Posted by: Greg Huff | September 1, 2014

Death of America?

Socialism and Communism do not work. This datum (and viewpoint) I am sure is no surprise to those who regularly read my essays. That it does not work is starkly demonstrated by the current Chinese regime. They have abandoned communism with regard to their economy, though it is still ruled by an oppressive leadership that allow no political descent.

There are various logical reasons why they do not work, though to those with false data and fixed ideas no amount of logic will have any effect to break through a concrete wall of belief that it does. If false data is ingrained deeply in the psyche there is no fact or even a legion of facts that can dislodge it, at least not without intensive effort.

It takes an honest and alert mind to recognize that something does not make sense and investigate the truth of it even when it slams up against what you have been taught from childhood.

There are very few examples of such things. David Horowitz is someone that grew up as the son of dedicated communists; steeped in the far left ideology but was perhaps more intelligent (or had more of a conscience?) and started to question the indoctrination he’d been saddled with. When he saw the hypocrisy of the leftist ideology and the product of it; his fixed ideas were somehow dislodged.

The same can be said of the handful of former Muslim terrorist that have repented and are speaking out against their former cohorts. Certainly in a lot of ways these people have it much rougher than Horowitz did. They not only have to overcome their own ingrained teachings but as well, the very real physical danger to themselves and their families for speaking out at all.

It follows then that most of those who have this affliction will find it difficult or impossible, for example, to recognize things such as all behavior is not necessarily the moral equivalent of another. That not all verbal slights justify horrendous retaliation or in the Jehadist world; that cartoons don’t  justify murdering the drawer of that cartoon. Or that writing a story does not justify a Fatwa to murder the author. Or making a movie doesn’t justify murdering the filmmaker…

Another example is with the so called “Stimulus” package. You have every bad actor, the banks, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, and all of those that have lived beyond their means, being bailed out by those who were prudent and lived within their means.  You also have the government itself as a bad actor that encouraged even demanded the banks fund those bad mortgages and cover their ass with the Dodd/Frank law putting horrendous regulations on banks when Dodd AND Frank were the most vocal legislators pushing banks to do this!

Those advocating bailouts or any action that takes from the prudent to give to the imprudent, will never understand one of the basic laws of human interaction: When you reward bad behavior and penalize good behavior, you get bad behavior.

This is the reason the Great Depression was great. The government stepped in and sought to help by rewarding bad behavior and penalizing good. With government engaging in such actions, there is no incentive for the prudent to be such or for the imprudent to be anything else.

During rough times those who have, try to help those who don’t. Charity is voluntary. “Entitlement” is confiscation by the government and redistribution.

The mentality that any good can become of bailing others out of their responsibility for their own actions is that which needs to be nullified. That someone is “hurting” or down on their luck is not a license to confiscate resources from one to give to another.

In a free society those that are down on their luck will have to rely on the charity of those that have enough resources to give a helping hand to them. This is moral and it is beneficial to both the giver and recipient of the charity.

When government steps in, it is no longer a moral activity. Instead of being voluntary charity it becomes confiscation and extortion by the government. Instead of the receiver of the charity knowing it is charity and something to receive only long enough to gain one’s footing, it becomes “entitlement” with no imperative to stop receiving because, after all, it is an “entitlement” and thus instead of gaining ones footing the entitlement culture never gains footing but gains a life-raft to carry them along life’s stream without the necessity to even get one’s feet wet.

Not reversing the concept that entitlement is moral but indeed immoral and degrading to both those being extorted and those receiving the extortion will spell the inevitable decline and finally death of America.

I still hold out hope for the country. Certainly more people are waking to the product of a statist government (or progressive or liberal or socialist or communist one; as they are all of the same ilk).

More people need to wake up and it is the responsibility of all that are awake to awaken others.


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Posted by: Greg Huff | June 24, 2014

If Obama Succeeds – He Fails

I wrote this in January of 2009.  It was posted on the previous Politically Empowered site and was not transferred to the new one.  I am re-posting it now as it is still relevant.

“He is my President.”  “He is OUR President”.  “I want him to succeed” is being echoed by many of the conservative pundits. I guess Rush Limbaugh is the only one who is saying he does not want Obama to succeed.  It has almost become a catch phrase on the right and a longing to befriend the opposition leader, perhaps in an effort not to be like the hateful and obnoxious far left zealots that continually called Bush detestable names and not give him credit for any accomplishments.

But what does it mean if Obama succeeds?  What is success in Presidential terms?

There are two meanings for success and it is what Rush has been trying to get across to the population at large and why he (Rush) has been vilified for it.

Obama can be a success getting his policies implemented.  He can grow government along with the Democrat Congress, raise taxes, spend oodles of money, put the screws to the “rich” and elevate to a high level the mediocrity of the “working man” or to the supreme degree the “victim that can’t work”.

