Posted by: Greg Huff | January 26, 2014

The Marxist Religion

This essay was originally published just after the The Republican Convention in September 2008.   It was published on the original Politically Empowered site which is no longer available and is being republished now so it is available for your information.

The Republican Convention is over and now the real fight begins. Mercifully we will only have to endure two months of the campaign ads and accusations of “going negative”.

I was glad to see Sarah Palin knocking down (effectively I might add) the opposition presidential candidate, and the media. She did it with humor and aplomb. She seemed well at ease and skewered the Obama balloon with as they say: “a rapier wit.”

In the end this won’t matter if she and McCain do not win. The democratic spin machine (usually you just hear about the republican spin machine) will go into full extractor mode now that Sarah has refused to be cowed and humbled by the MSNBC’s of the world.

Just like any jungle one is in, you have to recognize the true danger to you and the true source of attacks. It has been said that what you can confront you can handle. Conservatives need to confront the ideology of the left.

We have said in the past that we have defeated Communism. We haven’t. It has just cloaked itself in other mantles: environmentalism, feminism, liberalism, progressivism etc., ad nausea in order to gain power and win converts in the various causes. (Defending the Earth is a popular and seemingly noble cause to win over recruits to the ideology.)

Marxist have claimed dominion and the high ground over many if not all wedge type issues. They have taken over the universities and control the Teachers Union. Primary and secondary education (our kids) is in their hands.

They agitate and rebel rouse those who are here illegally to claim they have “rights” and they are being treated “unfairly” because most Americans would like immigrants to come here legally and actually have something to offer the country besides gardeners and anchor babies. Then they label you “racist”.

The women’s movement has been commandeered as well. The “NAG” (National Association of Gals) as Rush Limbaugh calls them, ousts those who are not on board with their leftist agenda. NOW (National Organization for Women, their actual name) was chartered to promote the interests of women. They actually only promote the interests of women who promote the Marxist agenda. They fight like cornered animals when their sacred cows are challenged but poo-poo the concerns of traditional Americans. This is why it is so hard to get common sense legislation like educational vouchers passed.  This ideology, (dare I say religion) has made many of its gains after we purportedly “defeated” Communism. Marxism in this country has all the hallmarks of a religion and a militant one at that. Converts accept the tenants without question. Those that do question aspects of it are excommunicated or at the very least ostracized.

All of these various “movements” need to be recognized for what they are, tentacles of the same squid.  ”

Marxist in their political guise (usually Democrats but not limited to such) decries being labeled as “Anti-American”. “We are just speaking up for what is wrong” “we are looking out for they down trodden” is the self-righteous mantra they assume. We need to recognize that the Marxist philosophy and ideology, in any of its aspects, are inherently Anti-American.

We’d better confront it and terminatedly handle it if our country is to survive. It is true there is freedom of thought and freedom of speech in this country and that means traditional Americans have the right and duty to call this ideology its true name and label it for what it is, anti-American.

See Alinsky’s Bridge to Socilism

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