Posted by: Greg Huff | July 11, 2011

Taking the High Ground

The Space Shuttle Atlantis rocketed off this past week, for the last time. In fact, it is the last time for any of the shuttles.  It is the series finale…

It is not any great surprise that our government is trying to end off on the exploration of space. It is consistent with the Obama economic and foreign policies. Save money for social programs by torpedoing useful programs and diminish the U.S. stature in the world.

NASA should never have been a civilian agency. The conquest of space may seem to be something “nice” to be done and there are all of the platitudes of advancing science and all of the peripheral technology that we’ve been able to take advantage of but the real reason space exploration is important for the United States is for its military advantages.

The Code Pink people will say “NO!” to the above paragraph. But I would ask two questions. Which, currently Earth bound, government should dominate space? What government throughout the 20th century has had the economic and military power to put the rest of the world in chains and yet has not?

Despite accusations such as “war for oil” and other such drivel, the empirical evidence shows the United States over the past century has gotten into wars reluctantly and to our detriment, has been so restrained in their actions as to almost never end a conflict. Still, the presence and stature of the United States is such that for the past 60 years there have been no major wars because American military might has restrained the expansionist proclivities of the Soviet Union, Chinese and other statist governments.

The United States, however, has gotten weaker over the past decade or so due to a myriad of reasons all of which include government not doing its actual job but becoming a babysitter for half of the population and an extortionist for the rest. This has lead to massive regulation via the EPA and all the other glut of government agencies, the rise of government unions that have grown to the point they might as well run the government (and in California they are the de facto government). These elements have brought many states to the point of collapse financially. The Federal government now, how ever reluctantly, has to confront its own financial malfeasance and will either have to cut its massive spending or default on its loans.

The basic function of a government, any government, is the protection of their population from enemies externally and internally from force and fraud. Everything else is accessorizing.

The basic function of our Federal government is given in the Constitution. Everything else the federal government is doing is at least extra-Constitutional and in my opinion UN-Constitutional.

The exploration of space in its inception really must be a military venture to take the high ground. If the world is to become eventually free, it is the United States that will make things stable enough to make progress on that front. To restrain the bad actors in the world (and there are plenty of them) so that trade can occur and not banditry or extortion. So, this country getting out there first, taking and keeping the high ground can and will make the world safe from those elements that would from that high perch be able to dominate and then enslave the rest of the world.

The U.S. must revive its space program making it possible to eventually protect the civilian and commercial interests for all of those who come after to exploit the vast resource of the solar system.

To do otherwise means either enslavement for the world or to become earthbound for another century or more likely, forever.

Stephen Hawking in the not too distant past said that the survival of our species depends on our getting off of this planet and getting out into space to colonize first the solar system and then the galaxy. He is right. The only thing that will make that possible is the United States taking the high ground of space in order to make it safe (politically speaking). On our shoulders rests the fate of mankind.

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  1. Good stuff, Greg.

  2. Much food for thought here, Greg. Obama truly is the anti-Reagan. Reagan built up the military to defeat an enemy without firing a shot. Obama is tearing down, not only our military, but our economy in order to defeat our country (which, apparently, he considers his enemy) without firing a shot. I’ve never, ever seen a president like him. Whatever a normal person would think is the right thing to do, he does the opposite. What a small man.

  3. Thanks Deb. Yes, I think Obama is the culmination of all of the statists hopes, except they are disappointed he does not go far enough.

    I got a critique when I posted this on an Atlas Shrugged facebook page…

    The essay is quite good and correct. To fail to do everything possible, from making it a military imperative to encouraging private enterprise, is akin to a nation burning its fleet of ships upon discovery of the New World. Those who know and frequent space will steer the future.
    Which brings me to my one quibble. I think you understate or underestimate the motives of those behind knocking this down. Obama and his fellow travelers don’t simply believe in a different direction for government. It has become obvious and is more so every day that they are an active fifth column working diligently to dismantle this country. They KNOW space is vital for America’s future, which is why our efforts there must be hamstrung. There have just been too many obvious indicators of it. Making that clear repeatedly until it can get through the normalcy bias of the populace is vital or every conversation anyone has about Liberty, entrepreneurship, looters, moochers or the roll of government in space is as moot as it would have been standing in a field in the Ukraine in 1933.

    My response: Thanks for the critique Melvin. You are right it was understated but it was not my intention to go into that aspect of this debacle but to point out the problem of choices being made by not just this administration but previous ones as well. I totally agree that there are dark forces that have been at work for the past 100 years, that are dreaming of the day they can bring down our way of life…at which time they will cringe in terror at what they’ve unleashed…screaming “I didn’t know…”

  4. Well said. 🙂

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