To the degree Obama succeeds the country will fail.  The converse is probably (but not necessarily) true.  If Obama fails the country will succeed.  Obama can fail to fully implement his policies and have the Congress run roughshod over him and both he and the country will fail.  This is what history will judge him on in the long run.  Not whether he succeeds in getting his policies passed and implemented but whether or not the Country expands its economy, prosperity, and standard of living under his watch.

In order to ensure the Country succeeds, he cannot succeed in getting his own policies passed and must stop Congress from getting its agenda passed. In fact he must not only sabotage his own agenda and that of the Congress, he must actively roll back many of the policies of his predecessors that are actively creating a drag on the success of this nation.

How does the Country really expand its economy, prosperity and standard of living?

See to it that the Country is secure as a whole:

The first duty of the Federal government is to see that its citizens are protected from force from without and within.  This means the borders are secure.  We know who is and who is not coming into the country and who is leaving.  It means we have a means to swiftly and summarily deport those who are not here legally.  It means we have a swift and legal way for temporary workers to get into the country to fill jobs and then leave again when the job is done.  It means that those who immigrate to this country know it is an honor and highly valuable thing to become a citizen and that it will not be given away by means of “amnesty”.

It means we have accurate intelligence on external threats, which is the responsibility of the CIA and other intelligence agencies.  It means we have accurate intelligence on internal threats, which is the responsibility of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

It means we have a standing army that is capable of deterring any external threat and forces that will protect the coast and borders.

This gets into the second duty, which is to see to the security of individuals in their persons and property:

It means that the individual city and state police as well as the federal police are actually investigating those who perpetrate fraud and protecting individuals against force and not engaging in it.

A major part of this protection is the enforcing property rights.  This means individuals have the right to the product of their effort and are not to have these rights extorted by individuals (the mob) or (the mobs big brother) government through excessive taxes or in fact ANY taxes that are used to redistribute to those who are less capable, inept or lazy.  Charity is the function of charities not government and charity works much better than extortion and redistribution.

These two items are the HAT of the government.  If the government will do these two things and only these things then the country will do well.  The country will succeed and thus Obama’s Presidency will succeed.

When the government is doing something else it is NOT wearing its HAT and the country will not succeed to the degree it is OFF HAT.

To say we want the President to succeed only means we want the Country to succeed.  The policies the President and Congress want to implement means the Country will go deeper and deeper into debt, destroy the dollar and mortgage the future of all of our children and great great grand children.

The productivity of the people of the U.S. is thought by some to be a magic piggy bank that will never run out of cash.  The wealth of the U.S. though vast by any other standard in history, is finite and the shoulders holding up the world will at some (not too distant) point break.

I want the country to return to those principles and policies that made the country great: Small government that wears the HAT given to it by the Constitution to protect the Country and the individuals that make up it citizenry.

Given that the President (and Congress) has shown the predilection to want to implement policies that are counter to that HAT, the President (and Congress) will succeed to the extent he fails.

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Posted by: Greg Huff | January 30, 2014

Government is Coercion not Compassion

This essay was written just before the 2008 election.  It was posted on an earlier Politically Empowered site and so was lost.  I am re-posting it now so these thoughts and data are available.

 Recently candidate Obama wondered why McCain and the Republicans want to make “selfishness a virtue”.  This is an amazing statement especially since Arthur Brooks of Syracuse University in researching his book, “Who Really Cares”, says: “When you look at the data, it turns out the conservatives give about 30 percent more [money to charity]. And incidentally, conservative-headed families make slightly less money.”

Brooks found that the conservative/liberal difference goes beyond money:

“The people who give one thing tend to be the people who give everything in America. You find that people who believe it’s the government’s job to make incomes more equal, are far less likely to give their money away.”

This is only one of the reasons Socialism is bad. When the government gets involved in the charity business it muscles out the competition.  It not only ceases to be charity, it becomes something much worse.  It doesn’t just become “redistribution of wealth” it becomes extortion of the productive by the non-productive, of the able by the unable.

In her book “Atlas Shrugged” Ayn Rand via her character Francisco D’Anconia instructs the “liberal elite”, in the fallacy of money being “the root of all evil” or made on the back of the poor.

“But you say that money is made by the strong at the expense of the weak?  What strength do you mean? It is not the strength of guns or muscles.  Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.  Then is money made by the man who invents a motor at the expense of those who did not invent it? … Money is made – before it can be looted or mooched – made by the effort of every honest man, each to the extent of his ability.”

 In a brilliant essay Government is Not Compassion by Glen Allport he correctly identifies the true nature of Government and the dangers of projecting on to it a compassionate nature.

