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More Liberal Questions

This was originally posted at the old Politically Empowered website in April 2010.  I am reposting it now as the questions (as did the the “Liberal Questions” post) shed light on the liberal mind and the thinking of the left.

If some of the questions do not make sense remember these originate from liberal logic.

The Questions are in Black.  My answers in red.

Why do you feel excluded?
This presupposes that I feel excluded. There is no answer to this question.

Can you hold 2 seemingly opposite concepts in your head at the same time?

Certainly, you must be able to do this in order to evaluate data. In order to properly do this, you also have to be able to extrapolate and project those concepts into the future and decide which of the two contribute to the long-term survival of those affected by it.

Do the houses in your neighborhood all look alike?

No … some are actually painted.

Does everyone have a manicured lawn?

Most in my neighborhood have sand for a lawn. There may be a tumbleweed or two also.

How do you express yourself creatively?

Mostly I write. Though I do have an IMDB credit.

Do you/ did you color outside the lines?

I tried to color inside…but inevitably I had very little control over the crayon.

When did you stop coloring?

About the time I learned to write my name.

Do you have any gay friends?

I have had friends that were gay though they probably wouldn’t have admitted to it. I remember as a young man being invited over to a co-workers place for some beers. He told me at the end of the night that the security gate locked at 11 PM and so I would not be able get out until morning. Being naive in the ways of Los Angeles, I believed him. I told him I’d sleep on the couch. He poo-pooed that idea and invited me to sleep in his bed. I agreed and everything was fine until about ten or fifteen minutes later when he draped his arm around me. I immediately got up and slept on the couch and left about the time it got light. I had no animosity toward this guy. I did not mention the incident and we still worked together for some time after that…but I did not return to his place to hang out after that.

Currently, if I do have gay friends, they have not originated to me about it.

Do you make over $500,000 a year?

I wish. If you do, I want to be your friend. It matters not a whit if you are gay or straight.

What do you fear will be taken away from you?

More of my freedom.

Every time there is a rise in taxes, it takes a little bit more of that freedom. My time is being taxed and I am working more days of the year to pay those taxes.

The bulk of that money I earn is not going to those things that will protect me from force or fraud, they are not going to protect the borders from those that may want to do harm to the country. It is not going to gather intelligence and to handle external threats to the country.

It is going nominally to provide assistance to those that are “less fortunate”. My industry is supporting those that are not or are less industrious. Those that I deem worthy would get my charity in any case. Entitlement means government theft and redistribution to those a bureaucrat deems worthy. It is used to buy votes for politicians. It is used to reward bad behavior and it penalizes good behavior. As we lose that freedom the entire country loses to that extent its exceptionalism…the things that made this country the richest, most dynamic and most powerful force of good in the world. And that is what I fear losing…mostly for my children.

Are you capable of pluralism?

Pluralism means: a state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain an autonomous participation in and development of their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization.

With this definition, NO.

In this country there is a myriad of ethnic groups that have enclaves in various cities. I think each ethnic group that comes here adds their own unique flavor to the soup that is the American culture. But they MUST become part of that soup and not a side dish. They MUST become American. They cannot individuate from this culture. To be allowed to do this is suicide for the country. They must speak English. They must know American history, the good and the bad. Again, they must become…American.

Maintain your traditions, maintain your language and give us the best of your culture. Leave behind the worst parts of your culture; which is probably the reason you moved to America in the first place. Bring the best of you and leave the aberrations and non-survival aspects of that culture behind.

Are you ethnocentric?

This means: characterized by or based on the attitude that one’s own group is superior.

As above American culture is made of many ethnic groups. American people may eat three or four different ethnic meals in a week. Where else can you get Chinese take out, tacos, sushi, fish & chips and a hamburger etc. ad infinitum (or perhaps more appropriately — ad nauseam) within 50 feet of each other?

There is a reason the American experiment lead, in less than 200 years, to the most powerful, most industrious, most innovative, most benevolent (despite it’s atrocities and other failings) and richest country in history. It did not have to do with race or gender but with a system put in place that promoted and grew a distinctively American ethnic of “can do”, self-reliance, independence and entrepreneurship.

So, ethnocentric no, but Americanocentric…Yes.

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I ran across this article in the “Small Business Exchange” newspaper, a small publication for California small businesses.   The President of  the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California wrote the article touting the great things that were being done in California.  How laws were going to ensure the prosperity and security of the California worker.  I rebutted point by point.  His article is in blue.  My rebuttal is in red.

In the 2013 legislative session, the State Building Trades is moving forward with a wide-ranging package of legislation, much of which expands and protects construction workers’ rights to earn the prevailing wage on public works projects.

California’s working people have fought together with a tenacious resolve and unity in recent election cycles to elect forward-looking individuals to our Legislature and statewide offices, and we are now working hard as ever to enact good new laws that will secure them a better standard of living. It is gratifying to know that the future is looking brighter for hard-working Californians.

