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Let’s all unite against the Left.

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Let’s all unite against the Left.

True Americans are worried, upset, angry and wondering how to fight back against the tyranny of the leftists that have taken over our federal government. If they thought Americans were going to go back to sleep, then they are the ones snoozing. From the Attorney Generals who are filing lawsuits to regular Americans who want to initiate a boycott of any left-wing businesses, companies or media outlets (or those who advertise with them), ideas are sprouting up all over the Internet.

Unite against tyranny.

This is a great post by someone named “Cybercorrespondent” who posted this on the American Spectator blog. I plan to post just a portion of his ideas on how to revolt against the tyranny of the Democrats. Here are a few, but please do me a favor and click on his website. We need to support this guy. Then pass it around to your e-mail list.

Develop websites to expose leftist organizations, leftist celebrities, companies that support the leftist agenda and all leftwing publications. A good place to start is here,

Let advertisers know that “We the People,” who are the real consumers, will no longer buy products advertised on political leftist propaganda broadcast media, magazines and newspapers. Display a list of all leftwing publications on blogs.

Businesses with waiting rooms stop displaying leftist publications like the New York Times and Time magazine. Display a list of all leftwing publications on blogs.

As soon as the left sends in groups like ACORN to stage protests in front of businesses they like to control with intimidation, “We the People,” need to come out in droves in support of those businesses.

Stop believing what the leftist media like MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC and CBS are telling you no mater how convincing they try to sound. They have had many years of experience in pulling wool over people’s eyes. Display a list of leftwing media outlets on blogs.

Stop watching all leftwing shows and state sponsored news propaganda media outlets that use journalism as a disguise. Also let the advertisers know that we the real consumers will no longer buy products advertised there.
Expose all leftwing shows and news propaganda media outlets on blogs.

Boycott all movies done by leftist actors and producers.
Expose all leftwing celebrities on blogs.

Since the leftist media ignores the needs of “We the People”, stage peaceful protest in front of their doors exhibiting signs such as “In God We Trust” and “Don’t Tread on Me.

Much more at the link. Please see the rest here:

The Attorney Generals’ lawsuit.

Will the Supreme Court have the gumption to declare Obamacare unconstitutional? Attorney Generals from 13 states have banded together to take action against what seems to be an unconstitutional power grab by Congress. This legislation not only overrides states’ rights, but individual rights of Americans not to be forced into buying something at the say-so of politicians in Washington, D.C. This is from Stephen Spruiell at National Review Online.

…attorneys general from 13 states filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday to challenge the constitutionality of Obamacare. (A 14th, Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli, filed a separate suit.) Texas attorney general Greg Abbott, one of the group of 13, argues that they are “acting out of a sense of necessity: If this legislation is upheld, it will mean that the Constitution as we know it no longer exists.”

Abbott’s arguments parallel those of attorneys David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey, who are assisting on the lawsuit. Rivkin and Casey have been making the case for months that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. This provision would require nearly all Americans, as a condition of citizenship, to purchase health insurance or else pay a punitive tax. Congress simply does not have the authority, under the Commerce Clause or any of its other enumerated powers, to force citizens to buy a product they don’t want to buy, or to enforce through taxation a regulation that it could not otherwise impose.

The argument will now be tested in court, thanks to these state attorneys general. “The Constitution drafted by our Founders,” Abbott says, “the Constitution most Americans understand, is one that provides Congress with limited powers and reserves most of the powers to the individual states.” But the Commerce Clause has served as Congress’s way around the doctrine of enumerated powers ever since the Supreme Court lost its nerve in a showdown with Franklin Roosevelt over his New Deal legislation. Snip –

… arguing for the first time that Congress can tell the individual who is minding his own business that he must engage in a particular commercial activity or else pay a penalty tax. “Never has a court upheld such an expansive view of the Commerce Clause,” Abbott says. “If the Commerce Clause can be allowed to permit Congress to force Americans to purchase a good or service, there really is no limit to congressional power.” Snip –

Conservatives should temper their optimism with regard to the lawsuit. For one thing, the Supreme Court has not since the New Deal shown much eagerness to strike down big, landmark pieces of legislation. For another, even if it ruled against the individual mandate, the other pillars of Obamacare would stand — though the edifice would suddenly become even shakier.  Snip –

…the overturning of laws that run counter to the plain meaning of the Constitution is not “judicial activism” — a phrase conservatives reserve for the process by which justices invent new constitutional rights and powers where none existed before. When Congress is the one inventing new powers — such as the power to force us all to buy expensive health insurance — that is (as Vice President Biden might say) a big f’ing deal — one the courts have every right to check.