“Government is nothing more than structured, widespread coercion, and the idea that it can implement compassion for us by force is simply a vile and cunning lie.  It is cunning because people are primed and willing, even desperate, to believe it.  It is vile because government allows, facilitates, and encourages mass murder, widespread torture, needless famine, and every form of tyranny. ”

“As a result, the creation of an emotionally healthy, free, and genuinely compassionate world is most strongly opposed today by a tyranny that is being sold as Paradise.”

 You can read his article here:

To Obama you are selfish if you do not want your income redistributed by government.  To Biden you are not patriotic.

Forget for a moment the immorality of robbing the productive to give to the unproductive (of course it is sold as redistribution from the greedy rich to give to needy poor).  Think of it in practical terms of getting the most bang for your buck. You will find that the government is not only a bad steward of your income (much of that dollar being eaten up by the bureaucracy itself) but as with government programs of any kind, the fraud that takes place is rife.  It will cost upwards of forty cents on the dollar to administer and ferret out fraudulent claims.

Charity is a good thing.  Giving to charity makes the giver feel that he is helping another person in need.  The receiver gets a helping hand and knows that it is charity and in most cases tries hard to not be a burden on the giver.

This is turned on its head when the government gets involved.  Now, instead of being freely given it is extorted from the individual.  The receiver no longer has to feel he is being a burden to some one else because it is no longer “Charity” it is an “Entitlement”.  There is no reason to get off the program because you “are entitled” to have it.

At the same time it degrades the person receiving the benefits.  It puts him or her in an “out exchange” condition.  Being non-productive yet still receiving benefit is probably the most degrading thing you can do to a person.

So, Obama says it is “selfishness” to those that are the most unselfish.  He advocates extortion and redistribution over voluntary action and actual compassion.  He advocates inefficient and corrupt government entities over the more efficient and honest charities that will actually do some good.  He wants to enshrine that which will never work and disembowel those entities that do work.

It is a disgusting ideology.  If he is elected I pray we won’t have to bury too many people before his term is up and I hope it won’t be too late to recover from the damage done.

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Posted by: Greg Huff | January 26, 2014

The Marxist Religion

This essay was originally published just after the The Republican Convention in September 2008.   It was published on the original Politically Empowered site which is no longer available and is being republished now so it is available for your information.

The Republican Convention is over and now the real fight begins. Mercifully we will only have to endure two months of the campaign ads and accusations of “going negative”.

I was glad to see Sarah Palin knocking down (effectively I might add) the opposition presidential candidate, and the media. She did it with humor and aplomb. She seemed well at ease and skewered the Obama balloon with as they say: “a rapier wit.”

In the end this won’t matter if she and McCain do not win. The democratic spin machine (usually you just hear about the republican spin machine) will go into full extractor mode now that Sarah has refused to be cowed and humbled by the MSNBC’s of the world.

Just like any jungle one is in, you have to recognize the true danger to you and the true source of attacks. It has been said that what you can confront you can handle. Conservatives need to confront the ideology of the left.

We have said in the past that we have defeated Communism. We haven’t. It has just cloaked itself in other mantles: environmentalism, feminism, liberalism, progressivism etc., ad nausea in order to gain power and win converts in the various causes. (Defending the Earth is a popular and seemingly noble cause to win over recruits to the ideology.)

Marxist have claimed dominion and the high ground over many if not all wedge type issues. They have taken over the universities and control the Teachers Union. Primary and secondary education (our kids) is in their hands.

They agitate and rebel rouse those who are here illegally to claim they have “rights” and they are being treated “unfairly” because most Americans would like immigrants to come here legally and actually have something to offer the country besides gardeners and anchor babies. Then they label you “racist”.

The women’s movement has been commandeered as well. The “NAG” (National Association of Gals) as Rush Limbaugh calls them, ousts those who are not on board with their leftist agenda. NOW (National Organization for Women, their actual name) was chartered to promote the interests of women. They actually only promote the interests of women who promote the Marxist agenda. They fight like cornered animals when their sacred cows are challenged but poo-poo the concerns of traditional Americans. This is why it is so hard to get common sense legislation like educational vouchers passed.  This ideology, (dare I say religion) has made many of its gains after we purportedly “defeated” Communism. Marxism in this country has all the hallmarks of a religion and a militant one at that. Converts accept the tenants without question. Those that do question aspects of it are excommunicated or at the very least ostracized.

All of these various “movements” need to be recognized for what they are, tentacles of the same squid.  ”

Marxist in their political guise (usually Democrats but not limited to such) decries being labeled as “Anti-American”. “We are just speaking up for what is wrong” “we are looking out for they down trodden” is the self-righteous mantra they assume. We need to recognize that the Marxist philosophy and ideology, in any of its aspects, are inherently Anti-American.