Platitudes.  California has the highest income and sales taxes of practically any state.  Businesses are moving out of California at an alarming rate.  An all Democrat legislature is now unfettered in limiting legislation that interferes with business and makes California one of the most business UN-friendly states in the union.  The prevailing wage laws protect union workers from competition and costs the California tax payer in the form of public works that could have been done for much less.  This does not bode well for the future looking brighter for hard-working Californians.

But when I read news from elsewhere, I am saddened to see that in many other states, the ultra-rich big business interests are pushing workers backwards, removing hard-won worker protections and slashing their wages, lowering their quality of life and prospects for the future.

Lowering the quality of life for whom?  Certainly not for the people that can be employed at a lower wage and not for the hard working tax payers who have the state digging deeper into their pockets to pay for artificially inflated wages.  What people like you, who have a vested interest in the state, fail to realize is that you cannot repeal or legislate around the law of supply and demand.  Soon, other people’s money runs out. At some point the tax payer will fail to be intimidated into tax increases. Propaganda will only go so far when painting a rosy picture on the rotting corpse of a city or state.

Politicians appease the union workers with these sorts of laws to secure their support for reelection campaigns. It is incest and is now rampant since the rise of government unions.  See my essay “Statist Theory: Vice is nice but (Political) Incest is Best.

Consider the latest stinging defeat for working people in Tennessee, where the state has not only banned prevailing wage on state projects, but has now enacted a law that prohibits any local government from requiring prevailing wages on projects or requiring private employers to provide more generous health benefits, leave policies, or wages that exceed state standards. Any existing local ordinances that allow for better wages are now unenforceable.

I am trying to understand how this is a bad thing…the companies that get the projects now are able to pay employees what they are worth not the inflated wages of union workers who are often working at wages that would not be supported by a free market.

Not content with ending prevailing wage on state projects, they have now banned cities, counties, or local districts from even considering choosing to pay workers decently!

This is just a libelous statement.  Define decently. By who’s standard?

A similar law was signed recently by the Governor of Kansas. The state had already repealed its longstanding state prevailing wage law, but its newest law now “prohibits cities, counties, and local government units from using ordinances, resolutions, or law to require private employers to provide leave, benefits and higher compensation.”

Interesting that Kansas’ economy is now on the rise with businesses coming into a now more business friendly state.

Across America, even minimum wage is under threat. Eighteen states do not currently have prevailing wage laws, most repealed in the past few decades by Republican legislators and governors. In other states, including Michigan and Pennsylvania, more anti-prevailing wage measures are progressing.

Again, a GOOD thing.  After years of Detroit being under the yoke of not just automobile unions (that bankrupted GM) but also government unions, it has gone bankrupt.  Now, perhaps, Detroit has a chance to get back on an even keel.  Years and years of Democrat administrations and favorable union laws have driven states into the ground by more and more anti-business legislation such as prevailing wage AND minimum wage laws. 

Fortunately, the brighter people are waking up to the fraud that is minimum wage, which only harms the entry level worker because businesses will not pay a worker more than that work is worth to the business.  This is one of the reasons (along with prevailing wage laws) why unemployment is so much higher in the black communities.  The only reason they are not rioting and coming for politicians with pitchforks is because  these facts are being hidden from them by the liberal ideology that is force fed to them by a simpatico and compliant press.

These attacks on working people around the country illustrate the importance of our work here in California, where we want to protect and expand prevailing wages for workers. Here is some of what the Building Trades are doing. The hallmark bill for 2013 is Senate Bill 7, to make charter cities eligible for state funding for public works projects only if they pay prevailing wage. Charter cities may choose to exempt themselves from prevailing wage, and some do. This measure would provide a strong financial incentive for those cities to stop shortchanging working men and women with substandard wages.

 In other words the cities must tax their base for the extra wages that must be paid, not to mention the increased bureaucracy that must be maintained to enforce these laws.  Any way you look at it, it is not good for workers or tax payers.  It is only good for politicians, bureaucrats and unions.

 Speaking of charter cities, Senate Bill 311 requires that charter city conversion elections be held in a statewide general election, where voter participation is highest, in order to protect workers from the tactic of passing conversion measures in lower turnout municipal elections. For example, in the City of Bell’s charter election, fewer than 400 people voted out of a population of 40,000 and corrupt politicians padded their paychecks to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while driving construction workers’ wages into the ground by removing prevailing wage.

This may or may not be good.  Certainly Bell’s politicians enriched themselves at the expense of the tax payers.  I would also say that this is peanuts compared to the enrichment of politicians and union officials statewide that continually have to raise taxes in order to pay for prevailing wages and the huge salaries of the union officials.  One also has to wonder what the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California is costing taxpayers to promote these anti-business measures. I suspect that Mr. Hunter’s salary is not under six figures for a job I consider is supernumerary.

