subject to any random asteroid, solar flare, hydrogen bomb or any one of a million things that could eliminate life here (but probably NOT climate change).

We must think in terms of the long-term survival of not just the billions on the planet but our progeny going forward…for what one can hope is billions of years.  [See my essay “Taking the High Ground“]


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