We’d better confront it and terminatedly handle it if our country is to survive. It is true there is freedom of thought and freedom of speech in this country and that means traditional Americans have the right and duty to call this ideology its true name and label it for what it is, anti-American.

See Alinsky’s Bridge to Socilism

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Posted by: Greg Huff | January 26, 2014

Stealth Blondes

This was originally published on the former Politically Empowered site December 26 2009.  Since that site is no longer there, I am republishing it now just so it is “out there”.  Enjoy.

Leigh Gallagher recently came from CNBC to become a regular on Cavuto on Business.  I watched the show this week and ended yelling at my TV (again)…

You know, just because Leigh came from another financial channel where she read a business news prompter does not mean she knows anything about economics.  She obviously does not.  Obviously since Dagan Mc Dowell (another Fox business commentator that used to make idiotic statements on this show) got educated and stopped being a stealth blonde, she had to find a replacement to take on that role.  Leigh must now be the designated stealth blonde.

She just stated (among other bone headed statements):

“When government spends it does put money in consumers pockets”.  This is not only wrong it is idiotically so.  Government does not not not have any money except for the money that it TAKES from those that actually produce it.  Government spending takes away money from the productive private sector and puts it in places that are either less productive or downright NON-productive or destructive.

Adam is just as brain dead saying that the Government creates A LOT of jobs.  Again wrong.  Some…some jobs in government are necessary and proper to have; to fulfill the proper function of government.  The vast bulk of “jobs” in government are ones that are not at all productive but take money from the productive private sector to spend on useless government jobs.  These are jobs that either could be done much more effectively by the private sector or serve no purpose at all thereby destroying jobs on average.

Government’s only legitimate purpose is to provide a secure environment for individuals to engage in legitimate forms of trade, free from force and fraud and free from threats beyond our borders.

These people need to be educated.  I suggest they start with the Constitution and Federalist papers.  Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and Milton Freedman’s Free To Chose would also be basic primers into free market economics.

Leftist economics does not and has never worked to lift the bulk of people up but only to crush them under the boot of bureaucrats and dictators.  As O’Reilly might say…”Wise Up”.

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Posted by: Greg Huff | October 16, 2013

The Hive Mind of the Left

I pretty much hate the whole left-right meme that has been prevalent over the past century because it is misleading.  The left has been considered to be inclusive of communism, socialism, liberalism, progressivism and so forth.  The right (especially if you ask the left) is inclusive, supposedly, of fascism, and that’s about it.  This would be OK if it were true.  However, it is not true.  It is the left that is inclusive of Fascism as it is National Socialism.

Fascism and Nazism went out of favor on the left because of the atrocious PR that Hitler correctly had. So the left just disowned them and called them “right”. This was not because of disagreement with their ideology but because of their image.

In Ayn Rand’s book “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal Rand says: “…It is too obvious, too easily demonstrable that fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory—that both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state—that both are socialistic, in theory, in practice, and in the explicit statements of their leaders—that under both systems, the poor are enslaved and the rich are expropriated in favor of a ruling clique—that fascism is not the product of the political “right,” but of the “left”—that the basic issue is not “rich versus poor,” but man versus the state, or: individual rights versus totalitarian government—which means: capitalism versus socialism.

A primary tool of the “left” is redefinition of terms and calling fascist as “right” is one of the most successful examples of this.

Stalin on the other hand, though he killed many more people than Hitler, does not have nearly the bad press that Hitler does.  In fact, Stalin is well known for being ruthless and killing individuals but is not known for the mass murder he perpetrated.  The left has been wildly successful in covering up Stalin’s most heinous crimes.

The so called right is more individualistic and just wants to tend to their business.  They do not engage in agitating for government to right some real or imagined ill in society.

The left has, as an entity, a hive mind.

Look at bees.  If you are somehow perceived as being a danger to their commune, you are immediately attacked.  Africanized bees will chase you up to a ¼ mile if you disturb them, even inadvertently.

The leftist hive will immediately attack any person they make out to be on the right for any transgression that may disturbed the left.  They will immediately turn on any of their own that speaks up to say something that is against the approved propaganda line.  If the member does not “smell” right they are an enemy.

There is NO analysis of what is said.  If someone says ANYTHING even mildly critical of approve leftist doctrine, the hive will swarm until the offender runs away, or better, is dead.

The hive will swarm over any Republican’s revealed dalliances into unethical sexual behavior, immediately calling for their resignation. The call for resignation is generally joined by the Republicans as well, in a sort of “Stockholm Syndrome” fueled frenzy.

On the other side if a Democrat engages in such behavior the left is silent unless the public outrage reaches a certain decibel level at which time the hive gets agitated enough to attack their own.

Despite giving lip service to “diversity”, they cannot tolerate any diversity of thought within their community or outside of it.  This is the reason they are dangerous and why free thinking people must never acquiesce to their monolithic thought.