We are also protecting prevailing wage with Senate Bill 776, to prevent anti-union contractors from defining sham labor compliance committees as a fringe benefit, which can then be deducted from workers’ wages as a portion

of the prevailing wage. The Associated Builders and Contractors, the anti-union group, have been using these deductions to fund themselves for their relentless drive to destroy construction unions.

The only reason these so called “anti-union” groups are there is to counter the relentless drive of politicians who are in the pocket of private and public unions, who extort or bribe politicians into giving wages and benefits by legislation and when the bill comes due threatening taxpayers with cuts in police or schools in order to exact another tax increase.

We are also seeking to ramp up prevailing wage enforcement with Assembly Bill 1336, to extend the statute of limitations for recovering lost wages due to prevailing wage violations from six months to 18 months. These companies cheat workers on prevailing wage in order to provide the lowest bid, undermining honest contractors who pay workers fairly and base their bids on efficiency.

Assembly Bill 1140 would ensure that construction workers earn the prevailing wage in effect at the time they perform their work, rather than when a contract went to bid, which may be many years earlier, when the prevailing wage was significantly lower.

We have found on projects that workers have gone years without a pay raise because of a loophole in state law that will be rectified by AB 1140. Senate Bill 615 ensures prevailing wage on the construction of health care facilities financed by certain types of public bond mechanisms, while Assembly Bill 26 requires that contractors that do work in refineries carry a workforce that has been trained and graduated in state-approved construction apprenticeship programs, and requires those workers be paid the prevailing wage for construction workers in the area.

Thus ensuring quality of work and the safety of the surrounding communities adjacent to these industrial facilities. With this broad, determined package of legislation, we hope to make a real and positive difference for California construction workers. We, all of the Building Trades, and each individual local union, fought hard to defeat

Proposition 32, which tried to silence our voice. We worked tirelessly to elect public officials that would listen to the concerns of everyday blue collar workers. When we compare these worthy actions with the sad developments in many other states, we see the clear benefits of our unity and activism, and the price Californians could pay if we ever fail to be vigilant, vigorous and united in our fight for a decent quality of  life.

See what I mean about an unfettered Democrat legislature?  California taxes will be going up substantially and businesses who can no longer stand the intrusion will find other states that are more business friendly (such as Kansas and Texas). 

Do you think these laws will ensure job security and make a positive difference for union workers and Californians in general?   Better take a look at the trajectory of California.  California is practically bankrupt now due to these sorts of practices.  It is a dwindling spiral where the tax payers are going to be squeezed more and more and where businesses will find more friendly places to move to.  The only ones who will not have to worry are the welfare recipients, politicians, and union workers with seniority, that is … until the California collapse.

For other reading on this subject see The Left Running Scared? and Statist Theory “Vice is Nice but (Political) Incest is Best”
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How retiring boomers can still change the world

Having spent a majority of my 29 years in education and having seen what is being taught, I would have to say that education is currently controlled by the extreme left. They teach group mentalities, white guilt and why capitalism doesn’t benefit all. My belief in why this is the case can almost directly be tied to the capitalist mentality that “those who can’t do teach”. This was a phrase I know I heard numerous times growing up. But while all the capitalists were out making money and advancing their careers, a slow cancer crept into learning institutions.

The ones who couldn’t “do” taught your children. They never taught them how to think, but what to think and they taught them to be good little socialists who don’t question government. In the need for expedience, you looked for the easy solution and thought it would never change from the days of your youth… but the free spirit, peace and love hippies woke up one day and decided they needed to earn some kind of money and education and media were their solutions.

So how does all this pertain to you now you might ask? Boomers who worked in the business world are reaching the age of retirement and with that, they will have free time in great quantity. What I would ask of them is not to waste their golden years, but to teach at a local college or become part of the administration apparatus (as I believe this is just as much to blame as the teachers themselves). Give back in this way and help the pendulum swing the other way. We need to take back the educational institutions from those who would poison the minds of the young against the capitalist ways and trust me, they are out there in droves.

Besides that, real world experience is more valuable in learning than a bunch of people debating over theories they have concocted with no real world backing. We don’t need more technology or crazy theories on how to teach, we need to teach our children how to think. The most effective for actual learning and toughest classes I’ve ever had have all been lecture classes that allowed for debate. The ancient Greeks understood this, why can’t we?

So boomers, come join the cause! Become a teacher and save freedom, save the republic and give something back that will make you feel like you changed the world!

Posted by: Jerrad | December 22, 2012

Leonardo Da Vinci said “I awoke only to find that the rest of the world is still asleep.” NDAA allows American citizens to be detained indefinitely without due process at the whim of the government. It passed today to little fanfare. Couple this with a little reported fact that the Department of Homeland Security ordered 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition recently. The war in Iraq used 70 million rounds a year. At that rate it would take 20 years to run through that stockpile. That is more than 4 rounds of ammunition for every man, woman and child in America today. What exactly does a department meant to protect the homeland need with that 28,000 tons of ammunition? The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and we have fallen asleep at our post. It is time to wake up or go quietly into the night.

