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Politically Empowered is…

a site designed to provide honest political dialog on the issues and we invite you to join us in becoming an informed and involved citizen. So, please do more than just sign up, get involved, make comments and let your elected representatives hear from you. As a site, we do not subscribe to Republican or Democrat party politics but we do subscribe to basic constitutional principles. So while at times it may appear we are a Republican or Libertarian site it is only because they tend to be more attached to those principles than is the Democrat party. The key to the site is to allow people who want to expand their knowledge and participation on political issues to do so, as all respectful comments are welcome and encouraged. We can not learn by hearing only one side of an argument. While we anticipate spirited debate, we expect our participants to be honest and respectful of the laws of common decency at all times.

The focus of our founding fathers was a government that is based on the promotion of individual freedom over socialism or authoritarian rule; respect for the rule of law where blind justice is adjudicated, and where personal responsibility and hard work can lead one to achieve success and happiness. We are in the throws of a political revolution for the type of country we wish to live in and the country we wish to leave to future generations. It is a revolution of political awakening that will require bold and dynamic steps by common citizens to again revive the ideals that our founding fathers embarked on over 200 years ago. Today we seem to be lead by politicians who see themselves as our lords and masters relying on emotional manipulation to confuse and mislead voters. Once they achieve power their goal has been to use it to achieve personal power and wealth as opposed to engaging their constituents in a positive political dialog of personal responsibility.

On this site we will attempt to assist you by consolidating information that will allow you to become empowered through knowledge. We will attempt to provide that information in an organized manner so as to leave you time to live your life while yet taking an active role in the workings of government.

  • The Personal Political Matrix (PPM) is designed to give you insight at where you say you are politically on the major topical issues of government.
  • The Topics should give you information on broad political categories which can be used to better focus your thought and political dialog
  • The Blog should provide information on the both sides of issues as people post and comment, allowing improved knowledge and better decisions.
  • The Politicians PPM is provided to better understanding of the political principles of the public officials who represent you or are looking to represent you.
  • The Take a Stand portion of the site is to offering you a simple way to communicate with your political leaders; controlling them not with your money but through your vote, your comments to them and through other voters who you may influence to vote responsively.
  • The Resources section of the site is designed for us to share meaningful information with one another. As we can no longer rely on a corrupt and agenda driven media who wishes to manipulate us rather than inform us it is important we look to one another for the best available information.
  • There are many Links that give you additional sources of information to help you broaden your knowledge and at sometimes take a break to empower other portions of your life. The empowered person is one who does what the do out of knowledge verses being manipulated by others to act as fools.
By letting politicians know we are knowledgeable on the issues we will hold them responsible for what they do and say and the way we vote and encourage others to vote will change the world much the way the revolutionary army of 1776 did for us so many years ago.
We ask you to use this site to help to elect statesmen, people who stand for something, not just seeking fame and fortune but to be remembered for their principles, bravely fighting for individual freedom, limited government, the rule of law, a free market economy and for our rights as citizens to pursue happiness through the use of our God given talents

Here’s how we plan to do that:

Statesmen do not act the way our current politicians act! Leadership is based on principles which do not become altered when elected or bow to the partisanship of their respective political party. It’s about more than just getting elected; it’s about governing with principles and courage.

It is time to remake the political landscape and to do that we must begin with knowledge. The first step toward accomplishing our goal requires knowledge because we can not expect to be able to vote intelligently if we don’t have a clear understanding what our own political principles are. Issues will come and go but principles are the basis for decisions on issues that otherwise may not always be clear. An example of such inconsistency is when someone if for less taxes but wants the government to do more and more for them.

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