The point is, there is no consideration, no thought, other than protecting their ideology.  THAT ideology is supreme.  The leftist faithful should realize, the moment they start thinking thoughts that do not align with “Big Brother” they will be purged.  This is the nature of leftist thinking and this thinking has killed millions in the 20th Century including many of the leftist faithful.

I’ve often called Socialism “the ideology of death”.  It kills everything it touches.  For countries it is a long slow torturous death.  For many individuals it is much quicker, though perhaps not less torturous.


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Posted by: Greg Huff | September 25, 2013

Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein

I recently wrote to my state representatives to let them know they need to get on board in repealing Obamacare.  I got no reply from one of them but to her credit Dianne Feinstein did reply.  Below is my open letter to her. 

 Dear Senator Feinstein:

I have read your reply to my request that you get on board with repealing Obamacare.  I appreciate that you replied which is more consideration than I received from the other California Senator, Barbara Boxer.

Your assertion that Obamacare will “help drive down health care costs for families, reduce the federal deficit” etc. is demonstrability false.  Premiums have increase even before the full implementation of this debacle.  THERE WILL BE INCREASED INSURANCE COSTS.

This law is already reducing employment and throwing many American workers out of the job market entirely or reducing their hours to under 30 per week so employers do not have the burden of supplying workers with this mandated insurance benefit.  IT IS A JOB KILLER.

Along with that there is an increase of federal and state outlays to support those that are out of work and a lowering of federal and state revenues because they are not paying in or paying less payroll taxes. TAXES WILL HAVE TO BE INCREASED

The Supreme Court through contorted logic and actual altering of the legislation stated the penalty was not a fee as sold to the public and passed by the legislature but with a flick of the pen John Roberts decrees it is instead a “tax” and therefore “Constitutional”.

This is not only a travesty of justice which the Supremes are supposed to uphold, it condemns all of America to a medical system that will be unresponsive, expensive and rationed.  Innovation and competition, which is the only thing that allows any marketplace to offer more service or product at a lower price, will be dead.  Medical advances will come to a standstill.  Many people will die because of the innovation that wasn’t  Many more will die waiting for doctors that will not be there.  PEOPLE WILL DIE.

Doctors will not work in a system where they are not free. Many will decide to not take insurance at all but will be on a cash basis.  Once it is realized that doctors are quitting, they will probably be drafted and told they cannot quit.  This will ensure the re-implementation of something outlawed by the 13th Amendment.  DOCTORS WILL BE MADE TO KEEP PRACTICING

There are many other reasons why this law is not just a bad idea but a “fundamental transformation” of what has made the United States a harbor in a sea of tyranny, poverty and terror.  IT WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE GOVERNMENTS RELATION SHIP WITH THE PEOPLE. THEY WILL NO LONGER BE PUBLIC SERVANTS BUT MASTERS.

I so love it when politicians brag about “preexisting” conditions and an insurance company not being able to get out of covering these.  To educate you…a preexisting condition cannot be insured.  It is then NOT insurance.  If I get into an accident and do not have insurance I cannot go to an insurer and say “You have to cover me … it is just a preexisting condition.”  That you can decree it is not just stupid, it is the way to bankruptcy…first for the insurers and then to the United States as there will be no responsibility taken to pay premiums prior to buying the insurance.  Why take out any insurance and pay premiums until you have a preexisting condition?  THERE WILL BE NO NEED TO BUY INSURANCE PRIOR TO THE PREEXISTING CONDITION.

If you or other politicians that have signed on to this idiotic train of thought, wanted to actually handle this as a problem then you’d make insurance portable, you would pass something that says an insurance company cannot cancel a policy as long as the insured is paying the premiums.  You would also reinforce medical savings accounts, giving tax credits for health insurance premiums for individual and ensure individuals can buy insurance across state lines.

I noted other points you made that are sales points for this law.  I will not address them all here.  All I can say is that if you believe this law will save the federal government ANY money over the next ten years the kindest thing I can tell you is that you are ignorant of the history of government programs.

One thing one knows about them is they never stay on or under budget.  We also know that there are TRILLIONS of dollars of unfunded liabilities for Medicare and other benefit programs.  There is no way the federal government will survive this sort of debt and promised benefits to the American people.

When the federal government finally fails to meet it’s obligations as it surely will, I fear that the population will come for the politicians with torches and pitchforks. You may not have to answer for this personally however, as you will surely be retired from office.

Finally, you are subjecting your constituents to either buying something they do not want or getting fined, yet you who have passed and foisted this monstrosity on us have exempted yourself  and your staff from living under it.

If this is so good for us, you should set an example and sign up for this plan without benefit of subsidies from the government which most of the population at your salary levels will not be legible for.