Posted by: Greg Huff | September 22, 2012

Comments on “Why I Left the Libertarian Party”

I recently penned the article “Why I left the Libertarian Party”.
I sent some of my friends and people I grew up with a link to the piece.  Below are comments from one of them in black and my rebuttal comments in blue.

I have to say I was disappointed and surprised by the comments.  I had no idea of the gap between my philosophy and that persons.  I also have to say that I cannot wrap my mind around some of these arguments as to me it is black and white that government who only provides protection from force and fraud as its only hat works.

Read the referenced piece above if you have not.  For more question and answer…see Liberal Questions


This was a revealing article; deeply personal and a reflection of what
I feel is dangerous thinking.

Really? Wow.

The ideas expressed in your article
reflect the radical elements of today’s ordinary, law-abiding
Americans who yearn for stability in their lives. You yearn for a
return to an illusion of the past, that never existed in the first
place, where the Founding Fathers are all heroes, and Americans were
self-sufficient. You remain subject to and victim of the horrors of
WWI and WWII when Socialism and Marxism were branded as evil

I am surprised and amazed that:

1. There are radical elements of today’s ordinary, law-abiding Americans. I didn’t know such existed.

2. You don’t consider Socialism and Marxism evil. Can you tell me the reasoning behind you thinking it is not?

 Americans are subject to and victims of fear; fear of their culture being diluted and perhaps replaced by something alien.

I assume this is in response to my comment about open borders and unchecked immigration diluting our culture.  Americans have a unique culture, despite the sins of our past regarding our native population.  Certainly it is a shame on our ancestors over the last century.  That being said, you assume I “yearn for a return to an illusion of the past that never existed…”  This is evaluation of the worst kind…assuming you know what I yearn for.  In reality I yearn for something that has a potential of existing but never has and that is government doing only its proper functions of protecting individual right and the citizens from force and fraud.   I have stated elsewhere that if the government is “helping people” it not only is NOT protecting individual rights it is actively violating them.

All of this confusion results in unhappiness, thereby, making
Americans feel that their Constitutional rights to pursue happiness
has been violated. Americans are lost. They do not know that Jefferson
was a Humanist who called himself “an Epicurean”. The “Pursuit of
Happiness” was the foundation of Epicurean ideology. Jefferson was
wise enough to accept this philosophy and incorporate it into our
Constitution. But Americans do not know the larger context of those
words. They do not know that Epicurus avoided politics and thought it
was a waste of time.

The first thought I have is…So?

Jefferson was experimenting and the philosophy almost worked.

Almost worked? What did not work about it?

Just as Socialism and Marxism were experiments that failed, doesn’t mean that everything about those philosophies is wrong or evil.

What isn’t wrong or evil about It?

It’s the application that counts and who enforces (interprets) the application.

Please tell me how stealing the product of some to give to others is applied so it is not wrong or evil?

There is no one, clear, absolute application of any philosophy. They
are all subject to debate and rejection of parts. If Marxism and
Socialism have infiltrated the Democratic Party, it is because the
American public desires it and elects persons who support those
desires. You cannot say that Marxism and Socialism does not exist in
some of the platforms of the Republican Party, or even in your own

You are absolutely correct.  I cannot say that and I did not. There are ALWAYS people who desire and covet the labor and product of others.  The Constitution was put there as a protection against this sort of thing.  Both Republicans and Dems have been actively violating the Constitution in this regard.  The Republicans are just not as far gone as the Dems.  Please tell me though, where in my thinking that Marxism and Socialism does exist?  You cannot make such a blanket statement.  If nothing else it undermines your argument.  It may be a reason some people have such a visceral reaction to your arguments.

As for fear, I believe Americans are gripped with fear, which
debilitates their thinking and decisions. Our Great Culture Clash with
Muslims is an excellent example where they and their Founding Father
are demonized.

Did you ever consider that their founders should be demonized?  There is no other religion (which is actually God centered political movement.) whose policy it is to put to the sword those that will not convert to their religion.

Another good example, right in our back yard, is our culture clash with Mexicans. Americans forget that half of America was under Spanish rule for a very long time. Is there something wrong with America becoming different? Perhaps a change is order…or perhaps that change will come by the virtue of mass immigration as it has with
other cultures on other continents.

 I think it is your thinking that is dangerous.  I have no animosity for Mexican who want to come over here and work.  If I lived in that 3rd world country I would do the same.  The country was built on immigrants that wanted to come here to be part of OUR culture.  What you have over the past 30 years or so many immigrate to the US not just to work and go home, or play by the rules and become integrated into our way of life.  The Mexicans are leaving a failed system and importing that failed system here.  There is something wrong with this.  Though the US is not perfect, getting back to founding principles goes a long way toward bettering the lives of not just the people of the US but of the world. 