Let us hope that the Supremes see this for what it is and use their authority to check and balance the Congress and the president as they try to run the country off of the rails. Read it all here:

Sunday’s Socialist triumph.

John Stossel says the American people must stay alert and steady until they can vote the socialists out. Make sure your neighbors and friends understand what is at stake in the November elections. This needs to be the biggest ever conservative turnout in a non-presidential election year. The country is at stake.

What House Minority Leader John A. Boehner has called the Battle of Capitol Hill is over. I expect that the Battle of the Electorate is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of a nonsocialist America. Upon it depends our own American way of life and the long continuity of our institutions and our history. The whole fury and might of the media and the Democratic Party must very soon be trained on the electorate.

If they can stand up to the coming propaganda, America may be free, and the life of the wider free world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands.

But if the voters succumb to those seven months of blandishments and deceptions, then free America — including all that we have known and cared for — will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.

Let the public therefore brace itself to its duties, and so concentrate its mind on the true facts, that if the American spirit of freedom and dignity last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was the American voters’ finest hour.”  Snip –

The path to Sunday’s catastrophic vote was paved with cynical blandishments by the Democratic Party’s congressional leaders to their members. The votes were induced by the assurance that in the seven remaining months before the election, the true facts of their legislation, which led to overwhelming public opposition to the bill when passed — can be undone in the minds of the voters by remorselessly repeating misconceptions to the public.

The most mendacious, cruel and destructive proposition put forth by the Democratic congressional leadership — and soon by almost all its ranks and files — is, of course, the outlandish claim that the bill will reduce the deficit.

The uncontrolled growth of the annual deficits and total public debt is at the crux of the public’s slack-jawed horror of Washington policy these past 18 months. Washington is placing our grandchildren’s prosperity on a slow boat to China.

Everything that more than 200 years of American invention, investment, labor, suffering and triumph, war and victory has created is being sold off to the world’s lowest bidders in a matter of months.

So far, the public has not been fooled by the claim that a new entitlement for 30 million people is being created — and it will cost less.  Snip –

The Democratic congressional leadership seems to have a stunningly insulting view of their potential voters’ intelligence. But on such a basis is the battle for the minds of the voters joined.

Never will the wisdom and common sense of the American public have been put to a more fateful test. The organized opposition to the bill must do its best. But, as fitting to a constitutional republic, the fate of American freedom lies with the people.

Please read all of John Stossel here:


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  1. Deb, two thoughts… first, as the left decided to do many years ago, we need to infiltrate, with the conservative thinking, the same jobs they infiltrated so long ago. I’m talking about our schools, the media, AARP (there is a conservative organization like AARP that we all need to be supporting), and any other vocations we can use to our advantage. Second thought is on the law suits being filed by the attorney generals from 13 states plus Virginia, the suite has to get to the Supreme Court by not being shot down by the lower courts. You know how many leftist judges there are in those courts. I pray we have a new bunch of “founding fathers” out there who are just as smart, savvy and tenacious as our original fathers!

  2. Politicians buy our votes with their free government cheese and burden future generation to pay the price, which will result in the loss of their freedom. Most young people don’t see the danger before them as we have allowed them to lead a sheltered life where sacrifice was a foreign practice. Unless, with our guidance, they see that their free government cheese will soon run out and act accordingly, it will be too late to turn back. Let’s do whatever we must to keep freedom alive!

  3. Beth — I agree. It’s time to expose the leftists in all the institutions they “marched through.” We’ve pretty much exposed the media as the propaganda arm of the left. Next, we should expose the schools. I think the conversation about the Texas school book fight should be spread far and wide. But, really what needs to change is the “Schools of Education” — basically propaganda arms of the left as well. Bill Ayers is a professor of Education who influences schools of education at many colleges and universities. When did teachers have to become “education” majors? I don’t know, but I’ll bet it was some time after the 1960’s. It was Carter who created the Dept. of Education in 1980. That should have never been allowed to stand.

  4. Ted — Pretty amazing that the Tea Parties basically started because parents were concerned about the future of their children with the outrageous spending by Congress. What’s ironic is that many times the very children who will be the most affected by this administration’s policies are the ones who voted for this president.

    I agree about them leading sheltered lives. That’s why it’s up to us to fight this. I don’t remember at age 20-30 being all that concerned about politics, so I really don’t expect them to be either. However, they must see that they will not lead lives even close to those we led if they don’t start paying attention.

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