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Posted by: Greg Huff | August 4, 2013

More Liberal Questions

This was originally posted at the old Politically Empowered website in April 2010.  I am reposting it now as the questions (as did the the “Liberal Questions” post) shed light on the liberal mind and the thinking of the left.

If some of the questions do not make sense remember these originate from liberal logic.

The Questions are in Black.  My answers in red.

Why do you feel excluded?
This presupposes that I feel excluded. There is no answer to this question.

Can you hold 2 seemingly opposite concepts in your head at the same time?

Certainly, you must be able to do this in order to evaluate data. In order to properly do this, you also have to be able to extrapolate and project those concepts into the future and decide which of the two contribute to the long-term survival of those affected by it.

Do the houses in your neighborhood all look alike?

No … some are actually painted.

Does everyone have a manicured lawn?

Most in my neighborhood have sand for a lawn. There may be a tumbleweed or two also.

How do you express yourself creatively?

Mostly I write. Though I do have an IMDB credit.

Do you/ did you color outside the lines?

I tried to color inside…but inevitably I had very little control over the crayon.

When did you stop coloring?

About the time I learned to write my name.

Do you have any gay friends?

I have had friends that were gay though they probably wouldn’t have admitted to it. I remember as a young man being invited over to a co-workers place for some beers. He told me at the end of the night that the security gate locked at 11 PM and so I would not be able get out until morning. Being naive in the ways of Los Angeles, I believed him. I told him I’d sleep on the couch. He poo-pooed that idea and invited me to sleep in his bed. I agreed and everything was fine until about ten or fifteen minutes later when he draped his arm around me. I immediately got up and slept on the couch and left about the time it got light. I had no animosity toward this guy. I did not mention the incident and we still worked together for some time after that…but I did not return to his place to hang out after that.

Currently, if I do have gay friends, they have not originated to me about it.

Do you make over $500,000 a year?

I wish. If you do, I want to be your friend. It matters not a whit if you are gay or straight.

What do you fear will be taken away from you?

More of my freedom.

Every time there is a rise in taxes, it takes a little bit more of that freedom. My time is being taxed and I am working more days of the year to pay those taxes.

The bulk of that money I earn is not going to those things that will protect me from force or fraud, they are not going to protect the borders from those that may want to do harm to the country. It is not going to gather intelligence and to handle external threats to the country.

It is going nominally to provide assistance to those that are “less fortunate”. My industry is supporting those that are not or are less industrious. Those that I deem worthy would get my charity in any case. Entitlement means government theft and redistribution to those a bureaucrat deems worthy. It is used to buy votes for politicians. It is used to reward bad behavior and it penalizes good behavior. As we lose that freedom the entire country loses to that extent its exceptionalism…the things that made this country the richest, most dynamic and most powerful force of good in the world. And that is what I fear losing…mostly for my children.

Are you capable of pluralism?

Pluralism means: a state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain an autonomous participation in and development of their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization.

With this definition, NO.

In this country there is a myriad of ethnic groups that have enclaves in various cities. I think each ethnic group that comes here adds their own unique flavor to the soup that is the American culture. But they MUST become part of that soup and not a side dish. They MUST become American. They cannot individuate from this culture. To be allowed to do this is suicide for the country. They must speak English. They must know American history, the good and the bad. Again, they must become…American.

Maintain your traditions, maintain your language and give us the best of your culture. Leave behind the worst parts of your culture; which is probably the reason you moved to America in the first place. Bring the best of you and leave the aberrations and non-survival aspects of that culture behind.

Are you ethnocentric?

This means: characterized by or based on the attitude that one’s own group is superior.

As above American culture is made of many ethnic groups. American people may eat three or four different ethnic meals in a week. Where else can you get Chinese take out, tacos, sushi, fish & chips and a hamburger etc. ad infinitum (or perhaps more appropriately — ad nauseam) within 50 feet of each other?

There is a reason the American experiment lead, in less than 200 years, to the most powerful, most industrious, most innovative, most benevolent (despite it’s atrocities and other failings) and richest country in history. It did not have to do with race or gender but with a system put in place that promoted and grew a distinctively American ethnic of “can do”, self-reliance, independence and entrepreneurship.

So, ethnocentric no, but Americanocentric…Yes.

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I ran across this article in the “Small Business Exchange” newspaper, a small publication for California small businesses.   The President of  the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California wrote the article touting the great things that were being done in California.  How laws were going to ensure the prosperity and security of the California worker.  I rebutted point by point.  His article is in blue.  My rebuttal is in red.

In the 2013 legislative session, the State Building Trades is moving forward with a wide-ranging package of legislation, much of which expands and protects construction workers’ rights to earn the prevailing wage on public works projects.