Yes, our way of life will change and will be different and there is no
way of stopping it. Certainly, no political party can stop it. Nor
should it be stopped.

Perhaps you are right that this cannot be stopped.  The dangerous thinking is that it shouldn’t be stopped; that the America I grew up in will no longer exist but will fall into some sort of dictatorship or will be broken up into various political factions and with that the death and misery it will bring to millions if not billions.  The bright light of freedom and prosperity that was made possible by the United States will cease to be.  When the United States falls there will be a dark age that will be worse than the original.  And those that advocate or fail to do nothing to stop it will, just before being killed or starved to death, scream…”I didn’t know…”  And I will say: “Why didn’t you?”

 The moral relativism you espouse is part of the problem. Communist/ Socialist governments killed 100 million people in the 20th century.  I am sure all of these idealists had the same vision of utopia.  It is intentions that count not all of the bodies by the wayside is not just flawed thinking it is the most dangerous sort of thinking.

 How many people have died for the good intentions of others?  I have no doubt all of the Muslims are well intentioned in killing for their god.  I have no doubt Stalin was well intentioned in killing millions by starvation and worse.  And I have no doubt that the people that were violating the Constitution by taking lands that the native people had negotiated by treaty with the US government were well intentioned. 

I don’t want to live in the kind of world you seem to advocate, where the principals of individual rights and freedom to your own productive effort is dangerous thought and on the same moral plane as Socialism, Communism and Islamism all of which are philosophies of death and oppression.  That you think the freedom to act in your own best interest and expect that others do the same so long as they do not violate others rights is wrong and dangerous, is pretty abhorrent to me.

 In my experience freedom should be the default and is worth fighting for even if it is a losing battle.

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Posted by: Greg Huff | September 19, 2012

Why I Left The Libertarian Party

 Several months ago I was sent a letter by the Libertarian Party asking for the disagreements I had with them because failed to renew my Libertarian Party membership. They said “go ahead let us know we can take it”. I wrote them the following letter I’m putting it in this form now to get out to a wider public why I am not supporting the Libertarian Party and in this election will be voting for Mitt Romney.

“You wanted to know what disagreements I have with the Libertarian Party.

I have been a libertarian since before I could vote.  I voted for John Hospers who was the first Libertarian candidate for President.

I never voted for any other party’s candidate for President and always voted for the Libertarian candidate…Until the 2004 elections.  It was apparent to me at that time we could not afford a Democrat in the White House.  I am doubly convinced of this with Obama now there.

September 11th 2001 changed my mind about the Libertarian foreign policy.

Though I agree with withdrawing our troops from around the world where there is no strategic interest.  Limiting response to threats until after we have been attacked is, in today’s world, not a survival strategy.

Open borders, which many libertarians believe in, to me is a leftist policy meant to dilute American culture.  It will if left unchecked mean the breaking up of that culture and finally the dissolution of the country itself.

Finally, it is apparent to me that it is much more effective to change the Republican Party into the essence of libertarian philosophy than to water down the Republican votes in contests with the Democrat party (which is now the essence of Communists and Socialist philosophy).

Infiltrate and take over the Republican party … our mutual philosophy within that structure is the only thing that will save the country.”

Ron Paul has the right idea.  It has taken years to get his ideas to take hold in the Republican Party.  The Tea Party has a LOT of libertarian philosophy in it especially in its stance on fiscal matters.  You see Ayn Rand posters at many of the Tea Party rallies.  He should immediately endorse Romney as superior to Obama and continue to work to get the libertarian ideas accepted in the Republican Party.

I love Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee.  I would vote for him in a minute.  I cannot in good conscience do this however as it will dilute the Republican vote and in my estimation the United States cannot survive another four years of Obama.

It took the Communists and Socialists 30 or so years to successfully infiltrate and take over the Democrat Party.  It is not only prudent that libertarian activist work within the Republican establishment and to take over that establishment, it is vital.  Libertarians must transform the Republican Party to a libertarian Party, or at least become the heart and mind of it.

The best thing that Gary Johnson could do to raise the profile of libertarian ideas and ideals is to withdraw from the Presidential race and direct all libertarians to vote for Mitt Romney.

Is Romney ideal?  No.  Is he a libertarian?  No.  But he is not a socialist or Marxist.  If Johnson withdraws, it will give him power within the Republican Party and with that a chance to weaken the progressive elements in this Party.  It is going to take time to transform this party.  But it will only be done from within, not from outside.

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Posted by: Greg Huff | September 8, 2012

Slavery and Socialism

Recently I commented on some posts on Facebook that were made by two women who are friends of a family member.  They were disagreeing with this family member’s post   “Socialism is the distribution of poverty”.  Both were in agreement with Socialism and of the belief that government is an agent of compassion.

