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EPA must be reined in.

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EPA must be reined in.

Doesn’t Congress write the laws? Isn’t that what we all learned in our history and civics education in elementary school? The legislative branch writes the laws. The executive branch enforces the laws the legislative branch writes, and the judicial branch interprets those laws. So, when we elect our Congress, we elect the law writers. That’s where the people speak. When Congress chooses not to write a law, there is no law. But, that’s not what Obama’s EPA thinks. They seem to think they should write and enforce the law. This is from the editors at National Review Online.

One of the many troubling aspects of the Obama administration is its eagerness to use the federal regulatory apparatus to achieve its political goals when it cannot advance them through the democratic process in Congress. The sterling example of this is the EPA’s push to enact, on self-asserted authority, new limitations on the emission of carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases. The EPA’s decision to do so was explicitly political: It telegraphed its intention to act unilaterally should Congress fail to enact the package of taxes and restrictions known as “cap and trade.” Mindful that the legislation would impose real costs in the here and now but offer only theoretical benefits, and those at some far remove in the future, Congress wisely rejected the bill. And so EPA’s bureaucrats went to their battle stations. Put another way, our elected representatives have failed to comply with the desires of our unelected masters, and the unelected government proposes to assert its supremacy.

Read that last sentence. If you’ve ever wondered why many conservatives, and many Americans in general, have turned against Obama and the Democrats, it’s because they believe they can do whatever they want.  They are increasingly lawless. The Constitution? In the words of Nancy Pelosi when asked if the mandate in Obamacare was constitutional, “Are you kidding?” This is what happens when you have a mindset in power that thinks the Constitution was written by dead white guys and is no longer relevant. This is what happens when those in power make things up as they go along. This is the Chicago way in Washington, D.C.

Congressional Republicans on Wednesday pushed back, as it was necessary to do, with Sen. Jim Inhofe and Rep. Fred Upton introducing legislation curtailing the EPA’s unilateral ambitions.

There is a good deal at stake here, and the heavy economic burden that would accompany this regulation is the least of it. We are reminded, unnecessarily, that the Democratic party is comically misnamed, inasmuch as its members habitually seek to impose their agenda through such undemocratic or even antidemocratic means as judicial fiats and regulatory overrides of democratic decisions…

After losing the cap-and-trade fight in Congress, the Obama administration insists that it enjoys the power to set aside the will of the people as expressed through their elected representatives…(The EPA) claims authority to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions as pollution under the Clean Air Act, which does not specify carbon dioxide as a pollutant, nor establish a framework under which it reasonably could be found to be one…

it is absolutely beyond dispute that marginal reductions in U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions, or even radical ones, would have negligible impact on the Earth’s climate in the context of a rising Asia whose largest economies already produce a third of the world’s carbon-dioxide emissions and whose future emissions surely will dwarf those of the United States.

Carbon dioxide is not very much like pollution as commonly understood, which is what the Clean Air Act was created to control. Smog, industrial waste, diesel smoke — it matters when and where these are found…The EPA, insulated from such quotidian concerns as the economy or the American standard of living, and led by ideologues who privilege their own religious commitment to restricting U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions over the scientific and economic certainty that doing so is futile, nonetheless proposes to ride roughshod over our democratic processes and constitutional order, and impose severe costs on the U.S. economy, in order to accomplish — approximately nothing.

But empty gestures are attractive to a certain kind of green true-believer, and the Obama administration, especially its EPA, is crawling with them…

It’s time for calmer heads to push back against this encroachment on the very livelihood of the country. Congress needs to keep reminding those in the executive branch that they don’t get to write the laws by default, and that ideology doesn’t trump logic for the American people and the economy.

The mindset at the EPA, believing it should restrict emissions even when it is futile and could further ruin the economy in the process, is very similar to the mindset Obama had during his election campaign. Charlie Gibson asked about his desire to raise taxes on capital gains when it was shown that a lower tax provides more revenue. Obama said he wanted fairness. It didn’t matter to him that his “fairness” might be bad for everyone. What he says is right is right. What the EPA says is right is right. These are religious-type belief systems. These are the folks we will continue to have in positions of power if Obama is re-elected in 2012. These folks know no limits, and they think they’re smarter than you – a dangerous combination. Read it all here:

Now Obama says he’ll veto any bill that come from Congress that will limit his ability to control greenhouse gases. Well, let’s just see about that. This is from Ed Morrissey over at .

Republicans know that Obama will veto the bill.  His strategy in the next two years will be to consolidate his legislative gains from 2009-10 and to expand his agenda through executive-branch regulatory adventurism.  Despite his supposed rhetorical move to the center — which mainly failed to appear in his State of the Union speech — the EPA remains his one tool to crack down on domestic energy production.

In fact, Republicans are counting on a veto.  They want that strategy to get out into the light, rather than occur through the normally dull process of regulatory expansion.  The veto would only be the third of Obama’s term in office and would shine a bright spotlight on his regulatory expansion.  Having a Democrat write one of these bills gives the effort an even higher profile, as well as make Obama look even more radical.  Democrats that stick with Obama on this issue in the House and especially the Senate will do so at their own electoral peril.

Obama wants to stop Congress from sending him the bill in the first place, which is why he’s issuing the threat.  It’s not likely to work, especially not with red-state Senate Democrats looking at 2012 re-election bids.

Obama talks out of one side of his mouth saying he’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs while he puts many jobs in peril with this issue, including those of his Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2012. When will Congressional Democrats finally throw this president under the bus? That’s what he’s already done to them. Read it all here:


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