California’s working people have fought together with a tenacious resolve and unity in recent election cycles to elect forward-looking individuals to our Legislature and statewide offices, and we are now working hard as ever to enact good new laws that will secure them a better standard of living. It is gratifying to know that the future is looking brighter for hard-working Californians.

Platitudes.  California has the highest income and sales taxes of practically any state.  Businesses are moving out of California at an alarming rate.  An all Democrat legislature is now unfettered in limiting legislation that interferes with business and makes California one of the most business UN-friendly states in the union.  The prevailing wage laws protect union workers from competition and costs the California tax payer in the form of public works that could have been done for much less.  This does not bode well for the future looking brighter for hard-working Californians.

But when I read news from elsewhere, I am saddened to see that in many other states, the ultra-rich big business interests are pushing workers backwards, removing hard-won worker protections and slashing their wages, lowering their quality of life and prospects for the future.

Lowering the quality of life for whom?  Certainly not for the people that can be employed at a lower wage and not for the hard working tax payers who have the state digging deeper into their pockets to pay for artificially inflated wages.  What people like you, who have a vested interest in the state, fail to realize is that you cannot repeal or legislate around the law of supply and demand.  Soon, other people’s money runs out. At some point the tax payer will fail to be intimidated into tax increases. Propaganda will only go so far when painting a rosy picture on the rotting corpse of a city or state.

Politicians appease the union workers with these sorts of laws to secure their support for reelection campaigns. It is incest and is now rampant since the rise of government unions.  See my essay “Statist Theory: Vice is nice but (Political) Incest is Best.

Consider the latest stinging defeat for working people in Tennessee, where the state has not only banned prevailing wage on state projects, but has now enacted a law that prohibits any local government from requiring prevailing wages on projects or requiring private employers to provide more generous health benefits, leave policies, or wages that exceed state standards. Any existing local ordinances that allow for better wages are now unenforceable.

I am trying to understand how this is a bad thing…the companies that get the projects now are able to pay employees what they are worth not the inflated wages of union workers who are often working at wages that would not be supported by a free market.

Not content with ending prevailing wage on state projects, they have now banned cities, counties, or local districts from even considering choosing to pay workers decently!

This is just a libelous statement.  Define decently. By who’s standard?

A similar law was signed recently by the Governor of Kansas. The state had already repealed its longstanding state prevailing wage law, but its newest law now “prohibits cities, counties, and local government units from using ordinances, resolutions, or law to require private employers to provide leave, benefits and higher compensation.”

Interesting that Kansas’ economy is now on the rise with businesses coming into a now more business friendly state.

Across America, even minimum wage is under threat. Eighteen states do not currently have prevailing wage laws, most repealed in the past few decades by Republican legislators and governors. In other states, including Michigan and Pennsylvania, more anti-prevailing wage measures are progressing.

Again, a GOOD thing.  After years of Detroit being under the yoke of not just automobile unions (that bankrupted GM) but also government unions, it has gone bankrupt.  Now, perhaps, Detroit has a chance to get back on an even keel.  Years and years of Democrat administrations and favorable union laws have driven states into the ground by more and more anti-business legislation such as prevailing wage AND minimum wage laws. 

Fortunately, the brighter people are waking up to the fraud that is minimum wage, which only harms the entry level worker because businesses will not pay a worker more than that work is worth to the business.  This is one of the reasons (along with prevailing wage laws) why unemployment is so much higher in the black communities.  The only reason they are not rioting and coming for politicians with pitchforks is because  these facts are being hidden from them by the liberal ideology that is force fed to them by a simpatico and compliant press.

These attacks on working people around the country illustrate the importance of our work here in California, where we want to protect and expand prevailing wages for workers. Here is some of what the Building Trades are doing. The hallmark bill for 2013 is Senate Bill 7, to make charter cities eligible for state funding for public works projects only if they pay prevailing wage. Charter cities may choose to exempt themselves from prevailing wage, and some do. This measure would provide a strong financial incentive for those cities to stop shortchanging working men and women with substandard wages.

 In other words the cities must tax their base for the extra wages that must be paid, not to mention the increased bureaucracy that must be maintained to enforce these laws.  Any way you look at it, it is not good for workers or tax payers.  It is only good for politicians, bureaucrats and unions.

 Speaking of charter cities, Senate Bill 311 requires that charter city conversion elections be held in a statewide general election, where voter participation is highest, in order to protect workers from the tactic of passing conversion measures in lower turnout municipal elections. For example, in the City of Bell’s charter election, fewer than 400 people voted out of a population of 40,000 and corrupt politicians padded their paychecks to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while driving construction workers’ wages into the ground by removing prevailing wage.