Glen Allport wrote an essay called “Government is Not Compassion”.  In the intro he says: “The single most damaging error of the modern age is the misperception of government as an agency of compassion.  As a replacement for the “divine right of kings,” this misperception has, for those in power, been an astonishing success.  For the rest of mankind, it has frequently been a disaster beyond imagining.”

 I invite you to read his essay here:

 Below is my post in blue.  Their posts are in black with my rebuttal in blue.

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution declared that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” Formally abolishing slavery in the United States, the 13th Amendment was passed by the Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified by the states on December 6, 1865. Socialism = the redistribution of wealth from those who earned it to those that did not. This is involuntary servitude and therefore the equivalent of slavery outlawed by the Constitution.
As far as Canada goes…Socialism works fine…until you run out of other peoples money. Canada as well as Europe has been able to afford their welfare states partially due to the military umbrella provided and financed by the United States and partially due to the international aid that has been provided by the U.S. Canada has gotten more prosperous due to the free market reforms they’ve recently instituted. Consider the statement : people have the RIGHT to basic needs (i.e. health care and proper education)” OK people have this right…who provides it? This means that the government has the right to TAKE the product of your labor to provide for those “rights”. That means there is no right to property. The Constitution provides negative rights — the freedom from. Positive rights as wanted by statists necessarily negates those negative rights and makes everyone a slave to every person who demands their right to health care and education. It is flawed in every sense.

First person’s comments:

Socialism is NOT COMMUNISM.  I don’t believe I mentioned communism but it is cut from the same cloth.
Everyone has the chance to prosper in a socialized country.  This is delusion.
I’ve lived in both socialist and capitalist countries, so I can speak from life experience.  It’s easy for outsiders to criticize something they know very little about.  I don’t know of any Capitalist countries. So which one have you lived in?  The United States for much of its history was the freest country in the world. Not now.
Canada’s prosperous economy has nothing to do with US military umbrella. That is completely false.  Afraid not, the US has protected the world with its Navy.  The shipping lanes are safe because of the US Navy not the Canadian Navy.  As much as Canada may have helped, the U.S. and Canada are not living under a Nazi government because of the United States, not Canada.  The United States is the economic engine that has pulled the world into the prosperity it has.
If Capitalism is survival of the fittest and tax dollars shouldn’t be spent back on the people, then WHY COLLECT OR PAY TAXES?  Really? Why collect or pay taxes?  You really have no idea what the function of government is do you? First of all capitalism is nothing more than two people agreeing on some sort of exchange.  You have an old couch to sell.  Someone wants to buy that couch.  You ask $500.00.  He counters with $100.00.  You finally agree on $250.00.  Mutual exchange for mutual benefit.  If you have ever done this or anything similar then you were at that point a capitalist.  It is the only system that has at its core, exchanging valuable for valuable.
Government has a specific function.  It is NOT to decide who is to be extorted in order to give it to someone they deem to deserve a handout.  Its function is to protect its citizens from force and fraud.  That is the proper function of government, nothing more.
In that’s the case, dissolve the government so we don’t have to pay politicians and let everyone fend for themselves like the animal kingdom.  This is typical statist talking point.  Seems you’ve been well indoctrinated.  The United States became the most prosperous, the most benevolent, and the world stabilizing force it is, precisely because it has for the most part stuck to the philosophy of not interfering into the market place but only protected the parties from force or fraud.
You mention “fend for themselves like the animal kingdom”.  I understand that it is hard to imagine anyone but government can do the things they do. The lie that everyone will be left to “fend for themselves” is pervasive in the circles you run in.  You hear it so often that “it has to be the truth”. I get it.
I am telling you now that without government interference, the innovation that would be unleashed would be staggering.  I know this is true because this is what happened.  The upward spiral of affluence of a free society is overwhelming.  It is that philosophy and freedom that is responsible for the wealth that has been produced in the past hundred years.
Poverty and misery has been the normal state of man for millennia.  It is only since the rise of the United States and ITS limited government that made possible the innovation of the industrial revolution and more recently the information age.  It is not government that made that possible.  Government cannot produce anything…except security of a person or group and that is impossible if they are trying to favor one group over another.  Suggested reading for you to educate yourself is “Free to Chose” by Milton Freedman

Second person’s Comments

Who is the “we” you are speaking about surviving in our early years, Greg?  Huh? Sorry, this makes no sense to me.
The slaves may have a bone to pick with you on how great this country was at that time. Hmmm I thought I quoted the 13th Amendment.
Capitalism would argue that slavery is perfectly ok because the cheaper the labor the better the profit.  You, as with most statist have a perverted view of history and especially of Capitalism.  I would argue that slavery was not a help to the profitability of South but a hindrance to it. It has been demonstrated time and again that it is free people that are the most productive.  Slaves will only do as much as they are whipped to do.  Slave will sabotage production by either deliberate action or just not doing what is required.  Freedom was not tried by the plantation owners to their own, not to mention, the country’s detriment.  It is you that wants to start this back up, with the productive being slaves to the non-productive.
It is our humanity that causes us to pause and reflect on how important personal wealth really is.  I agree.
Welfare is not giving everything to some lazy people (to paraphrase you), it is realizing that anyone of us could fall into that hole at any moment through no fault of our own and that a helping hand out of the hole is a basic decency we should expect from the greatest country in the world.  This is another platitude of the indoctrinated. The government cannot force people to be compassionate.  That is the function of each individual to be that. I do not admire the “humanity” you have.  Your humanity puts a gun in your hand and points it at my head ordering me to give it to someone YOU deem to be deserving.  Yours is a philosophy of extortion and denigrates both the receiver and the extorted.  It is no longer a “hand up” it is an “entitlement”.  It isn’t “charity”, how can it be?  It is an entitlement, meaning you are entitled to it.
Charity is the responsibility of the individual and is wholly moral.  It benefits the giver as he or she feels they have benefited someone less fortunate.  It benefits the receiver as well.  It gives them a hand up.  Knowing it is charity they try not to be burden to those that are giving of themselves.  They then try hard to be deserving of that charity.
The people of the US are the most generous in the world.  Not because they are forced to be, it is because they are (relatively) free and affluent enough to be able help those in need.  The rest of the world’s charity pales by comparison.
Not everyone has a family structure that can help if the worst befalls them. Not everyone can rely on their friends to be able to pick them up in the toughest times. And not everyone who has ever benefited from a welfare program is a horrible drain on all the “good, worthy” Americans. Some of those people are children escaping abusive homes.  and needing food. Some of those people are law abiding citizens who have been hit by a drunk driver with no insurance. Some of those people are elderly and can no longer work enough to pay their medical bills. Some of those people are veterans that have made larger sacrifices than most can imagine and now need to be helped to find a job and return to a non-combat life. What gives you or anyone else the right to tell these people that they deserve their circumstances because they are not “the fittest”?
The above is one of the more ignorant statements I’ve seen in some time. (Note I did not say stupid).  I would ask:  What gives you or anyone else the right to extort or steal money from me or any one else in order to help these people you believe need to be helped?  If you believe they need to be helped, then help them.   If I came into your house and took your things in order to sell to help people I believe need to be helped, I am sure you would call the police and have me arrested.  Your philosophy is no different except you want the police to come and take my things to give to people you believe are deserving.
Suggested reading:  Who Really Cares by Arthur C Brooks.
Thomas Sowell reviewed this book. “People who identify themselves as conservatives donate money to charity more often than people who identify themselves as liberals. They donate more money and a higher percentage of their incomes.
It is not that conservatives have more money. Liberal families average 6 percent higher incomes than conservative families.”
So, who really cares, the person who wants government to take money from those who earn it or the person who takes his own money in order to give a person a hand up ?
See also my piece “Liberal Questions”
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Posted by: Ted | August 9, 2012

Inflation, The Hidden Tax On All of America


The Federal Reserve is said to be set to act to stimulate the economy in September.  What that means to every voter/taxpayer/purchaser of goods is you will be spending devalued dollars.  So, if the Fed moves, it will buy U.S. Bonds by printing more worthless paper money.  It’s the equivalent to taking the dollars you have in your pocket and cutting 10% off and letting you spend the remaining for 90% of the value.  The 10% taken off is distributed to those who the government has decided needs it more than you do.  All the rhetoric is about being fair and having the rich pay more but this is not a penalty on the rich, it is action that places the greatest burden on those who have less.  They will be paying more for the goods they purchase and the politicians will have more money to give to those who support them.  So, while the price of the stocks in your 401(k) might go up in value it won’t be because their worth more, It’s because the dollars you must now pay for them are worth less and more dollars are needed to buy the same things.  The main problem for most of us is that our wages and income are not going up as fast as the cost of goods and services we must buy with these less valuable dollars.  It’s another example of our government saying they are looking out for us and helping us, doing so by their misguided understanding of economics or thinking we are just too stupid to realize what they are doing.

Posted by: Ted | August 7, 2012

“Actions Speak Louder than Words”

“Actions Speak Louder than Words”: If you had a good German mother like I did, you’ve heard those words time and time again.  It wasn’t about what came out of your mouth, it was what actions, both current and past, that supported the situation that got the reaction.  Words are cheap and cheap people use them to spin things to their best advantage, lying is a tool to get what they want.  So if you can find someone whose actions and words are in sync, you’ve met someone worthy of your trust and support.

As I look at the current political environment I find it hard to believe the words of our current President.  Mr. Obama tells us he has our best interests at heart but fails to make decisions that support the free enterprise system, adherence to his oath of office and has failed to deliver on the promises he made in his last election.  This same person has used unproven statements to cast doubt on his competition but fails to bring any facts to the table.  Mr. Obama is not worthy of the trust and support of the American people and not worthy of being re-elected to his lofty position.