This may or may not be good.  Certainly Bell’s politicians enriched themselves at the expense of the tax payers.  I would also say that this is peanuts compared to the enrichment of politicians and union officials statewide that continually have to raise taxes in order to pay for prevailing wages and the huge salaries of the union officials.  One also has to wonder what the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California is costing taxpayers to promote these anti-business measures. I suspect that Mr. Hunter’s salary is not under six figures for a job I consider is supernumerary.

We are also protecting prevailing wage with Senate Bill 776, to prevent anti-union contractors from defining sham labor compliance committees as a fringe benefit, which can then be deducted from workers’ wages as a portion

of the prevailing wage. The Associated Builders and Contractors, the anti-union group, have been using these deductions to fund themselves for their relentless drive to destroy construction unions.

The only reason these so called “anti-union” groups are there is to counter the relentless drive of politicians who are in the pocket of private and public unions, who extort or bribe politicians into giving wages and benefits by legislation and when the bill comes due threatening taxpayers with cuts in police or schools in order to exact another tax increase.

We are also seeking to ramp up prevailing wage enforcement with Assembly Bill 1336, to extend the statute of limitations for recovering lost wages due to prevailing wage violations from six months to 18 months. These companies cheat workers on prevailing wage in order to provide the lowest bid, undermining honest contractors who pay workers fairly and base their bids on efficiency.

Assembly Bill 1140 would ensure that construction workers earn the prevailing wage in effect at the time they perform their work, rather than when a contract went to bid, which may be many years earlier, when the prevailing wage was significantly lower.

We have found on projects that workers have gone years without a pay raise because of a loophole in state law that will be rectified by AB 1140. Senate Bill 615 ensures prevailing wage on the construction of health care facilities financed by certain types of public bond mechanisms, while Assembly Bill 26 requires that contractors that do work in refineries carry a workforce that has been trained and graduated in state-approved construction apprenticeship programs, and requires those workers be paid the prevailing wage for construction workers in the area.

Thus ensuring quality of work and the safety of the surrounding communities adjacent to these industrial facilities. With this broad, determined package of legislation, we hope to make a real and positive difference for California construction workers. We, all of the Building Trades, and each individual local union, fought hard to defeat

Proposition 32, which tried to silence our voice. We worked tirelessly to elect public officials that would listen to the concerns of everyday blue collar workers. When we compare these worthy actions with the sad developments in many other states, we see the clear benefits of our unity and activism, and the price Californians could pay if we ever fail to be vigilant, vigorous and united in our fight for a decent quality of  life.

See what I mean about an unfettered Democrat legislature?  California taxes will be going up substantially and businesses who can no longer stand the intrusion will find other states that are more business friendly (such as Kansas and Texas). 

Do you think these laws will ensure job security and make a positive difference for union workers and Californians in general?   Better take a look at the trajectory of California.  California is practically bankrupt now due to these sorts of practices.  It is a dwindling spiral where the tax payers are going to be squeezed more and more and where businesses will find more friendly places to move to.  The only ones who will not have to worry are the welfare recipients, politicians, and union workers with seniority, that is … until the California collapse.

For other reading on this subject see The Left Running Scared? and Statist Theory “Vice is Nice but (Political) Incest is Best”
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Posted by: Jerrad | January 27, 2013

How retiring boomers can still change the world

Having spent a majority of my 29 years in education and having seen what is being taught, I would have to say that education is currently controlled by the extreme left. They teach group mentalities, white guilt and why capitalism doesn’t benefit all. My belief in why this is the case can almost directly be tied to the capitalist mentality that “those who can’t do teach”. This was a phrase I know I heard numerous times growing up. But while all the capitalists were out making money and advancing their careers, a slow cancer crept into learning institutions.

The ones who couldn’t “do” taught your children. They never taught them how to think, but what to think and they taught them to be good little socialists who don’t question government. In the need for expedience, you looked for the easy solution and thought it would never change from the days of your youth… but the free spirit, peace and love hippies woke up one day and decided they needed to earn some kind of money and education and media were their solutions.

So how does all this pertain to you now you might ask? Boomers who worked in the business world are reaching the age of retirement and with that, they will have free time in great quantity. What I would ask of them is not to waste their golden years, but to teach at a local college or become part of the administration apparatus (as I believe this is just as much to blame as the teachers themselves). Give back in this way and help the pendulum swing the other way. We need to take back the educational institutions from those who would poison the minds of the young against the capitalist ways and trust me, they are out there in droves.

Besides that, real world experience is more valuable in learning than a bunch of people debating over theories they have concocted with no real world backing. We don’t need more technology or crazy theories on how to teach, we need to teach our children how to think. The most effective for actual learning and toughest classes I’ve ever had have all been lecture classes that allowed for debate. The ancient Greeks understood this, why can’t we?

So boomers, come join the cause! Become a teacher and save freedom, save the republic and give something back that will make you feel like you changed the world!

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