Posted by: Greg Huff | August 1, 2012

The Left Running Scared?

This essay was originally posted at the previous Politically Empowered website in April 2009.  I am re-posting this now to make it available.  I believe it is still relevant, in fact it is now more important than ever to press what ever advantage and momentum freedom loving people have against the ideology of death that is progressivism and it’s siblings.

I watched with interest the Tea Parties across the nation. I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers of people that came out to peacefully protest the gigantic upward leap of government spending, the lack of care about protecting our borders and a host of other grievances that have served to alienate ordinary people from both political parties.

I also watched without surprise the reaction of those on the far left who denigrated those participating as far right zealots or that this tax day protest was not a “grassroots” effort but an “Astroturf” movement. Nancy “Botox” Pelosi theorized the protests were being organized by deep pockets on the right; thus “Astroturf” movement.

There was as well, a lot of poo-pooing the protests and justification as “just right-wingers” or “just a GOP rally” by the [take your pick] “drive-by”, “main scream”, or “dinosaur” media.

What did surprise me about this however, is the naked bias and bigotry of the media on display without any (even transparent) veil.

Jainine Garafalo, vitriolic hater that she is, accused the crowd of just one thing: being racists, protesting the blackness of the President. I was surprised how off base she was in her analysis but then I stopped being surprised realizing that this sort of hateful statement by an odious person, can only analyze what filters the through curtains of her chronically low emotional quotient, false data and fixed ideas (in other words her ideology).

In listening to some of the conservative talk shows, I was also surprised to learn of a word meaning that I was not aware of before. Most shows did not repeat the word but just made general references to it and I only learned of the term when I heard it used by Garafalo in her rant with Keith Oberman. I had to go and look up the term which was not in a regular dictionary.

Now I am no prude and I have some pretty young friends but I was not only surprise by use of the term but that I had not ever heard it before.

Susan Roesgen of CNN was another surprise. She is of course the “reporter” that pretended to do an interview at one of the Tea Parties and then attacked the poor guy holding a child and did not allow him to answer her question or finish his statement.

I was surprised not that she displayed bias and bigotry but that it was again done in such a naked manner.

The tolerance of the left was on display for all to see the day after the Tea Parties.

Then there was the “coincidental” release from DHS that you might be terrorist if you are concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty. That describes most of you radicals out there that participated in these “Astroturf” actions. Who knew there were so many terrorist? It seems terrorism has gone “mainstream” in this country.

All of the above actions by the left and their toadies in the media and on Capitol Hill is an effort to discourage all of those good people exercising their right to peacefully protest from continuing to do so. The people engaging in these LAWFUL protests do not want to be associated with terrorist, or racists or bigots. Therefore, efforts to link law-abiding people with these things, is a transparent attempt to disengage them from the movement.

This means they are concerned about this effort. I won’t say they are scared or panicked…yet, but it is obvious from the vitriol and dismissive attitude they do not want you to continue.

Now this may discourage some of the more timid among us from participating in the next Tea Party. All I have to say is: You got a reaction and that is what was meant to happen. It means you have touched a live area that the left wants to remain hidden. You have them wondering if you are aware of the secret they are withholding. You have now started down this road and have to take it to the end if you want the result.

The left has been moving the ball down the field for too long with no real opposition other than the inertia of the culture. They will not go quietly when actively opposed. They hoped government control would be a fait accompli before the home team got out on the field. Before this contest is over both will be bloodied probably literally as well as figuratively. You dare not stop now or you lose by default. With it goes the greatest country that ever has been and the dooming of the entire world to a dark age more savage than the original.

This team (to continue the sports metaphor) is kind of sorry lot in reality. Devious and cunning but with no real substance other than lies and sucker punches. If you want to win this fight you have to attack.

I’ve said it before don’t defend. Always meet every attack with a counter attack. The public will follow the line of attack. Don’t say: “I’m not a racist” when accused of it, attack the accuser of being a race baiter, because that is what they are. When accused of being a homophobe counter attack that the accuser is a heterophobic and their accusation is silly and without merit. You know your heart. You don’t want to be associated with this sort of indictment, so don’t play their game. Turn that motion to your advantage and attack them with it.

Look how far this tactic has gotten the left, when they have no principles and no workable policy to offer.

Do you want smaller and limited government? Then always, always look for the government action or inaction that lead to ANY political problem and attack that. Read the Constitution and become familiar with it. Counter the emotional arguments of “do it for the children” with “Where does it say in the Constitution that the Federal Government has that power?”

Government has specific functions and all actions by the Federal Government not specifically given to it by the Constitution is UN-Constitutional despite what the Supreme Court has said.

Make the next Tea Party even bigger and you will really have the left apoplectic.

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